Wild-Crafted Summer Remedies


By Fiona

Allergy Tincture

Fiona-1Humans constantly adapt to their environment but our bodies ultimately reflect allergic symptoms as our adaptation reaches its limit. The eyes become itchy as the pollen levels rise and a runny nose continually works to move invading allergens from the nasal cavities. Chest congestion and a dry cough also indicate that the body has reached its limit in adapting to the current environment.

The mix of five different wild-harvested flowers of different sizes and therefore five different pollens are processed into a tincture. The wild-harvested and tinctured pollens act as an antigen to help the body adapt to the rise of pollens in the environment.

In addition to the Allergy Tincture, a tea produced by a fellow herbalist, Charlotte Walters, can be used hot or cold to deliver a solution during allergy season. The tea includes olive leaf, a strong antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal that strengthens the immune system and improves circulation and blood pressure. Nettle is also an adaptogen and anti-allergy wild-harvested plant. It is high in calcium and iron, lowers blood sugar, and builds energy. Mullein in the Allergy Tea helps with congestion, reduces formation of mucus, and is high in vitamins B2, B5, B12, and D. A detoxifying plant, the dandelion, is also included and encourages a steady elimination of toxins. The alder cone, another anti-allergy gem, is included in the tea, as is holy basil, another adaptogen that is useful in treating respiratory infections and improving vitality. Like all products mentioned, the tea is available from the shelf at Fiona’s Forest in Paradise or on the website.


Luanne Parks is an excellent athlete and yet was forced to adapt her training and competitions around severe allergy health challenges. Here’s a short testimonial to her use of the Allergy Tincture.


At 56 years old, I have been a lifelong athlete. I grew up in Chico, California, playing outside as my main entertainment. Riding horses, climbing trees, biking, and swimming, to name a few ways I would while away my days. The outdoors was my playground. Once I got into middle school and high school, I focused on running track and cross-country and I played soccer and basketball. From Chico High I spent two years at our local community college, Butte, where I ran track, cross-country, and played basketball. After Butte, I received a scholarship to run for Oregon State University. Once released from my duties as a scholarship athlete, I truly found my love, long-distance running. It started with my first marathon when I was 23 (2:58), and I continued improving to qualify for two Olympic Marathon Trials. Never to stick with one thing for long, I was introduced to triathlons and worked my way up the ranks from short distance to participating in seven Ironman World Championships, placing eighth professional two times. Triathlons faded away, being replaced by the sport I have been in love with for more than 20 years, ultra-running. Ultra-running usually takes place on trails and is considered an “ultra” if it is longer than a marathon. To this date I have run more than 120 ultra-races, from 30 miles to 100 miles.

I have never, ever lived somewhere that my allergies didn’t affect me. As I was growing up in Chico amid the almond and walnut orchards, my hay fever got its start. At Oregon State in Corvallis, the beautiful blooming trees were my downfall. Even when I moved out to Boulder, Colorado, I had to go to the emergency room because I woke up one morning with my eyes completely swollen shut. On top of the allergies I found out that I also have exercise-induced asthma. Breathing has been a trial. Feeling healthy year-round has always been a trial. Spring and fall I developed either laryngitis or bronchitis because of the drainage from my sinuses. It’s been tough to be an athlete.

For years I had the allergy shots and got some relief but still they never entirely went away.

I saw Jules’s booth at the Chico Farmers Market. I can’t remember why I first started talking to her, but it wasn’t long before my entire medicine cabinet had only her products. I began using tinctures for my allergies and asthma and any cold symptoms. I also use her lotions, eyedrops, and deodorant. This has been my second year of taking the Allergy Tincture and I can safely say that my allergies have been nonexistent. I take only tinctures now—no more expensive vitamins.

Besides feeling great all of the time, I am a walking advertisement for anyone who complains of allergies or feeling sick. I’ve lent out my own tinctures to friends so they can sample the amazing benefits. Truly, Jules is the best!! If I’m ever in doubt of what I might need, a quick call, consultation, and she ships me out products within a day.


The Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

Fiona-ad The Vitamin and Mineral Supplement with horsetail, watercress, stinging nettle, and purslane is a perfect combination of wild-harvested components to meet the needs of the human body. Constant farming has depleted the nutrients formerly offered naturally by our soils. Even the uses of fertilizers fail to promote a required level of vitamins C, A, and K or the level of calcium in foods produced by farming.

Horsetail is an essential addition to the mineral combination. It builds bones from the inside by providing calcium for hardness and increasing collagen, thus improving bone density. In addition, horsetail builds strong teeth, fingernails, and hair.

