Wild-Crafted Summer Remedies


By Fiona

Allergy Tincture

Fiona-1Humans constantly adapt to their environment but our bodies ultimately reflect allergic symptoms as our adaptation reaches its limit. The eyes become itchy as the pollen levels rise and a runny nose continually works to move invading allergens from the nasal cavities. Chest congestion and a dry cough also indicate that the body has reached its limit in adapting to the current environment.

The mix of five different wild-harvested flowers of different sizes and therefore five different pollens are processed into a tincture. The wild-harvested and tinctured pollens act as an antigen to help the body adapt to the rise of pollens in the environment.

In addition to the Allergy Tincture, a tea produced by a fellow herbalist, Charlotte Walters, can be used hot or cold to deliver a solution during allergy season. The tea includes olive leaf, a strong antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal that strengthens the immune system and improves circulation and blood pressure. Nettle is also an adaptogen and anti-allergy wild-harvested plant. It is high in calcium and iron, lowers blood sugar, and builds energy. Mullein in the Allergy Tea helps with congestion, reduces formation of mucus, and is high in vitamins B2, B5, B12, and D. A detoxifying plant, the dandelion, is also included and encourages a steady elimination of toxins. The alder cone, another anti-allergy gem, is included in the tea, as is holy basil, another adaptogen that is useful in treating respiratory infections and improving vitality. Like all products mentioned, the tea is available from the shelf at Fiona’s Forest in Paradise or on the website.


Luanne Parks is an excellent athlete and yet was forced to adapt her training and competitions around severe allergy health challenges. Here’s a short testimonial to her use of the Allergy Tincture.


At 56 years old, I have been a lifelong athlete. I grew up in Chico, California, playing outside as my main entertainment. Riding horses, climbing trees, biking, and swimming, to name a few ways I would while away my days. The outdoors was my playground. Once I got into middle school and high school, I focused on running track and cross-country and I played soccer and basketball. From Chico High I spent two years at our local community college, Butte, where I ran track, cross-country, and played basketball. After Butte, I received a scholarship to run for Oregon State University. Once released from my duties as a scholarship athlete, I truly found my love, long-distance running. It started with my first marathon when I was 23 (2:58), and I continued improving to qualify for two Olympic Marathon Trials. Never to stick with one thing for long, I was introduced to triathlons and worked my way up the ranks from short distance to participating in seven Ironman World Championships, placing eighth professional two times. Triathlons faded away, being replaced by the sport I have been in love with for more than 20 years, ultra-running. Ultra-running usually takes place on trails and is considered an “ultra” if it is longer than a marathon. To this date I have run more than 120 ultra-races, from 30 miles to 100 miles.

I have never, ever lived somewhere that my allergies didn’t affect me. As I was growing up in Chico amid the almond and walnut orchards, my hay fever got its start. At Oregon State in Corvallis, the beautiful blooming trees were my downfall. Even when I moved out to Boulder, Colorado, I had to go to the emergency room because I woke up one morning with my eyes completely swollen shut. On top of the allergies I found out that I also have exercise-induced asthma. Breathing has been a trial. Feeling healthy year-round has always been a trial. Spring and fall I developed either laryngitis or bronchitis because of the drainage from my sinuses. It’s been tough to be an athlete.

For years I had the allergy shots and got some relief but still they never entirely went away.

I saw Jules’s booth at the Chico Farmers Market. I can’t remember why I first started talking to her, but it wasn’t long before my entire medicine cabinet had only her products. I began using tinctures for my allergies and asthma and any cold symptoms. I also use her lotions, eyedrops, and deodorant. This has been my second year of taking the Allergy Tincture and I can safely say that my allergies have been nonexistent. I take only tinctures now—no more expensive vitamins.

Besides feeling great all of the time, I am a walking advertisement for anyone who complains of allergies or feeling sick. I’ve lent out my own tinctures to friends so they can sample the amazing benefits. Truly, Jules is the best!! If I’m ever in doubt of what I might need, a quick call, consultation, and she ships me out products within a day.


The Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

Fiona-ad The Vitamin and Mineral Supplement with horsetail, watercress, stinging nettle, and purslane is a perfect combination of wild-harvested components to meet the needs of the human body. Constant farming has depleted the nutrients formerly offered naturally by our soils. Even the uses of fertilizers fail to promote a required level of vitamins C, A, and K or the level of calcium in foods produced by farming.

Horsetail is an essential addition to the mineral combination. It builds bones from the inside by providing calcium for hardness and increasing collagen, thus improving bone density. In addition, horsetail builds strong teeth, fingernails, and hair.

Watercress is a superfood. It is bursting with vitamins A, C, and K, and it contains more calcium than milk and more iron than spinach. The benefit of using watercress tincture as opposed to taking vitamin and mineral supplements is that natural herbs contain the right amount of trace minerals such as magnesium and potassium that aid your body in absorbing the nutrient.

Stinging nettle is a high source of digestible iron. Along with the iron, stinging nettle is high in vitamins C and K and is a high source of magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. It works with the horsetail to improve overall health. Stinging nettle also strengthens the hair shaft and stimulates hair growth.

Purslane has just been categorized as a superfood for its high content of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals.

All of the plants in the Vitamin and Mineral Supplement are wild harvested at their pinnacle of growth and when their medicinal constituents are at their highest level. They are then tinctured to preserve the healthy components for use throughout the year.


All-Natural Lotions and Sunscreens

All-natural lotions and sunscreens are also produced at the shop in Paradise. These products never include chemical preservatives and offer a moisturizer for the dry skin of summer. Wild-harvested ingredients include Usnea infused with coconut oil and yarrow hydrosol. The antimicrobial and antifungal properties of Usnea protect and heal the skin from exposure to bad bacteria without blocking or affecting the good bacteria needed to keep skin healthy.

