INFOrmation WARfare

This page is for adults who can still THINK for themselves and do their research. If you find something you disagree with and want to contact me, feel free to do so, but come well armed with something more than “I don’t agree with you.” In the past when readers and people who watch my podcasts disagree and I ask them for their data or research…there is none; and at that point they resort to attacking me personally which includes a long list of definitions, none of which I relate to or even give energy to.

This is the lowest and most infantile form of attack and you know that they are running out of fact based info when you are attacked personally. So be intelligent and kind and I would be happy to debate on anything I write or say.

I will be including some links to information websites like VAERS, the CDC, the Food & Drug, the World Economic Forum and other well informed commentaries and interviews that I find credible. Believe it or not, the very agencies which we no longer trust has a lot of semi-factual information that most people find hard to believe. VAERS for instance tells us clearly that the deaths from the J-A-B is well over 20,000 deaths now and by their estimates that is traditionally only 6% of the actual number since doctors and nurses either don’t take the time to report or even know about the website.

I have been “Shadow Banned” and Censored on YouTube and I’ve had some interviews taken down because I mentioned things a few months ago that are widely accepted now, so I started another channel at that does not censor the truth or opinions that conflict with the ongoing narrative. And the reason I misspell certain words is to stay out of the way of bots and trolls…Strange DAZE indeed.

  • You can find some of my writings on SUBSTACK and you can sign up here:
  • Here is a great website that shows in very simplistic terms how pharmaceutical companies can play with research results, for example, Phyzer says their J-a-b has a 95 % efficacy, when it’s actually 1%, see how they do this.
  • This video on Rumble will explain in simple terms how research results are being misrepresented: 
  • Here’s the complete interview on the Joe Rogan Show on Spotify, which THEY can’t remove, Dr. Malone’s credentials are impeccable and THEY don’t want you to know this information. Dr Malone defines Mass Formation Psychosis also, which is what my article in the Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr issue of Lotus Guide is about.
  • Here’s the complete interview on the Joe Rogan Show and well worth watching if you value your Freedom and your Health.
  • If you really want to see and understand why CNN has lost over 70% of their viewers, this will show exactly why. Since this interview, Sanjay Gupta doubled down by going back on CNN and lying again, something he will answer for in a lawsuit that is bound to happen.
  • If you want to get the full depth of what’s going on from an evolutionary biologists perspective, these two people are the gold standard for precise factual information on what’s happening.

This is Part 4 of my Wetiko series that asks and answers the question,
“What is causing this complete madness in our world?”

I have a few videos that touch on these subjects like “When Good Guys Do Nothing”

Do you think Mass Formation Psychosis has never happened? Watch this.

Below is a 38 minute review of a 5 hour long Meeting in the Senate.
You can watch the entire meeting on Rumble where we can talk openly without being censored

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