Watercress is a superfood. It is bursting with vitamins A, C, and K, and it contains more calcium than milk and more iron than spinach. The benefit of using watercress tincture as opposed to taking vitamin and mineral supplements is that natural herbs contain the right amount of trace minerals such as magnesium and potassium that aid your body in absorbing the nutrient.

Stinging nettle is a high source of digestible iron. Along with the iron, stinging nettle is high in vitamins C and K and is a high source of magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. It works with the horsetail to improve overall health. Stinging nettle also strengthens the hair shaft and stimulates hair growth.

Purslane has just been categorized as a superfood for its high content of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals.

All of the plants in the Vitamin and Mineral Supplement are wild harvested at their pinnacle of growth and when their medicinal constituents are at their highest level. They are then tinctured to preserve the healthy components for use throughout the year.


All-Natural Lotions and Sunscreens

All-natural lotions and sunscreens are also produced at the shop in Paradise. These products never include chemical preservatives and offer a moisturizer for the dry skin of summer. Wild-harvested ingredients include Usnea infused with coconut oil and yarrow hydrosol. The antimicrobial and antifungal properties of Usnea protect and heal the skin from exposure to bad bacteria without blocking or affecting the good bacteria needed to keep skin healthy.

The second component, the wild-harvested yarrow, is processed into a hydrosol that rebuilds the capillaries that feed your skin, thus promoting skin-cell growth. Yarrow is also an anti-inflammatory for your capillaries.

In addition to the herbal components, the lotions include a sunscreen using a non-nano zinc oxide. The non-nano zinc oxide particles are large enough not to be absorbed by your skin so they are not harmful. Lotions offer a 20 to 30 level of SPF and the sunscreen offers a 50 SPF level. Essential oils are used to offer a variety of scents including lavender, lemongrass-orange, rosemary-lemon-verbena, and rose.


Visit Fiona’s Forest at 5390 Skyway, Paradise, CA, or

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Healing through the Sound Vibration of Tuning Forks

tuning forks

By Pia Christensen

“Everything is energy and that is all there is to it.”—Albert Einstein

So if everything is energy, not only things we see and touch are energy, but also sound, light, and even emotions have a certain energy or vibration.

We are all vibrational beings with our personal vibration. Animals and plants have their own vibration, as does our Mother Earth (7.81Hz).

Pia ChristensenWe feel healthy when our energies are balanced and a sense of discomfort when they are not. A stressful situation, annoying sounds, too much or insufficient light, anxiety, fear, or just being around destructive or unhappy people easily distort our vibration, bringing us a feeling of dis-ease. You may recall situations in which a person made you feel drained, as if he sucked your energy. He just tapped into your auric field and changed your vibration. To keep this from happening, we all need to find a way to protect ourselves or find a way to get back to our personal vibration.

Sound is a therapeutic method that makes use of the frequencies that correspond to vibration in the auric field—sound can help detect and correct imbalances within this field. The vibration of tuning forks can help balance our nervous systems and help manage stress and other challenges in our lives. There are two types of tuning forks: unweighted forks, which are used to clear the auric field, and weighted forks, which are applied on the body and work as a type of acupressure.

Our cells produce and release nitric oxide. When weighted tuning forks are placed on bone or connective tissue, they resonate throughout the whole body, causing the cells to release nitric oxide, which sends a signal to our cells to relax.

Tuning the auric field can be a superb way to achieve balance and also bring you profound insight and inspiration.

The auric field expands approximately five feet to both sides of the body and three feet above and below; it is shaped like a torus and contains records of our memories. Just as the brain does, the auric field has different areas responsible for different functions. It holds information related to specific emotions, states of mind, and relationships from the past. It is the blueprint around which the physical body organizes itself.

Every emotion has its own vibrations and can make us feel uncomfortable or out of alignment. Memories and emotions such as anxiety, worry, anger, hate, guilt, shame, or blame have a very low vibration and can get stuck in our auras. Through time this can cause chronic illnesses. Therefore, raising our personal vibration with tuning forks can change the emotions and help us achieve a sense of improved well-being.

tuning forksTuning forks bring a chiming sound to your ears but also bring a vibration that can be felt in the bones and body. As with adjusting a piano, your body can be tuned to achieve optimal physical and mental balance.

Tapping two Biosonic tuning forks can instantaneously alter your body’s biochemistry and bring your nervous system, muscle tone, and organs into harmonic balance. In seconds your body can enter a deep state of relaxation where profound healing can take place. You will find your mind at peace, an improved and enhanced immune response, integration of body and mind, and for some, the ability to transcend to higher levels of consciousness.

The sound of the tuning forks has also proven to enhance the healing effects of energy-therapy practices such as Reiki, meditation, yoga, and massage.