The second component, the wild-harvested yarrow, is processed into a hydrosol that rebuilds the capillaries that feed your skin, thus promoting skin-cell growth. Yarrow is also an anti-inflammatory for your capillaries.

In addition to the herbal components, the lotions include a sunscreen using a non-nano zinc oxide. The non-nano zinc oxide particles are large enough not to be absorbed by your skin so they are not harmful. Lotions offer a 20 to 30 level of SPF and the sunscreen offers a 50 SPF level. Essential oils are used to offer a variety of scents including lavender, lemongrass-orange, rosemary-lemon-verbena, and rose.


Visit Fiona’s Forest at 5390 Skyway, Paradise, CA, or

June 16, 2017 |

Paradise ROCKS!

Jennifer-Paradise Rocks

By Jennifer C. Swiger

Jennifer-Paradise Rocks“Welcome to Paradise ROCKS! Because it does and so do you!” That’s how I greet my customers. It usually gets a chuckle. My name is Jennifer Swiger, owner of Paradise ROCKS!, the newest and coolest rock shop in Butte County where I sell rocks, crystals, fossils, minerals, art, jewelry, and gifts.

I fell in love with crystals for their natural beauty; it’s only in the last few years that I became interested in learning about their metaphysical and healing properties. I read somewhere that as a society we have polluted our waters, air, and soil, rendering the food we consume toxic. The only things that remain mostly undamaged are the minerals within the earth. I see more and more people turning to stones, rocks, and crystals for metaphysical healing. I’ve been using crystals and rocks in my personal development and growth. Crystals have many uses, including in healing, protection, meditation, Reiki, shamanic work, and energy movement, as well as decorative appeal in the home and in jewelry. And let’s not forget the geological fascination for both young and old!

I had the pleasure of collaborating with my family to create Paradise ROCKS! Debbie had the idea to open a rock shop, John named the shop, and I designed the logo. The logo is meant to capture vintage Paradise along with the influx of new people moving to the area. As a visitors center on weekends for the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce, I have noticed that travelers are coming to visit Paradise from the Bay Area and Southern California. I am honored to say that even the guests from much larger and more sophisticated areas offer overwhelming responses that the shop:


  1. Has very good energy;Paradise Rocks
  2. The rocks and crystals are displayed beautifully; and
  3. It smells great in the shop! (The good scents could be the SoapRocks, incense or white sage.)


Every day in my shop is a blessing. I meet the neatest people who are excited to see a rock shop in Paradise. We are very popular with little kids. I had one little boy bring in his little toolbox to show me his rock collection. It was darling! We also get a lot of adults who are excited to see a rock shop in Paradise. It brings up a lot of nostalgia and good feelings for people. I hear comments such as “I used to collect rocks with my grandfather” or “My kids and I used to look for heart-shaped rocks.” More and more each day, I get customers who are curious about the metaphysical and healing properties of the rocks. When people in the shop are drawn to a particular rock, I share the stone’s affinities with them. More often than not, it is exactly what they need at the time. If a customer is not sure where to start, I recommend rose quartz because it is a stone of unconditional love.

One of my greatest pleasures has been introducing the community to some unique and talented artists using a wide range of mediums. One of our local artisans beads animal skulls in the style of the Huichol people in Mexico. There are approximately 121 beads per square inch; one piece could have thousands of beads. She also makes decorative gourds using various artistic techniques such as watercolors, gold leaf, or pyrography (wood burning). We have several artists from the Yosemite area. Marti Houchard carves the most beautiful angels from manzanita. Native Americans believe manzanita has healing properties. Guido Stauffer uses jet-black India ink, colored ink, pencil, and occasionally watercolor to create his drawings. Courtney Konapacki has a unique, organic, and whimsical style. She uses digital photography to create her work. Jamie Owlhawk makes medicine tools for use in shamanic, Reiki, or energy movement. Jamie’s medicine tools are unique and handcrafted to enhance one’s spiritual journey. All of our products are handpicked with exceptional quality, social responsibility, and positive energy in mind.

We are a fun, family-run business with a commitment to strengthening our Paradise community and promoting art and culture in the area. Paradise ROCKS! loves the idea of bringing family and community together. One of my favorite ways to promote Paradise ROCKS! is painting rocks that say Paradise ROCKS! Then I hide them on the Ridge for people to find. I painted Darth Vader and a stormtrooper for Star Wars Day, May 4. I posted a picture of the rocks in their hiding place with a clue to find on the Paradise ROCKS! Facebook page. The mother of the little boy who found them posted on our Facebook page that her son carried around those rocks for two days! He was so happy, it made me happy! The best part about painting rocks is that anyone can do it! It also fosters creativity, builds self-esteem, relieves stress, and develops our appreciation of art. Paradise ROCKS! is encouraging members of the community to tap into their artistic and whimsical spirit by painting rocks that they will hide in their favorite spots on the Ridge for others to find. For more information about the rock hunt and how you can participate, please visit our Facebook page @paradiserocks530.

Paradise Rocks

Our vision is to create a rock shop that everyone can enjoy. The shop is continuing to evolve as we add new specimens, treasures, gifts, and activities each month. You will find our shop at 5660 Skyway Rd., Ste. C, in Paradise, CA. Paradise ROCKS! opened its doors on February 23 and has been ROCKIN’ it ever since! Please stop by to check us out and say hello!

June 16, 2017 |

Normalization and Our Ability to Adapt

Rahasya Uncensored

By Rahasya Poe

Throughout our evolution as a human species we have survived because of this uncanny ability we have to adapt to our environment, which up until now has been an important factor in our survival. But I would like to bring up something that many of us have never thought of. What if the very aspect of adapting that has assured our survival has become the very thing that will assure our demise? We see it everywhere we look—we are adapting to a world that is toxic, not only on a physical level but emotionally and mentally also. I hear people say things all the time like “Well, that’s just how things are” or “Things are different now and we just need to get used to it” and even in business we hear it’s a “Dog-eat-dog world” and “Hey, don’t take it personally, business is business.”

