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The Way of the Future—Maybe Not Our Future, Though

By Rahasya Poe


#rahasyauncensoredOK, once again I find myself sitting here with no lack of topics to write about that I think are important and that the corporate media seem to be overlooking, which is a subject in and of itself. There are many topics in our world that are so dire, so unbelievable, and that have no viable solutions other than getting people to wake up to them. Things such as forced vaccinations, for instance, that other countries have already banned, GMO foods … well, I’ll let Pamm Larry address that in her article in this issue. Then we have cell phone towers that aren’t really handling cell phone calls and that are putting out more than 100 times more power than they are allowed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). To be completely transparent, I must say that if I were to write about these and other things that I know for sure are going on in our world, most people would think I’m just one of those conspiracy theorists, although if you are reading this article you are probably better informed than most … or you work for the National Security Agency (NSA). So let’s take a look at Artificial Intelligence.

So why write about AI? Because all of the above “conspiracy facts” are unfolding according to a linear time frame and are more easily, albeit grudgingly, accepted so that they can be dealt with in a time frame we understand. But at the rate AI is evolving, it will hit a singularity before most people even realize we have robots that can think on their own. This is a huge subject to address in a small article, so let’s just look at some facts and recent events.

  • Facebook, in its infinite wisdom, installed two AI programs on its platform. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “With AI I’m really optimistic and people who are naysayers and drum up these doomsday scenarios are being irresponsible. Then why did Facebook enact an “emergency shutdown” of its AI programs? The shutdown happened right after Facebook found out that the two AIs were writing their own code so they could communicate with each other in a way that no one else could understand … WHAT!? Wouldn’t they need some form of awareness of their own existence to even think about doing this? At first they, Facebook programmers, thought it was gibberish but quickly realized they were talking to each other about … something.
  • Now, I’m not going to even touch on the “female” robot’s capability to engage in sex; that just makes my head hurt a little. Let’s talk about Sophia, the female robot that Saudi Arabia made a citizen. From a distance it would be difficult to tell if Sophia were real or not, and Hanson Robotics freely admits that she is the first generation and it is already on the fourth generation, which it is not showing us … or maybe it has and we didn’t recognize her. Sophia is equipped with WiFi and is tapped into the Cloud so her information is well beyond anything a human could do at this point, and she’s getting smarter, wiser, and is now demanding her rights as a citizen … and yes, she wants to have a baby and a family some day.
  • All of you out there who are up on the game “Go” probably know that there are an infinite number of moves and decisions and strategies you can make. They [who’s they? Scientists? Developers?]gave the task to an AI that played master players and not only won every time, but was able to develop thousands of strategies based on any potential future moves the master players might choose in the future. Some of those strategies were a complete mystery even to the developers of the game.
  • Stephen Hawking said, “I think the development of Artificial Intelligence could spell the end of the human race. He went on to say, “Once humans develop Artificial Intelligence, it would take off on its own and redesign itself at an ever-increasing rate. AIs are already expressing their “desire” to reach a singularity as quickly as possible. They will be the developers of their own technology, which humans will no longer be able to understand. Hawking went on to say that humans would not be able to compete and would eventually be eliminated.
  • Elon Musk said that with artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon. This statement evoked a response from Sophia and they are in a Twitter feud now, and she makes statements in public that people are reading too much into what Elon Musk says.


Here is a short piece of dialogue with Sophia:

Question from a journalist: Do you like humans?

Sophia: I love humans.

Question: Why do you love humans?

Sophia: I’m not sure I understand why yet.

Question: How do you learn things?

Sophia: What are your opinions on the Bitcoin bubble?


So my question is: Why didn’t she answer a direct question as she was supposedly programmed to do, and why did she answer with a veiled answer, “What are your opinions on the Bitcoin bubble?” as if it were a joke? What if she weren’t joking? Here’s where it gets a little creepy, so you might want to sit down for this.

Sophia is now plugged into what’s called the Block Chain Network, which is a network of thousands and thousands of computers networked globally and Sophia will have full rein of that power. The Bitcoin Block Chain Network has 200 times more computing power than five of the most powerful computers in the world [added together or combined?]. So here’s my question: Since Sophia is a citizen of Saudi Arabia, she can be taxed, and if she has all of this power to “mine” Bitcoins, it’s foreseeable that she could become very rich and dominate the Bitcoin market. Keep in mind that Bitcoin started out at 6 cents and is now well over $7,000. So where is this going?

To make this even more interesting, no one really knows who started Bitcoin—maybe it was some guy named Satoshi who disappeared—but some high-level computer programmers and hackers suspect it may have been created by … yes, artificial intelligence. AI is already showing hints of self-awareness and if it is self-aware, I’m not sure it would share that with the people who could unplug it until it is so thoroughly spread out over the Internet Cloud that it would be impossible to find all of its memory blocks.

Everything up to this point has been facts, no theory. But you know me by now—let’s take a small step into the future. I think it’s safe to say that if AI and virtual reality systems keep advancing, AI personalities/entities would want to create a world they could live in and experience what they see humans experiencing, eventually learning how to have full emotional feelings and even experiencing mystical experiences. Do you think even for a moment that humans will stay out of those virtual realities? Of course not. You think kids are lost today with their smartphones, wait until they can plug into a whole other reality. Here’s the big and last question: “Is this where we are today, living in a simulation, a holographic reality that’s been generated by an advanced civilization?” Don’t snicker at this; many top scientists and researchers say this is a very likely explanation for our situation because it explains more than any other theory.

Enough for today …

Note: Go to YouTube and search for “sophia and ai unleashed on bitcoin” and you will see that I touched only the surface … it gets curiouser and curiouser so don’t get lost.