G Technology And the World We Live In

5G danger

By Rahasya Poe

As you can easily imagine, knowing what to write about can be a daunting task because so many things are happening on our planet that have dire consequences. I will list a few topics that we’ve covered in the past and I also need to say this … I have officially reached a point in what I “know” goes on in this world, and I no longer feel comfortable in disseminating that information in our magazine, so for now, let’s look back in time and then talk about 5G. For that, you will need to listen to my radio show (www.BBSradio.com/SpiritualActivist); all I can say is that some of the things happening right under our noses go beyond most people’s most depraved imaginations. So, let’s look at a few topics that most people can handle that we’ve covered in past issues of the Lotus Guide and that have ended up being very serious issues, and then I will explain why I think the topic of 5G is the most important subject to look at right now. And I might add that in our Jan/Feb/Mar Winter issue we dedicated most of the coverage to the Camp Fire and now we think it’s time to start looking through the chaos to make sure we make the right decisions going forward. I’ve been reading the Chico News & Review lately and see that it is doing an amazing job of disseminating up-to-date information on resources and what has been going on since the fire, so this gives us the opportunity to explore other topics that are indirectly linked to what happened here in Paradise and the surrounding area that will have an impact on our future.


Everything we’ve written about before its time has come true
and became a well known problem

Social Media Addiction: Issue 67, 2018, covers the addictive nature of social platforms such as Facebook and how Social Mediawe are being programmed. A note of interest is that the Lotus Guide is widely read by college students who want to know what’s going on, but this issue was hardly picked up at all on college campuses. Why? Well, it’s that word programmed that steps in here; I’m sure they read the front cover and quickly passed it by. Since that issue Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, has been called to Congress about Facebook’s algorithms and their legality and effect on the population.


Artificial Intelligence: Issue 65 looked into AI and how some of the most brilliant people on the planet say it will be Artificial Intelligencethe undoing of human civilization as we know it. It’s been recently shown that AI makes life-and death-decisions with drone attacks on humans. This is indeed a slippery slope.




The Dakota Access Pipeline: Issue 61 provided an in-depth look at what was going on with this situation.
Dakota PipelineNow we have leaky pipelines and another disaster lurking in the future of our environment.





The True Cost of Technology: Issue 60 took a hard look into the fact that almost every piece of technology we have cell phone technologyrequires a mineral, coltan, which for the most part is found only in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Because it is not properly mined by a “trusted corporation,” which concept in itself is an oxymoron in today’s world, most of the money goes to support terrorist groups and in the process, destroys the environment that the country’s gorillas depend on for survival.



Addiction: Issue 59 predicted what we now find ourselves in the middle of—an opioid addiction problem. It’s no addictionlonger a secret that opioid/heroin addiction is at an all-time high since we invaded Afghanistan and started guarding its poppy fields. Whistle-blowers have been warning us for decades about how the bulk of drugs are entering our country … and I’m sure most of you know the organization I’m referring to which is the CIA which goes all the way back to the mid 1970’s and earlier.



CERN Hadron Collider: Issue 56 may have gone beyond what some of our readers could handle. Even the director of holographic universeCERN said scientists expected something to come through the portal they were attempting to open and that maybe we would send something through it … what is this “something?” Many scientists and researchers involved are highly conCERNed about where this technology came from, but this subject goes far too deep to cover here.



We’re Exposed to 100 Million Times More EMF Waves Than Our Grandparents Were: Issue 52 looks at emfthe scientific data dealing with everything from brain tumors that were expected (this was in 2014) to genetic damage done by EMF waves. Here we are today and the tumors are showing up all over the planet from cell phone use and close proximity to cell phone towers. The situation is about to get far worse with 5G.



Climate Change: Issue 51 went deep into this subject through an interview with Guy McPherson and an article by climate changeDane Wigington on weather modification. Even though this subject is being exposed, these programs are continuing to this day and are continuing to destroy the very air we breathe and the environment we depend on for life.



Is Reality Real?: Issue 48 took a look at why most scientists now believe we live in a holographic universe or an AI holographic universesimulation. This subject has taken on an even stranger dimension with the acceleration of technology.




Are We Alone?: In Issue 45 we published interviews with leading researchers in this field that make it abundantly UFOclear that we are not alone … and never have been, according to almost every ancient civilization on this planet. This was back in 2013 and since then many pilots, high-level military personnel, and astronauts are speaking out in clear language that advanced beings of unknown origin in our solar system are flying around in our airspace.



Earthships and Rethinking How We build Our Homes: In Issue 44 we wrote about the necessity of building earthshipmore sustainably with homes that need no heating or air-conditioning and that are fireproof. Well, I think we can all agree that we should rethink how we live and be more resilient with our changing climate … it’s a little late for some but it’s not too late to wake up and change how we build our homes.



The End of Growth: Issue 42 includes an interview with Richard Heinberg, who gave a two-hour lecture at Chico end of growthState and when he opened for questions a young female student timidly raised her hand and asked, “After listening to you I’m not sure what I should be taking here to prepare for my future.” Richard looked around and said, “Well, I hate to say this but there’s very little here that will help you prepare for the world you are growing up in: Learn a trade, how to grow food, and live as close to clean water as you can.”