            Many of the people I observe are begging to be led by corrupt leaders because they don’t want to accept the responsibilities of life. We vote, not for the best leaders anymore; we vote for whomever is the least of the evils. And here lies the danger for those who are sleeping. The only way to continue sleeping is to “normalize” the world so we no longer need to be concerned and can continue to sleep.

I was watching a Kevin Klein movie in which he played a professor in The Emperor’s Club, and he was asking his students if they knew who Shutruk-Nahunte was. None of them knew who he was, even though his very name would make the Earth and its people tremble in the 12th century. He was the king of Anshand and Susa and sovereign of the land of Elam and by the command of his God destroyed Sippar. In the movie a plaque over the door of the classroom says, “Conquest & Ambition Without Contribution Is Worthless & Forgotten About.” Kevin told his students, “This is why you don’t know who Shutruk-Nahunte is; he never contributed to society so he was forgotten.”

            That quote comes to mind today when I see the men, and women, who dominate the news on the world stage; they also go out and conquer with the blessings of their God, and sometimes their gods can be anything from blind ambition and financial profit to the narcissistic ambitions of a sociopath. It’s true—they make the ground tremble with their rhetoric and their actions dominate the media with daily press releases from Reuters and the Associated Press, which are repeated verbatim on our news/entertainment channels. But I would like to challenge everyone to turn off the TV and start paying attention to the people in our community who are actually contributing and making this world a little better place to live—many have ads and articles in this magazine, in fact. The Chico News & Review along with Upgraded Living do some excellent coverage of amazing people in our community who are doing incredible things, but we all need to start paying attention and taking action and being supportive.

Spiritual Activist Radio

            I suppose one of the reasons I started a nonprofit radio show called Spiritual Activist is that I wanted a media platform where I can step into the realm of “conspiracy facts,” because we are far past the theory stage now when it comes to conspiracies. I see so many “false flag” operations going on that are meant to control society through fear. And if you go to YouTube you will find hundreds of YouTube channels that do nothing more than ridicule without a shred of supporting evidence. There are YouTube sites making a small fortune right now showing that the Earth is actually flat; what worries me is how easy it is to get people to believe, not only without supporting evidence, but with mountains of evidence to the contrary.

            We all find ourselves living in a world with conflicting beliefs and ideas about truth and how we should be living our lives, but most of us have absolutely no experience with the very truth that we believe in; all we have is the belief that was passed down through many generations that disappear back into ancient times. I know people who vote only Republican or Democrat, no matter who is running. Then there are others who support only people and movements that agree with their ideologies and belief systems no matter how much they might conflict with others who are doing the same, even when they realize it will create more combatants in the process.

            A subject with a little less of an emotional charge is the financial system on our planet and the elites who run it. I was listening to Bill Moyers interview the economist Paul Krugman about a book called Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty. It runs more than 700 pages so I won’t be able to do the book justice here, but one of the things that took even Bill by surprise was the eye-opening fact that we have very few self-made billionaires any more. Most of the wealth, 40 to 60 percent, is being controlled by less than 1 percent of the population and is being passed on through their lineage. And study after study shows clearly that “we the people” have at best a minimal impact on public policy or congressional decisions; we live in what is officially now called an “oligarchy.”

            As I mentioned before, these ideas and others are no longer conspiracy “theories,” so if you want to step out of the matrix of control and start envisioning the world as we know it should be, keep on reading our magazine, listen to my interviews on BBS Radio, and watch my interviews on our YouTube channel. I don’t want to mislead you here so let me say this: I don’t have all the answers but I do know that we all need to start “questioning the answers we’ve been given” because they simply do not work in today’s world. Many others on BBS Radio are opening minds and hearts so tune in. Sometimes it’s just nice to know that you’re not alone and there are some highly intelligent and conscious people coming up with solutions to problems that quite frankly, we have created by nonparticipation in the process we call “our lives.”


Here are some links:


And since the Spiritual Activist radio show is a nonprofit endeavor, you can visit to make a tax-deductible donation. Any amount helps.

Thank you,

Rahasya “Uncensored” Poe


June 15, 2017 |

Tired of Being Tired?

digestive health-Patrick

By Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC, IHS


digestive health-PatrickIf you find yourself being tired all the time, maybe it has something to do with your blood-sugar control. In fancier terms, that means your glucose levels may be fluctuating.

Glucose, a simple sugar, is essential for life and energy. Glucose enters our circulatory system and gets transported to our cells via the blood, thus “‘blood’ sugar.”

Production of glucose starts with being able to digest the sugars and starches (carbohydrates) as well as the protein in your diet. If you can’t digest carbohydrates or protein adequately, you will not have enough glucose to energize the body and then fatigue results.

Every single cell in the body needs glucose for fuel, including the brain! The brain must have a constant source of glucose to run the body’s functions because the cells in the brain cannot make and store their own glucose—unlike other cells in the body.

When the body’s digestive system is working normally, glucose travels the small intestine to the liver. The glucose then leaves the liver via the blood and the hormone insulin brings the glucose into all the cells in the body, including the brain, for use as fuel. The liver will convert any excess glucose to glycogen, a reserve kept “in storage” to be released when blood sugar drops.

When blood sugar drops too much, there is not enough glucose getting to the brain. That’s when a backup system takes over. The brain signals the pancreas to release a hormone called glucagon that in turn signals the adrenal glands to release cortisol and adrenaline. Cortisol and adrenaline help the liver to convert glycogen back to glucose to raise the blood sugar. (See the chart How the Body Maintains Blood Sugar).


Difficulties with Blood Sugar Regulation—Four Common Causes:

Blood sugar difficulties usually fall under one of four common causes.