A tuning fork session is usually performed on a massage table with your eyes closed. The main purpose is to provide a space of total relaxation and to clear the auric field. Once the aura is cleared, the practitioner can apply weighted body tuners on the chakra points of the body or, if needed, to acupressure points to ease any ailments. Tuning forks can also be used in a group, usually with participants’ lying as comfortably as possible in a half circle on a yoga mat. Participants often report feeling a sense of weightlessness, having visions, physical sensations such as tingling and gentle touch, and clearing of the mind. Group sessions can at times bring powerful healing by raising the vibration as a group.

So what are some of the effects you can expect from a tuning fork session?

  • Often instantaneous deep state of relaxation;
  • Improved mental clarity;
  • Increased level of physical energy and mental concentration;
  • Stress relief;
  • Easing of pain;
  • Balancing of the nervous system;
  • Integration of left and right brain.


Are there any side effects? The answer is No (except if you have a pacemaker; you can still have an auric tuning without the weighted body tuners).

The bottom line: The body is amazing and is able to heal itself if it only gets the time and space to do so. Finding that place of total relaxation and a clear mind with no distractions will help your body focus on what it needs to do.

Tuning Forks


“For me tuning forks have an amazing power to still the mind and calm an anxious body. Tuning forks offer an incredible ‘tune-up’ to the body, mind, and spirit.”—Donna S.


For more information you can contact Pia at

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Animals Have Allergies Too


By Vickie Van Scyoc, RN, and Mark Light, MD


Animals can develop allergies just as people can and to many of the same substances. These allergies can have a severe impact on their health, well-being, and comfort.

Their immune systems respond to an allergen, seeing it as foreign and causing a reaction. Reactivity can vary among the species. For example, inhalant allergies do not necessarily cause dogs or cats to sneeze; instead, they experience allergies through their skin with excessive licking of their paws, biting, chewing, ear infections, and scratching.

Animals can have allergies to inhalants, ingestants, contactants, injections, physical agents, and molds. Emotional stressors can contribute to their allergies. Examples of allergens are:


  • Inhalants: Pollens, grasses, weeds, trees, molds, dust and mites, powders, smoke, cosmetics, kitty litter, perfumes, cleaning products, laundry products, fumes from paint, pesticides, fertilizers, and so on.
  • Ingestants: Food, water, food additives, preservatives, colorings, drugs, vitamins, and so on.
  • Contactants: Soaps, detergents, poison oak, carpets, latex products, grooming products, plastics, wood, paper products, and so on.
  • Injectants: Vaccines, drugs, and insect bites (a protein in flea saliva can cause an animal to itch for days and become more sensitive).


Molds and fungi can be easily contacted while the animal is playing in the yard, ingested in water, or through exposure inside. Animals may react to physical agents such as heat, cold, and high altitude. Even unresolved emotional trauma can be the cause of many physical symptoms and strange behaviors.

Examples of allergic symptoms are: Abdominal discomforts, asthma, brain fog, cough, crying, cravings, diarrhea, dry mouth/nose/throat, fatigue, fleas, frequency of urination, hives, hyperactivity, irritability, itching, joint problems, nausea, mucus, nervousness, nosebleeds, rashes, sneezing, and watering eyes.

NAET provides an excellent method for testing and treating allergies in animals. It’s noninvasive, drug free, and best of all, we treat animals remotely! NAET is performed on the pet’s owner as a surrogate for the pet with the use of the pet’s picture. Think quantum physics, prayer, radio waves, remote car keys, anything that is energy moving through air.

Search YouTube for “NAET and animals” for demonstrations and more information.

NAET is affordable: The initial fee is $75 and subsequently $50 (cash discount), and many pets need only one to four sessions.


Testimonies for Chico Integrative Health


I stopped chewing the fur off my tail after I was treated for anxiety and the fear that my owner was not coming back for me.

Perro, male Ridgeback dog


After I was treated for my reaction to my vaccines, I stopped wetting in the house. I would also run away from my collar. I was treated for fear and anxiety of my collar and I wear it now.

Bruno, huge 8-month-old dog


I was scratching the back of my neck and biting my feet. My owner said I was 100 percent better after my treatments for weeds, trees, ragweed, medications, and water.

Maddy, cocker spaniel


I had had the rabies vaccine before, so my owner wasn’t concerned about my third vaccine. However, I refused to eat and drink. Three days later, I developed a head shaking, a constant neurological tic. My owner was afraid I was going to die. It was so bad that I almost went to the ER. Dr. Light treated me for the vaccine and I started eating and drinking, and the head-shaking tic stopped, never to return.

Aramis Van Laam Martin, the cat


My leg is no longer swollen and I won’t have to be put down.