Compassionate Care: Issue 40 in 2011 included an interview we conducted with the Chico police chief at the time in compassionate carewhich he said the laws have to change to open the door to medical marijuana. Well, I’m sure you’ve noticed that things are changing.





What the #?@! Are They Spraying On Us?: Issue 39, 2011, made a lot of us “look up” to see what we were writing chemtrailsabout. Recently with the Paradise fires it is suspected that the aluminum oxide accounts for the high temperatures that melted steel and glass.





Anti-Cancer: Issue 37 showed that cancer treatments do exist that people are using to heal themselves that are not anti cancerpart of the allopathic treatments such as chemo and radiation. Now it’s well known and there are hospitals where you can go for these treatments … in other countries.




Hidden in Plain Sight: in an interview with James Wasserman, Issue 33 exposed the hidden Masonic symbols in hidden conspiracyWashington, DC, and what that means to our society.





At some point, watch this Video…
and it will all become very clear

OK … so I’m sure that by now you are asking what could possibly be more important than any of the above subjects? The short answer is 5G. We don’t have space for the long answer but I will give a brief explanation of facts and a little theory that I will keep separate.


Facts: We are living and breathing in an ocean of 2,3, and 4G EMF waves along with the cell towers and WiFi signals in almost every public place, all of which are now shown to have a detrimental effect on our mental, emotional, and physical health—by the way, the G stands for “generation.” So why on Earth would any sane person in his or her right mind “deploy” a 5G system that is exponentially more dangerous to our health? Pay close attention to the words the government agencies use—for example deploy, which is used in the military when it rolls out a new system. To answer the previous question, no sane person would do this without “any” research, as admitted to by the FCC. But I beg to differ; I think agencies like the FCC know exactly what they are doing, but this is a theory we will get to.

All previous frequencies were ultrahigh frequencies used by the cellular industry that have been shown to be unhealthy to human biology and even to our plants and trees. But now, the industry wants to “deploy” a system that uses very high-millimeter waves that will require millions of cell phone antennas with more power. Why? Because those frequencies require closer proximity and/or higher power to blast them out. There are plans to put up 22,000 new satellites so they can bathe the whole planet in 5G, and the spokespeople for the industry say that there will be one antenna every two to 10 homes, which means they will be right beside your child’s bedroom in many cases.

Why: The federal agencies and the communication corporations say it’s so we can do things such as surgery at a distance with robotic technology, play real-time online games, download movies more quickly, and … now it’s time for “theory.”

Theory: It’s always important to separate what we know from what we suspect. The reason I think this is more important by far than the topics we have covered above and topics we have yet to cover—such as “directed energy weapons,” for instance—is that this 5G technology is also used by the military for things such as crowd control, mood control of masses of people, and recently it’s been leaked that the military-industrial corporations can implant thoughts and cause auditory hallucinations and voices to be heard in your head. This is a “fact,” but the theory comes in when we try to imagine what they might be wanting to use this technology for. In the foreseeable future, we may find ourselves in a situation in which we no longer can make a choice or decide for ourselves what to do. There are more than 20 research programs that the government has unleashed on an unsuspecting public—the “Tuskeegee Experiment” is but one of many.

Back in the 1970s the CIA was caught experimenting with mind control and after a lot of bad press and release of its distasteful experiments it said, “OK, we’ll quit doing that.” Really, do you think the mind-control experiments have stopped? You can be assured that the research/experiments with advanced technology have not stopped. This is probably why the FCC was so bold in saying that it has not done any research on 5G when it probably knows exactly what it is doing; it just doesn’t want us to know. It gets stranger from this point on, and at some point you realize you are not falling down the rabbit hole; we are all deep in the rabbit hole trying to climb out.

I recently did a radio show on this topic with what the experts are saying and with the admissions of the director of the FCC that it has not done the research but “we’re going to make a lot of money.” You can listen to the show at www.BBSradio.com/SpiritualActivist. We make every attempt to write about subjects that need our attention; that’s our part, and your part is to pay attention, do your own research, and at the same time find a way to balance it out by daily meditation, reaching out into the world around you, and helping to evolve your/our consciousness.

Here’s a quick reminder that at www.lotusguide.com you can find almost every article ever published in our magazine, which include many uplifting and inspiring ways to look at life, increase consciousness, heal your body and mind, and the list goes on. I suppose what I’m attempting to bring out is the fact that I’m not a doom-and-gloom person, but there are far too many people in our world who are quite simply … asleep, and who need to wake up to the amazing opportunity that lies before us as we evolve into a much higher state of awareness.

NOTE: I make every effort to do my due diligence when writing about topics like this because quite simply said…there’s a lot of bullshit out there that is specifically designed to mislead you. So don’t simply believe what you read, even from me, go and do your research, validate and watch your world perception change to a truer version of what is.

Take care, Rahasya “Uncensored” Poe