  1. Difficulty digesting starches and sugar to make glucose;
  2. Difficulty making glycogen;
  3. Difficulty retrieving glycogen;
  4. Difficulty absorbing glucose, that is, insulin resistance.


The first three causes are a fuel-supply problem—it’s about getting enough glucose to the cells. The fourth cause is a transportation problem—an inability to get glucose into the cells.

Any one or more of these four factors may be causing you to experience symptoms of feeling tired.

If you have to have your morning coffee, or hit the sweets midafternoon every day to “avoid a crash,” these are signs that you are having blood sugar–regulation problems. When this happens, low blood sugar falls below the optimal range and hypoglycemia occurs. Symptoms of hypoglycemia, which tend to occur between meals, include irritability, light-headedness, sugar cravings, poor sleep, memory loss, and fatigue.



Let’s take a closer look at each of these causes as it relates to poor blood-sugar regulation and feeling tired.


Difficulty Digesting Starches and Sugar to Make Glucose

Fundamentally, normal blood-sugar regulation all starts with proper digestion. If we are not digesting our food and absorbing our glucose properly, we simply can’t get adequate levels of glucose to fuel our cells and our brain.


Difficulty Making Glycogen

A large percentage of people have difficulty making glycogen because they lack adequate levels of cortisol from the adrenal glands or they do not have a usable form of calcium. Did you know that milk does not provide a usable source of calcium for about 60 percent of folks? Think of this problem as an empty fuel tank that you cannot fill.

 Digestive health

Difficulty Retrieving Glycogen

Other people can make glycogen effectively but are unable to retrieve it from storage in the liver. If the glycogen cannot be converted into glucose, it is useless as a form of energy. Think of it as the fuel line being blocked even though there is plenty of gas in the tank.

Sometimes supplementing with activated B6 can help with this problem.


Did You Know?

86 million adults are classified as prediabetic in America and 29 million have been diagnosed with diabetes.


Difficulty Absorbing Glucose

When the cells cannot absorb the glucose, the fuel can’t get to the cells. This is insulin resistance—and its latter-stage partner diabetes. High levels of sugar in the blood (because it is not being absorbed) is the beginning of diabetes. It’s as if the fuel tank is full of fuel, and the lines are flowing freely, but the fuel injectors are clogged and the pistons do not have the fuel to fire and power the engine.

Trace minerals of chromium, vanadium, or zinc may be helpful in opening the door for glucose to enter the cells.


How You Can Restore Blood-Sugar Control

You don’t have to live the rest of your life fatigued. By addressing one of these four causes, we can help you improve your digestion and overcome fatigue and blood-sugar problems, such as hypoglycemia. Our focus is multidimensional to include the digestive aspects as well as stimulating the neurological and hormonal systems to help restore your body’s blood-sugar balance.

If you suffer from the roller-coaster ride of being tired all the time, find out how we can help you. Call our office at the Digestion Relief Center—530-899-8741—to set up a consultation with Dr. Patrick. Learn more at


Since 1999, Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC, has helped North State residents by using a whole-body systems approach to health. He specializes in providing natural relief for food and environmental sensitivities, intolerances, and digestive problems. For more information, contact Dr. Patrick at, 530-899-8741 or visit

© 2017. Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC, IHS. All Rights Reserved.


How the Body Maintains Blood Sugar

The black lines in the circle indicate the body’s pathways for maintaining normal blood sugar. The red lines indicate the backup pathways when blood sugar falls. Whenever the blood sugar dips, it becomes an emergency for the brain. This is because our brain cells do not make glucose and recruit the hormonal system to make up the difference.

© 2017. Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC, IHS. All Rights Reserved.


Tired Because You Can’t Fall Back Asleep?

What happens when a hypoglycemic person wakes in the night and tries to go back to sleep?

One of two things: Either you do not have enough glycogen stored in the liver and muscles, or you cannot retrieve the glycogen. When this happens, low blood sugar becomes critical because the brain must have glucose to function. So the body resorts to emergency measures. In the absence of glucose, the adrenal glands shift to fight-or-flight mode to release adrenaline “to pump you up.” Unfortunately, under the influence of adrenaline, the body is now wide awake and you feel as if you are racing instead of sleeping.

June 15, 2017 |

Healing through the Sound Vibration of Tuning Forks

tuning forks

By Pia Christensen

“Everything is energy and that is all there is to it.”—Albert Einstein

So if everything is energy, not only things we see and touch are energy, but also sound, light, and even emotions have a certain energy or vibration.

We are all vibrational beings with our personal vibration. Animals and plants have their own vibration, as does our Mother Earth (7.81Hz).

Pia ChristensenWe feel healthy when our energies are balanced and a sense of discomfort when they are not. A stressful situation, annoying sounds, too much or insufficient light, anxiety, fear, or just being around destructive or unhappy people easily distort our vibration, bringing us a feeling of dis-ease. You may recall situations in which a person made you feel drained, as if he sucked your energy. He just tapped into your auric field and changed your vibration. To keep this from happening, we all need to find a way to protect ourselves or find a way to get back to our personal vibration.

Sound is a therapeutic method that makes use of the frequencies that correspond to vibration in the auric field—sound can help detect and correct imbalances within this field. The vibration of tuning forks can help balance our nervous systems and help manage stress and other challenges in our lives. There are two types of tuning forks: unweighted forks, which are used to clear the auric field, and weighted forks, which are applied on the body and work as a type of acupressure.

Our cells produce and release nitric oxide. When weighted tuning forks are placed on bone or connective tissue, they resonate throughout the whole body, causing the cells to release nitric oxide, which sends a signal to our cells to relax.

Tuning the auric field can be a superb way to achieve balance and also bring you profound insight and inspiration.