Sierra, quarter horse


Buddy the Siamese cat was biting and scratching himself raw in several places, along with vomiting white mucus. Vickie muscle-tested me while I focused on Buddy and determined he was allergic to his food, even though it was a very high-quality brand. We treated him remotely for his foods; he stopped scratching immediately, healed completely, grew his fur back, and was able to sleep peacefully. Even more remarkable was that when I got home from that treatment session, Buddy greeted me at the door with lots of purrs and rubbing as if to say thank you (which, in retrospect, I believe was the case). Vickie also treated Buddy for his fear of going outside and he is fine now.

Kim Victoria


Our dog Maddie had carbon monoxide poisoning with her owner many years ago. She had been lethargic since then, for 10 years. After treatment, Maddie started playing like a puppy again! A year later, Maddie developed a large lump on her side. After NAET treatment, it was gone in 24 hours.

Cheryl, owner and breeder of border collies, Paradise


A cat, Kittie, and a dog, Katie, had severe itching of their skin and hair loss in patches. They were allergic to the rugs they slept on. After NAET, the spots looked better and after nine months, the dogs’ fur was completely grown back.

Practitioner Mala Moosad, RN


Our puppy suffered from severe fatigue, no appetite, and he slept for hours. He drank lots of tap water. His lab tests were normal. He was allergic to his water and after treatment, his fatigue improved; he is very active and healthy.

Barbara Cesmat, DC, Woodland Hills

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Integrating Medicine & Ideas

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I would like to introduce our Lotus Guide community to Dr. Otani whom I met while being interviewed in the documentary, A Wave Of Compassion, which was about alternative ways to deal with addiction. When I met Dr. Otani he was working for ENLOE Hospital helping patients who had tried everything; so Dr. Otani was their last hope in a lot of situations. He now works at Feather River Hospital in the role of an integrative physician bridging East and West, taking medicine to new levels of understanding.


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Are You Digesting Everything You Eat?

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By Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC, IHS


digestive health-toxinsEver read an article whose description of symptoms points to that idea you need to supplement your diet with more of “this or that”?

Have you ever gone to a doctor or nutritionist and learned you are “low” on a certain nutrient?

Ever had an official blood test that has revealed you are deficient in, say for example, vitamin D, B12, or iron?

There are numerous ways to find out what we are lacking in our diet, from doing our own research to seeking the help of a medical professional. And numerous signs and symptoms may point the way. See “Symptoms of Poor Carbohydrate, Protein, and Fat Digestion” below. While it is useful to learn that certain symptoms connect to certain food groups, or that you have a deficiency, just knowing it is not the solution.

And here’s the reason:

Just because you take a vitamin D supplement doesn’t automatically mean the body is digesting the nutrients in the supplement. So just because we eat something doesn’t guarantee our bodies can process and digest the nutrients.

It might be helpful to think of nutrition as a six-step process:


Patrick-bloatingStep 1: Ingestion—taking in nutrients via food or supplements


Step 2: Digesting—breaking down the food or supplement to extract the nutrients


Step 3: Absorption—the propulsion of nutrients moving into your bloodstream

Step 4: Transport—nutrients traveling to their cellular destinations


Step 5: Assimilation—use of nutrients inside the cells


Step 6: Excretion—eliminating waste completely from all the organs of detoxification: bowel, kidneys, liver, lungs, and skin.


These six steps are the processes by which the body grows, metabolizes, energizes, and repairs itself. Each step is dependent upon the step before it. Not a single step can be missed for our bodies to be able to enjoy good health and prevent disease.


Why Step 2DigestionIs the Most Important Step in the Process

The most essential step in this “nutrition tower” is step 2, digestion (besides eating, of course)! None of the other steps—absorption, transport, assimilation, or excretion—happen if your body is not able to first digest what it ingests.

Nutrients in the digestive tract are accessible to the body only via the digestion step. If your body cannot break down the nutrients through your digestive tract and move them into your bloodstream, then you’re not receiving the full cellular nourishment that the food could provide. Thus, no amount of high-quality healthy food or supplements matters if you are not digesting your intake.

For most folks with digestive issues, the trouble begins with Step 2.

And what’s the traditional nutritional treatment for a deficiency? Supplement the deficiency. But what if the body can’t extract the nutrients? Supplementing the deficiency doesn’t get to the cause of the problem. That only answers that there is a deficiency. What’s lacking is an understanding about why certain nutrients are not being broken down enough to enter your bloodstream.

