Amputation Avoided


By Dr. Mark Light and Vickie Van Scyoc, RN

We’d like you to meet Daisy. She’s the precious border collie, a therapy dog for her owner Shauna, who has PTSD.


Daisy had a large growth between two of her paw pads. Her energy level was low and Shauna was worried. The vet biopsied the growth and found cancer. It was recommended that Daisy have the growth removed, along with amputation of two of her pads, followed by chemo. The estimated cost was $10,000.

Shauna decided to try energy medicine, NAET, before following through with the pain and expense of the recommended treatment plan. We treated Daisy using NAET remotely. The growth reduced by half within 24 hours and after only three treatments. Daisy received 10 more treatments and the growth disappeared. Daisy’s energy level returned to normal for an active dog. We were all so happy and the vet was astonished and confused.


Healing with NAET

This story shows just one way NAET works. It demonstrates the levels of healing and the patience that may be necessary to achieve the desired results. Shauna could have decided that NAET wasn’t working, or not working fast enough. After all, the growth was still there.

Whether human or animal, we need time to detox, time to adjust, and then we can find the next item to treat. This takes time as the body can handle only so much. It can be hard to have the patience and faith that a shift is taking place. Now, if you add a herbal medicinal, such as our natural antibiotic, natural antiviral supplement, or natural antifungal, the healing is accelerated. We also have individual medicines for the brain, pancreas, liver, kidneys, immune system, lungs, and so on.

In NAET, cancer is referred to as immune system havoc. When the immune system is healed, it can fight many organisms

on its own and disease dissolves.

In NAET we refer to the “basic 15,” which matches the basic food groups. When people can absorb nutrients, they now have what they need to heal and the energy to do it. From there, we can look at other items that need to be removed from the body. We look for causes. Examples could be bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, fluoride, chemicals, vaccines, dental materials and plaque, and so on. In Daisy’s case one of the key problems was her body’s reaction to pesticides.

Recently we have been treating our clients for smoke mix and recommending Permilung, as NAET helps remove the smoke and the allergy to it. Permilung opens the lungs and pushes the junk out while giving the DNA a blueprint of healthy lung tissue (called Formcodes).

We offer two medicinals that help reverse immune system havoc: Immunis and Fulvic-Cava.

Immunis helps the body respond quickly to infections and protects the cells from abnormal reactions. Its key functions:


  • Helps and enhances the body’s own immunity;
  • Is an effective anti-inflammatory;
  • Is antifungal;
  • Is antibacterial;
  • Is antiviral;
  • Shortens recovery time  (we see this often);
  • Helps the body normalize the abnormal cell growth;
  • Lessens pains caused by injuries;
  • Is a decongestant;
  • Helps the body remove allergens effectively.


Fulvic-Cava contains two primary ingredients, fulvic acid and Ecklonia cava. It is well known that fulvic acid increases a cell’s ability to release toxic metals and at the same time allow transportation of nutrients into deep tissue.

Fulvic-Cava’s key attributes:


  • Promotes electrolyte balance;
  • Promotes healthy aging;
  • Provides cardiovascular and heavy metal detox;
  • Helps the body carry more oxygen;
  • Improves biological reactions;
  • Stimulates metabolism of carbohydrates;
  • Helps maintain healthy weight management;
  • Helps lower bad cholesterol and elevates good cholesterol;
  • Helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels;
  • Normalizes blood pressure.


We know NAET is unfamiliar to most people, which is why we offer free 30-minute consultations. Email us at for an appointment.


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