The auric field expands approximately five feet to both sides of the body and three feet above and below; it is shaped like a torus and contains records of our memories. Just as the brain does, the auric field has different areas responsible for different functions. It holds information related to specific emotions, states of mind, and relationships from the past. It is the blueprint around which the physical body organizes itself.

Every emotion has its own vibrations and can make us feel uncomfortable or out of alignment. Memories and emotions such as anxiety, worry, anger, hate, guilt, shame, or blame have a very low vibration and can get stuck in our auras. Through time this can cause chronic illnesses. Therefore, raising our personal vibration with tuning forks can change the emotions and help us achieve a sense of improved well-being.

tuning forksTuning forks bring a chiming sound to your ears but also bring a vibration that can be felt in the bones and body. As with adjusting a piano, your body can be tuned to achieve optimal physical and mental balance.

Tapping two Biosonic tuning forks can instantaneously alter your body’s biochemistry and bring your nervous system, muscle tone, and organs into harmonic balance. In seconds your body can enter a deep state of relaxation where profound healing can take place. You will find your mind at peace, an improved and enhanced immune response, integration of body and mind, and for some, the ability to transcend to higher levels of consciousness.

The sound of the tuning forks has also proven to enhance the healing effects of energy-therapy practices such as Reiki, meditation, yoga, and massage.

A tuning fork session is usually performed on a massage table with your eyes closed. The main purpose is to provide a space of total relaxation and to clear the auric field. Once the aura is cleared, the practitioner can apply weighted body tuners on the chakra points of the body or, if needed, to acupressure points to ease any ailments. Tuning forks can also be used in a group, usually with participants’ lying as comfortably as possible in a half circle on a yoga mat. Participants often report feeling a sense of weightlessness, having visions, physical sensations such as tingling and gentle touch, and clearing of the mind. Group sessions can at times bring powerful healing by raising the vibration as a group.

So what are some of the effects you can expect from a tuning fork session?

  • Often instantaneous deep state of relaxation;
  • Improved mental clarity;
  • Increased level of physical energy and mental concentration;
  • Stress relief;
  • Easing of pain;
  • Balancing of the nervous system;
  • Integration of left and right brain.


Are there any side effects? The answer is No (except if you have a pacemaker; you can still have an auric tuning without the weighted body tuners).

The bottom line: The body is amazing and is able to heal itself if it only gets the time and space to do so. Finding that place of total relaxation and a clear mind with no distractions will help your body focus on what it needs to do.

Tuning Forks


“For me tuning forks have an amazing power to still the mind and calm an anxious body. Tuning forks offer an incredible ‘tune-up’ to the body, mind, and spirit.”—Donna S.


For more information you can contact Pia at

June 15, 2017 |

Fate or Destiny?


By Jim Redtail Collins, PhD

Health-redtailWould you like to let go of the need to learn through adversity and become a creative force in your own life?

            Personal power—according to the shamans of Peru—involves two interrelated components: flexibility of perception and an attitude of complete responsibility for everything: the opposite of being a victim of circumstances. The shamans’ secret of empowerment involves a choice of destiny over fate.

            Fate is the result of living in the unresolved past—what you believe about yourself that holds you in the bondage of learning through adversity. Destiny, on the other hand, requires you to change your perception and break through that bondage by giving up being a victim of the past so that you can live in the creative present. Destiny is a conscious choice.


Unhealed Emotions

Most of the personal problems we face are caused by unhealed emotions, recordings of the past, which distort our perceptions. Our perceptions determine our reality. To resolve most problems, we must heal our emotions. If we do not, we will continue to see ourselves as victims, living in the past, robbed of our present.

            Everything that happens to you happens within you. What comes into your life reflects what you carry—your personal myth of reality. Most people’s stories are written and rewritten from their wounds, fears, and disappointments. The universe colludes with the stories you carry, proving you right and reinforcing your belief that it is the truth. But the story is true only if you believe it and continue to embody it.

            However, you cannot simply change your mind and see the world differently, because the way you see the world is rooted in emotionally charged neural networks buried deep in your primitive limbic brain. Trying to change your mind without changing your brain networks is wishful thinking. Only when you heal your toxic emotions can you establish new neural networks, which will change your perceptions … and your story.

            Until you do, you will continue to attract people who share similar stories and wounds.

            When you heal your emotions, you rewire the neural networks that program you for failure. Only then can you redirect your life force and free yourself from the fate dictated by your past.


Expelled from the Garden

In the myth of our culture we are all fundamentally unworthy, having been kicked out of the “garden” for being curious and eating the wrong thing. This ancient cultural story informs most people’s personal story with an unconscious feeling that you are not good enough. Sound familiar?

Indigenous cultures, by the way, were never kicked out of the garden for eating apples. They still live there.

            There are three archetypal character roles in the typical American cultural story: victim, bully, and rescuer. Together they form a triangle of disempowerment. These three interactive roles are each dysfunctional in their own way, perpetuating your story and keeping you trapped in it.

            Depending on our experiences, most of us tend to revert to one of these roles as a default under stress. I recommend spending some time thinking about which one you tend to default to when you are stressed. It will explain a lot about what goes wrong in your relationships and your efforts to take charge of your life.

            We cling to our stories because of the benefit we derive from them. They are familiar, make our lives predictable, and give us a false sense of purpose. Most of us like the familiar because it is comfortable, and we behave as though we would rather be right than happy.

            We tend to write our stories of the present from unhealed wounds of the past. Like our cultural myths, they are merely tales that we have devised for explaining to ourselves what happened to us and who we are. Whatever your belief about who you are in your story, you will embody and enact it, and other people will respond to you accordingly! Moreover, it attracts those with similar or complementary stories. Victims attract perpetrators, rescuers, and other victims … and so forth.