Let’s take vitamin D, for example. Many people show a deficiency in vitamin D based on a blood test. Their doctors often prescribe large doses of vitamin D, yet the patients may still be deficient on follow-up tests. Why? Because vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, meaning it has to be dissolved in fat in order to be absorbed. If your body cannot digest fats, guess what? No amount of vitamin D is going to solve the problem because your body is not absorbing fat properly. You have to fix the fat-digestion problem first for a vitamin D supplement to work.

Another example—Iron deficiency/anemia. Iron is transported by protein molecules in the blood. If you are unable to digest your protein efficiently, then blood tests will continue to reveal iron deficiencies. So until your body’s ability to digest protein is improved, you will continue to be anemic or low in iron.

Many people have mineral deficiencies from eating carbohydrates that they cannot digest properly. This can result in bone loss, achy joints, headaches, and fatigue. Again, improving the body’s ability to digest carbohydrates will address the deficiency, which in turn addresses the condition.

In each of these examples, the cause of the deficiency is not to continue to give the body a nutrient it can’t digest and absorb but to figure out what your body is or is not digesting. Remember that nutrients have to be bioavailable to the body, which can happen only if the body can digest the nutrients from the protein, fats, and carbohydrates that you eat.

That’s how work we do at the Digestion Relief Center differs from the traditional approach. Our approach looks at a deficiency as a function of digestion, not as a function of a missing nutrient in the bloodstream.

         If you have tried to make supplement and food changes and your digestive system is still not working right, the good news is that we have helped thousands of patients figure it out since 1999. Our approach identifies which foods you are not digesting properly, which areas you may be deficient in, and which organs are not functioning well to enhance the digestive system’s ability to digest your food. We also identify food sensitivities and desensitize your body to those foods so that you can eat your favorite foods again without reaction.

         To find out how you can get relief from stomach and bowel problems, call our office at 530-899-8741 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Patrick.


Since 1999, Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC, has helped North State residents by using a whole-body systems approach to health. He specializes in providing natural relief for food and environmental sensitivities, intolerances, and digestive problems. For more information contact Dr. Patrick at 530-899-8741 or visit

© 2017. Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC, IHS. All Rights Reserved.

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Be Free From Pain With NAET

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Addiction-Dr Light

By Dr. Mark Light

naet-mark light   “According to the National Center for Health Statistics (2006), approximately 76.2 million, one in every four Americans, ha[s] suffered from pain that lasts longer than 24 hours and millions more suffer from acute pain. Chronic pain is the most common cause of long-term disability.”—


Addiction-Dr LightFor 10 years, my practice was focused on treating individuals living with chronic pain. It was troubling to see so many people suffering so deeply and feeling helpless to stop the symptoms they experienced: shooting, radiating pain; full body aches; severe joint pain; severe migraines; and neuropathic pain. I worked within the traditional framework of allopathic medicine, trying the best ways I could find to alleviate these symptoms. The treatments offered by allopathic medicine can provide relief—but it is relief that comes with the risk of addiction to medications, which often stop working through time. In all my years of practice, I saw the same patterns again and again. It was when I started to practice NAET that I finally saw results.

NAET works with kinesiology, understanding of the meridian networks in the body, and energetic remedies to help the body release meridian blocks (called “allergies” in NAET), which are causing the pain to begin with.

NAET Can Treat the Following Symptoms: Migraine, abdominal pain, tension headaches, drug reactions, fibromyalgia, food sensitivities, joint pain, lower backache, PMS pain, postsurgical pain … and more!

If you experience any of the above symptoms, or other types of pain, NAET can help you.

At Chico Integrative Health, we work with NAET and Inno-Vita Herbal Medicinals to holistically treat any unpleasant symptoms you may be experiencing.


How NAET Works to Heal Painmark light-naet

Pain is often caused by inflammation and tissue injuries, and they are the foremost feature of all pain symptoms. This inflammation is rooted in allergies in the body’s energetic circuits. To be rid of the pain, one must be able to clear the root of the allergies. With NAET, there is a way to do this!

In an NAET session, clients are given muscle reflex tests to determine what is causing their pain symptoms. The causes of pain can vary from food allergies to emotional trauma, physical injury, reactions to medications, and so on. Once causes are determined, NAET practitioners will use acupressure, homeopathy, and energetic healing to move the chi through the body, clearing the blockage. This clearing process usually requires a series of treatments, depending on the nature of the symptoms. During the course of treatments, individuals will gradually begin to heal more and more through time.


Testimonials for Pain Treatment With NAET

I feel better at 60 than I did at 40! I am less achy and stiff, my strength is returning, my flexibility is better. After treatment for paint mix, my spine no longer burns. NAET has turned out to be a miracle.”

—Vince Scocozza

“I had eye surgery and was in pain. After the treatments for pain and pain receptors, in 20 minutes, my eye was pain free.”

—Marsha Ring

“I have had a throbbing pain in my neck continually for at least a month and have had this pain on and off for years now. The pain was radiating straight across. I had a difficult time turning my neck. An allergy to trees was the cause of this throbbing pain. Ever since the treatment, I have not had any pain or difficulty with my neck. Who could ever imagine that trees would be the cause!”


“Thank you for helping me with my eyes! And to think I almost didn’t call and ask for your help! I had terrible symptoms. My eyes were extremely itchy, crusty upon waking, yellow gunk was coming out of my eyes, eyelids were swollen, and they continued to close up more and more. I went to the hospital and waited four hours until I could see a nurse. They didn’t know what was wrong. I was reacting to DDT from some food. After the treatment the itching stopped almost right away. By morning I was almost normal and now I have no problems!”


I had spells of sciatica on and off for several years. The last one left me unable to walk. Mark Light and Vickie Van Scyoc sent me long-distance NAET treatments. I was amazed that I could physically feel the treatments even though we were a continent apart (I was in New York and they were in California). Within days my sciatica subsided.”


“After my first treatment I no longer had migraines that I had been suffering from after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia one and a half years prior.”

—Colleen Corners


Free 30-Minute Consultations!

If you are suffering from any symptoms of pain, we are here to help you! Please call or email us today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation! Together, we can discuss the pain you are experiencing, and how an NAET approach can help to eliminate the pain you are experiencing for good.

Chico Integrative Health


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Fiona’s Forest Herbal Solutions

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By Jules Pecson, Wild Craft Herbalist

Fiona-1   Herbal solutions and natural skin-care products have found a home at Fiona’s Forest in Paradise, California. As an herbalist, I harvest local plants, process the gathered components, and offer an apprenticeship program at the shop. The local environment provides hundreds of herbs to accommodate “wild crafting,” which offers alternatives to pharmaceutical products with undesirable side effects. With a responsible and sustainable harvesting method, gatherings are ongoing and production of tinctures and salves is under way daily at Fiona’s Forest. Consultations with an experienced herbalist are available and can help you find your way back to health.

The natural healing process has a long history but has become more crucial with the onset of genetically modified food crops. The human body recognizes and is able to absorb and use the benefits of a plant when all the constituents—the active ingredient along with the vitamins, minerals, and essential oils—are present in the remedy. The forests in our own backyard provide health-related solutions from wild harvested plants grown in their natural environment. Fiona’s Forest extracts herb and plant constituents in small batches with time-tested techniques to ensure high quality and freshness.

In 2009, while living in McCall, Idaho, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had the lump surgically removed but was reluctant to continue through the radiation and chemotherapy. A friend introduced me to Darcy Williamson, a master herbalist who lived just across the ridge. Williamson, a highly respected and extensively published master herbalist, was sustainably harvesting and processing plants into medicinal alternatives to Western medicine.Fiona-2

I set up an appointment with Darcy and never left. I spent the next six years apprenticing under Williamson. I spent time foraging for plants in the Salmon River Range of the Rocky Mountains and learning how to incorporate the medicines into my own recovery process. Recognizing how the plants helped save my life, I am now committed to advocate the alternative medicinal approach.

Advocating for the plants meant bringing what I learned back to Northern California. Having grown up around Chico and Paradise, I made frequent trips back to Butte County from Idaho, and I quickly discovered there was a need for more access to herbal-wellness information and products.

A unique aspect of my mission is “wild crafting,” or going out and searching for essential plant ingredients to harvest. Every Sunday I invite anyone who’s interested to forage in the local area. We look for native plants that can be processed into useful health products. That process takes place at Fiona’s Forest, the shop in which a bevy of jars, distillers, and other containers are full of plant parts awaiting transformation into new forms, from healing salves to hydrosol liquids.

While harvesting the plants, I make sure to follow sustainable practices. A wild-crafting herbalist harvests things that are growing in their natural environment. If things are growing in a patch, only an eighth of the patch is harvested. If leaves are collected, only the lower leaves of the plant are harvested so the plant will continue to thrive.

My lifelong commitment is to share the knowledge with apprentices and to make highly concentrated medicinal tinctures. A tincture is made by placing the harvested plant material in a container where it is covered with food-grade alcohol. The alcohol dehydrates the plants so that all the medicinal constituents are left in a concentrated liquid form. You need just half a teaspoon, twice a day, for example, of the tincture made of cleavers, which grows here in Northern California. The cleavers tincture is a strong immune-system booster and offers a lymphatic cleanse. In the spring, cleavers are harvested before they flower in the valley. Six weeks later, as the valley heats up, the plant is also harvested at higher elevations.