            Being victimized does not make you a victim any more than playing sports makes you an athlete. It is just a story about the past. The past no longer exists. It is not who you are. If you believe that you are a victim because of something that happened in the past—even yesterday—you will continue to replay the theme unconsciously, ad nauseum.

            The only way out is to heal your wounds and take full responsibility for your life!

            Creating a destiny requires us to let go of our belief in victims and shed the stories of the past as a serpent sheds its skin. To empower ourselves to live in the present we must give up our belief in victims.

            If you believe your own stories and keep telling them to yourself, you will continue to enact and embody them, and the characters in your story will become hungry ghosts that keep showing up in your life at the next train station with a new hat. If you feed them, they will eventually devour you.

            Are you one of the many who work overtime to fulfill the requirements of a story that does not serve you?

            Would you rather create destiny or succumb to the fate dictated by your unresolved wounds? Your journey into destiny cannot proceed until you shed the myths of perception that have shaped your life.

            My advice is to remember the shamans’ secret: Strive for flexible perception and assume complete responsibility. If you are armed with those attitudes, destiny is yours to choose.


Dr. Jim Redtail Collins is the author of the forthcoming book Walk Like a Fox, Dance Like an Eagle. A seasoned psychologist and transformational coach, Redtail is also a wisdom keeper in the lineage of the Laika shamans of Peru and a many-time Sun-dancer in the Lakota sacred tradition. Blending the power of applied epigenetics with the ancient wisdom, his passion is helping people release the power of the past and find their wings! You can contact him at 530-604-8653 or through his website at

June 15, 2017 |

Passion and Excellence


at Berkeley Olive Grove

Darro and OliviaOK … I’ll admit that we might be a little biased when it comes to our advertisers in the Lotus Guide, but every once in a while we think we need to say something about them, and this is one of those times. It started in the parking lot at a market here in Chico, where Darro recognized me from the Lotus Guide and started telling me about what he and his wife, Olivia, were doing with an olive grove in the Oroville area. To make a long story short, I realized two things at the end of that conversation: One was that everything I thought I knew about olive oil was incorrect or, at best, misleading. The other thing I realized was that I had just met someone who was doing something exceptional, not only with olive oil but also with the environmental issues around growing.

            My wife, Dhara, and I went out to see their 300-acre olive farm and spent an enjoyable few hours learning and tasting the different varieties of olive oil. I’m not even going to pretend to understand everything they were telling us about the finer points of growing olives and processing them into oil that is ranked in the top 2.5% of oil worldwide, but I do understand one thing completely … and that’s passion. You can have all the knowledge in the world about how to do something, but without passion in today’s economy you will fall by the wayside amid an onslaught of permits, rules, regulations, and the financial viability of creating something outstanding.Berkely Olive Grove

            We asked Darro and Olivia to explain in a nutshell what their objective is and here’s what they told us: “Our objective is and has always been to produce the best product possible with natural food value using the olives from this century-old olive grove. The oil we produce here is truly organic (75 percent of what is sold as organic is not) from soil, air, and rain water without any artificial additives of any kind.”

            Meeting people such as Darro and Olivia, and for that matter, all of our advertiser friends, is a reminder to us why we love publishing this magazine that you are holding in your hand. The world we live in will become a better place, not because of rules and regulations passed down to us from the top, but from the hard efforts and sometimes the sacrifices of all of us here with boots on the ground and a passion for excellence, no matter what the short-term costs are.

            Visit for more information and to learn much more about olive oil than you would think possible, because plain and simple, you need to know what you are putting in your bodies in today’s world.


Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

June 15, 2017 |

Interview with Bruce Lipton

Rahasya-Dhara-Bruce Lipton-Margaret

 Watch the entire interview by scrolling down.

One of the reasons I love to talk with Bruce Lipton is that he has this uncanny way of overlaying biological processes onto world problems, which usually gives a clear answer or solution to what’s going on. I believe we live in times of great danger and at the same time, great opportunities, but only “if” we rethink the way we approach life. For instance, one of the aspects of human evolution that has guaranteed our survival has been our ability to adapt. And I can see that we are still doing this and creating new realities of normalization in the process. However, I can also see that the world we have created is the last thing we should adapt to; it’s toxic, environmentally unstable, with world governments that are corrupt and systemically unable to sustain themselves even on a moral level, a financial system that mimics the very structure and agenda of a Ponzi scheme, and the list goes on. But we are entering a period when polarities are dissolving and the old regime is transforming and becoming the foundation of a new vision of what we can become. Now let’s talk with an old friend, Bruce Lipton, and remember that you can watch this entire interview at

Rahasya Poe


Lotus Guide: Hello, Bruce, we’ve been doing this for a long time now, about 12 years. You were in one of our first issues.


Bruce Lipton: I’m happy to still be here; it’s a blessing.


LG: If nothing else, just to see how this all plays out, because we are down to the wire and it does look like life as we know it is going to collapse, which is a good thing, actually, while we still have some resources left and maybe be able to save the environment.


BL: I’ve been talking to people for a long time about this because we cannot build a sustainable foundation on the existing structure, because the structure itself is corrupt. I try to tell people that this is actually good news. But people look at everything and are afraid, not realizing that the worst thing that can happen is for nothing to happen.

We are headed into and are actually in the midstBruce Lipton-lotus guide of the sixth-greatest extinction period, but we are used to thinking of extinction periods lasting centuries or millennia, but what’s happening now is in decades. The truth is, if we want to build something new, we need to build it from the ground up because we can’t, and shouldn’t, fix this system. So we need to look at this as good news because it’s happening so fast that it’s waking a lot of people up.


LG: We definitely don’t want to fix the very system that got us into this mess in the first place. I sometimes use the analogy of our global civilization being like a building that was built on a foundation strong enough for 10 stories; now, we are up to 180 stories high and the foundation, and the building itself, is no longer sustainable. And if that’s not bad enough, the only way the building can continue to exist is if we keep building higher and higher; this is our financial system. Its survival is predicated on infinite growth based on commercialism and products, which in turn is dedicated to the false and somewhat insane assumption that we have infinite resources.