The list of native plants in Butte County that can be used as medicinal remedies is endless. Elderberries offer the flower as a soothing element in salves, and the berry itself produces a strong immune-system booster. Butte County also has local plants that help fight Lyme disease, such as the teasel and Japanese knotweed roots. With the change of seasons, there is always a changing variety of plants to look forward to!


Seasonal Questions and Suggestions, Winter

I am often asked which herbal remedy should be kept on hand for the winter season.

My answer always includes the following suggestions.


Fiona-anti-viral Anti-Viral Throat Spray—Lomatium root, arrowleaf balsamroot, and gumweed flowers combine to offer a throat spray that you can use as a first defense against the cold and flu viruses making their way around the community in the winter. If you are exposed to a virus but catch it early, you can nip it in the bud. If used before exposure you can prevent experiencing winter’s typical health challenges.
Fioan-cough syrup Chokecherry -Elderberry Cough Syrup—Chokecherry bark is a strong cough suppressant and along with the immune system–building qualities of the elderberry and a local honey, this syrup delivers a tasty solution to coughs that accompany seasonal illnesses.
fiona-root tincture Brown’s Peony Root Tincture and Salve—Brown’s peony root is a strong pain-relieving herb especially for sore muscles and joints. Activity in cold weather often sends muscles into cramping or soreness. In addition, joints react to those tense muscles by stiffening and sending a painful reminder that the cold season has arrived. Brown’s peony offers nearly instant relief of this pain.
fiona-derma bar Derma Bar Soap—This moisturizing bar is made with a strong tea of wolf lichen, which is specifically helpful for psoriasis and eczema, but it highly recommended for any dry winter skin condition.


Fiona-3Best of health!

Jules Pecson

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WINTER Workshop

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The WINTER Workshop 2017

Cal-LingShifting Chaos & Uncertainty To Self-Empowerment & Wisdom

The Power and impact of Winter is often underestimated as a Season. A Rich Opportunity to rest, re-align your internal compass, andrejuvenate your vision awaits your presence and commitment. It is Conscious Hibernation filled with Potent Possibilities for your Brilliant Success. Welcome Winter!….and invigorate your soul with a retreat that juices your Dreams and Desires to flow like never before ! From the ancient ways of our indigenous ancestors to innovative brainresearch, you will thrive in a expanded space of awareness and community.



A seasonal assessment of your yearly cycle and how to navigate your personal rhythms with Winter as the first part of the Wisdom Cycle. The Medicine Wheel and the circle utilized as sacred geometric shapes for balance, flow and Personal Empowerment.

This segment investigates the power of traditional celebration sites for initiations, prayer and sacred seasonal ceremonies from around the world to yourbackyard.

DIVINE FEMININE and DIVINE MASCULINE Balancing the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within ourselves is one of the biggest challenges that each of us face on a daily level. Becoming an irresistible magnetic presence to accomplish your best work and attract your mostinspired sacred relationships is the direct result of masculine/feminine balance.

COLOR and SOUND for HEALING Consciously using Color as a secret weapon to Empower yourself for phenomenal Success in your everyday living is an ancient healing tool as well as the Science of Sound. Experience the vibratory effects on your health, wealth andrelationships.

STORYTELLING and WISDOM KEEPING The ancient art of Story Telling is a form of Wisdom Keeping and communication through which archetypes are used to share tribal history and spirituality in colorful ways. Storytelling is also a way to view alternate outcomes of the past and project a Pleasurable Future. Become a Scribe of your Personal Truth.

NATURE CONNECTION Your connection with Nature is inextricably interwoven with the cycles of life, the Seasons,the Four Directions, life and death. It is a place to clear your mind of unwanted lingering thoughts and emotions as well as download information from other realms including the winged ones, the four leggeds, the stone people, the little people and the old ones. The Workshop will lead us outside into this fresh arena of


DREAMING THE DREAM Your Dreams are a vehicle for Transformation in Divining past, present and the future. Learning to utilize this skill is a valuable tool to assist in your every day living. You will be introduced to techniques to enhance your Dream Life so that you can Dream into Limitless Living.

CREATIVITY as YOUR INNATE GIFT Creativity is your most effective tool of Transformation. Creativity amplifies your Brilliance, kicks depression to the curb, takes you to a higher level of Self Awareness, instigates new neuro pathways for your brain and gives you untold Pleasures and Personal Success. And it is not entirely what you think !This module is rich with information and experiences to validate your own assessment of your Creativity. Creativity keeps you Whole, Healthy, and Happy. Add Imagination and you are Unstoppable !

THE POWER of YOUR PRESENCE. Enhancing the Power of your Presence through Breath and the Written Word are tools of the sages. Find out how to source your emotional state and heal it through simple exercises that clear your mind quickly with Ease and Grace.