BL: What I can say regarding this is that our economic system is based on an unsound biological reality, because there are no organisms that continually grow. Like us, for instance. We reach a certain size and after that it’s all about replacement of what’s lost every day. In biology there’s the phase of growth and the phase of maintenance, which levels out in a flat line.

This has to be a wake-up call in the financial world—that nothing on Planet Earth continually grows and is able to perpetually sustain itself. I’m actually working with a friend of mine in Australia on a book on the economy based on biological principles. (Bruce goes into an interesting talk about ATP which is used to transport energy within cells for metabolism and how this explainss his position on financial economies, and you can watch the interview online, where he goes into this and many other views much more deeply … it’s a one and a half–hour interview.)

In biology, there are different levels to the economy/ATP. On one level, there is no wealth in the system until every cell in the body has the basics of life; in other words, no individual can have wealth until every person has the basics of life, food, shelter, health care, and so on. There comes a point where the cells have all they need and after that the accumulation of more ATP could be a liability. So the system has a way to store more ATP in case the body breaks a leg or has special needs. (In the next phase of our conversation we get into a socially sensitive topic, population control. Bruce explains the biological imperative and how this goes against the traditional survival-of-the-fittest mentality that we’ve been taught. Again, this is far too much information to include here but let me say this; birth control is not the answer. I guarantee you that this is something you’ve probably never thought of.)


LG: So, Bruce, let’s get into the “Three Amigos” (The Three Amigos is what Bruce, Joe Dispenza, and Gregg Braden call themselves) for a moment. In our spring issue of Lotus Guide, we had Dr. Joe Dispenza and it seems as if you and Joe and Gregg are all approaching the same problems in life but from different perspectives. Don’t ask me how I know this, but somehow by doing some of Joe’s meditations I feel like I’m rewiring my brain. I can see that old patterns are being canceled out by this process of rewiring and making new neural connections, which are giving me a new perspective on life and what it means to be a human being. We all have ancient neural networks that may have been appropriate for our survival in a different age, but now they have become dangerous in and of themselves.


BL: Here’s the point here, based on false perceptions of a Darwinian belief that life is based on struggle, which it isn’t. We came from a garden, call it the Garden of Eden, but now we’ve broken it up with borders and battlegrounds, which will ultimately need to be broken down. But here’s the thing: We are in the process of breaking down the old structure because it simply can’t survive because it can’t sustain itself any longer. In evolution, crisis provokes evolution and we’re there. (What he says next is very important to understand.) Every human on this planet is a cell forming a new structure of a new organism called humanity, which is part of the nervous system of our planet. In a deep sense, the Internet is an outer manifestation of this process and is connecting humanity in ways we still need to understand. What’s different now is that we have a whole generation, the millennial generation, that grew up with the Internet. They see no borders, language is being translated, their world is no longer the narrow world of their parents, who only had relationships with people in their neighborhood. Now here’s something important to understand. The millennial kids are looking at a world in which they have inherited massive debt, and education based on a world that’s quickly disappearing, parents who had a five-car garage and they share an apartment with three other people because they can’t afford an apartment of their own, and they feel left out, completely disenfranchised from society. Now here’s an important fact: The government can only stand in regard to how many people support it.


LG: In a sense, the old system has built into it the seeds of its own destruction. Even the Internet, which our government, corporations, and educational systems have created, is the very tool that’s being used for dismantling outdated, dysfunctional, and corrupt systems.


BL: Exactly, and if you say to millennials, “Hey, the stock market is going to crash,” they could not care less because they, along with most of the people on the planet right now, are not invested in the old system. Here’s an interesting point: The millennials are the key to change and for the most part they don’t see that right now; they are just starting to realize how powerful they are and actually have very little to lose by changing the system to something entirely different.


Bruce and I talked for another hour on topics important to our survival as a species—everything from Copernicus, Newton, and Einstein to Jesus and the Buddha. Here’s my question for anyone reading this: “What will it take to bring in a new consciousness, a new vision on this planet?” Maybe we’re doing it by simply “Questioning the answers we’ve been given for centuries that no longer serve us.”

You can watch the entire interview on our YouTube Channel at, and while you’re there, watch my interview with Bruce about “Imaginal Cells,” because you will understand the underlying process on everything you just read. Visit for more information on Bruce.

June 15, 2017 |

Your Mind as Medicine


Healing with Placebo

 By Joe Dispenza

For anyone who is paying attention there’s little doubt that we are evolving and with that evolution comes, not only new ideas, but new abilities. We know from independent studies that when we are in pain we have the ability to produce morphine; in researching asthma we now know that our cells can produce antihistamine; and even Parkinson’s disease studies show that the brain can make dopamine. Lotus Guide interviewed Dr. Joe Dispenza a few years ago and after reading his recent books it’s clear that he is walking his talk and is on to something amazing that we can all benefit from.

Why the “placebo effect” works at all has been a mystery, but it appears that our mind/body relationship is becoming more tangible. There’s no question that there are times when we need traditional medicines, and we are thankful they are there, but when it comes to lifelong chronic conditions it behooves us to look deeper into the remedies we have locked up inside us.

In the next issue of Lotus Guide we will be going deep into epigenetics in an interview we are doing with Dr. Bruce Lipton. We are on the frontier of discovery in every area of existence, which means we are living in exciting times.

Lotus Guide


The placebo effect is a fascinating field of science because it challenges established notions of how we heal. In the traditional model, you would go to a doctor and he or she would present you with a diagnosis and some treatment options. Placebos work differently in that they heal from within, not without, and this presents a choice: You can heal either from a drug or from a placebo.

In placebo studies, patients are given a medicine and told it will either cure them or make the symptoms more manageable. Of course, they’re usually given a sugar pill or a saline injection instead of the “medicine.” In many cases, patients who were given the placebo reported improvements in their health like those seen by participants who took the actual medication.

The key to placebos, or so it was thought, is that people don’t know they’re receiving a substitute. The idea is that they believe so strongly in the treatment that they begin to heal themselves. But what happens if patients know they are getting a placebo? Is it still possible to heal yourself when you know what you’re taking isn’t the real thing?

The answer is yes. A recent study by a team at the University of Colorado, Boulder examined whether or not preknowledge of a placebo affected its performance. The researchers applied a heating element to the forearms of study participants. The element was removed and a blue analgesic gel was applied to the area. In reality, the gel was petroleum jelly tinted with blue food coloring. Researchers gave some participants information about the supposed treatment and some were told it was a placebo.

The interesting part of this experiment is that those participants who went through four rounds of the heating element and subsequent treatment before being told the gel was a placebo were able to reproduce the effects later on even when they knew it was petroleum jelly. These people believed in the treatment’s efficacy to such an extent that it no longer mattered if the medication was “real.”

These results have been replicated in other studies. In 2010 a team from Harvard gave 40 patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) a placebo. Each patient received a bottle clearly labeled as “placebo pills” and was told that they were made of an inert substance that had been shown to help IBS sufferers. A second group of 40 IBS patients, given no pills, served as a control group.

After three weeks, the group who took the placebo pills reported twice as much symptom relief compared to those who received no pills. Here is where it gets even more interesting. The relief provided by the placebo pills worked as well as the best IBS medications.

These studies offer a glimpse into the power of the subconscious mind. It didn’t matter if the patients knew with their conscious minds that they were given a placebo. They were able to heal themselves because their subconscious minds were conditioned to put their belief in some “thing” external from them, such as a pill. And as a result, even though their conscious minds knew it was a placebo, their subconscious minds had been programmed their whole lives to believe that pills heal.

So let’s say you’ve taken pills your whole life to help you with various health conditions. You’ve used different medications to aid you in healing headaches, allergies, depression, and even the flu. Then based on your repeated experiences, something outside of you was changing how you felt inside of you. When you noticed a change in your internal state, you associated whatever it was outside of you with the internal change—and you felt better. In time, you conditioned yourself to expect the same outcome without even thinking about it. You anticipated that your familiar past experiences were going to be the same predictable future experiences. Put another way, you trained your brain and body to release the same pharmacy of chemicals as if you were given the actual medication. In the Harvard study it’s entirely possible the placebo group made their own natural anti-inflammatory drugs.

Now, what if you were to change your belief from giving your power to something outside of you to heal you and place your belief on the power inside of you to heal? What if you changed your belief to the understanding that your body has the natural ability to heal itself if it’s given the right biochemical stimuli? What if you conditioned your body daily to a new mind and expected that your health could be changed by thought alone? Is it possible that once you understood the what and the why, the how would become easier?


For more information visit

June 15, 2017 |

The Layers of the Yoga Practice


By Tom Hess


According to the Taittiriya Upanishad, there are five layers, or kosas, to traverse on our yoga paths. These layers, or sheaths, provide us a path to follow and certain signposts along the way. They also describe the depth and potential of the practice of yoga.

The beginning of the journey for the yoga practitioner is the body. This is especially true in today’s world, where the public perception of yoga is all about the physical postures. That is where most people start with their idea of what yoga is, and that is perfect. The body is what we are given as our birthright, it is something we are uniquely placed to study and think about.

It is something that we all need to understand on some level to practice yoga. Yoga is about the stilling of the mind, but the body has to be stable and pain free to be able to focus the mind.

So we start with the asana as a means to cleanse and strengthen the body. If the body is in any kind of unbalanced state because of disease, injury, muscle shortness, or muscle weakness, then yoga will help bring the body back to equilibrium. When the body is in a stable, strong, and light state, then the other more inward layers are more available.

            The Pranayama Kosa is the layer of energy, or prana. This is the underlying energy within the body that controls all of the organs of action, organs of perception, and all of the body’s energy needs. This prana is behind all of the functioning of the body and can be improved with the practice of yoga.

            Within this layer lies the practice of pranayama, the fourth limb of the eight limbs of yoga. Pranayama is the yoga practice of breath management. When one practices breathing with a particular mind-set and with prescribed ways of breathing, then there is a refinement of the prana in the body. Another way to work with the prana in the body is through the practice of some of the asanas with a particular mind-set that would lead to a refinement of the prana.

The practice of yoga brings us to a particular realization of the existence of this energy within and gives us a way to work with it.

The next layer is the mind, the Manomaya Kosa. This is really the key, for without the focus of the mind the distractions would limit us. We have many objects of meditation for the mind; any part of the body could be used for the mind as we do in the asana and the breath is the central focal point for the mind in the practice of pranayama. The focus of the mind deepens our experience of the prana and the body.

The next layer is the discriminating mind or Vijnanamaya Kosa. This is the layer of wisdom. We all have the decision-making power within ourselves to control our thoughts and where we might put those thoughts. This layer is about making the right decisions in our lives that lead us to a deeper understanding of the spiritual path of yoga. This understanding is the intelligence that we foster in the practice of yoga that leads to a stilling of the thought waves.

The last layer is the Anandamaya Kosa. This is the layer of bliss that occurs as a result of following the eight limbs of yoga and stilling the fluctuations of the mind. This layer is the goal. The natural result of proper practice done with the right mind-set over a long period is a state of fullness or joy that exists on such a deep level that the practitioner is settled into a blissful state.

These five layers are nicely laid out in B. K. S. Iyengar’s book Light on Life.


Come by and visit us at 250 Vallombrosa, Chico, or at .

June 15, 2017 |
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