SELF LOVE as the KEY Honoring your BEINGNESS in all of its manifestations including Light and Shadow is one of the easiest and most difficult tasks that humans can accomplish. Your missionis Full of the Duality and Separation that is permeating the world at present, however your calling to this place of Genuine Authenticity is a longing to just Be and in that Beingness there is only Love and Self Love is the crux of your entire life. Our experiences with Self Love will leave you Breathless !

Participating in THE WINTER WORKSHOP will give you the Opportunity to learn to Allow the Successes you deeply Desire, Expand your Energetic Field which in turn Expands the Universal Energetic Field,recognize the Gift of who you are and Receive Peace of Mind.

Begins: Wednesday night – January 18, 2017 6:00 – 8:30pm Six Sessions on Wednesday Nights $297 – payment plan available Special outings may be included.

Call: Cal-Ling 530-354-4339 or email: Limited enrollment so call now !

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Spiritual Activist Radio Donations

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Spiritual Activist Radio Donations

In today’s world of Misinformation and Disinformation we need to be wise and use discernment whenever we read or watch the news. I go to great lengths to fact check anything I talk about or write about so I can bring you the best information possible; not to tell you what to think, but simply to get you to think armed with good solid information with no agenda behind it.

To make this happen I must stay independent of advertisement so your “Tax Free Donations” is what makes that happen. You can get a glimpse of what I’ve been doing on my You Tube Channel (

If you aren’t impressed enough to make a Donation yet, then take a look at the magazine my wife, Dhara, and I have created here in northern CA that is over 12 years old now,

You might also want to check out my Rahasya Uncensored TV segment I have on the Golden Road Television Show where I also do interviews and talks about world and local affairs,

Why do I call the show “Spiritual Activist”?  Because in today’s world we need to start looking at the solutions to our problems from a higher level of consciousness because that’s where the lasting solutions will be found.  That’s the “Spiritual” aspect. But then we need to take action in the world we live in and stop hiding and just hoping things will get better, that’s where the “Activist” aspect comes in. You can visit my Radio Show on BBS Radio here

Spiritual Activist-Donations

If you have any questions I invite you to call me at 530-894-8433

or email me at

Your Donation Will Help To Awaken the
Minds & Hearts of Countless People, Thank you, Rahasya

$10. / $20. / $50. /$100. / or more, it all helps


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Unbroken Commitment

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Yoga Center of Chico

Unbroken Commitment

By Tom Hess

Tom Hess   We at Yoga Center of Chico are celebrating our three-year anniversary this month and we want to thank the people of Chico and the greater Northern Central Valley for supporting us. We are committed to bringing you the best, most consistent yoga teaching that we can.

One of the verses in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali refers to the unbroken commitment that a successful yoga practitioner has to embody to be a viable vehicle for transformation. Well, the same goes for a yoga studio because it has to be a consistent presence for the community, and at the Yoga Center of Chico we are committed to providing that long-term presence in Chico.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is the main philosophical text that serious modern-day yogis use as a guide for their practice. Yoga Center of ChicoThe Yoga Sutras consist of four chapters with 196 short aphorisms that succinctly describe the yoga practice. There are many interpretations of these short aphorisms and they all have a valuable place in the understanding of yoga and its history.

The sutras have only two of the 196 verses that describe the physical yoga practice. The rest of the text has to do with how the mind works, the various states of consciousness that are universal to all, and in the second chapter, the most important part of the sutras, the eight limbs of yoga. The eight limbs are: Yamas, Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi.

  • Yamas are the moral disciplines that a practitioner should have toward the world around us. They are nonharming, not telling lies, not accumulating unnecessary stuff, noncoveting others’ things, and the reservations of energy for spiritual pursuit.
  • Niyamas are the moral disciplines that we have for ourselves. They are cleanliness, contentment, fervor, study, and recognition of a universal consciousness.
  • Asana are the physical postures that clean out the energy of the body and make us lighter and feel better.
  • Pratyahara is the removal of the senses from the outer world and an examination of the inner world.
  • Dharana is the art of meditation on a particular object.
  • Dhyana is the art of meditation on no thoughts at all.
  • Samadhi is the absorption of the consciousness with the object of meditation.

Yoga Center of Chico

These are an example of the pearls of wisdom that the Yoga Sutras has for us to study and follow. The Yoga Sutras also say to us what to expect with a long uninterrupted practice of these disciplines. When these guidelines are followed, they lead to an understanding that the real cause of our suffering as humans is within us and that we have control over how we react to the things that happen to us. So we at the Yoga Center of Chico are devoted to providing you with an opportunity to practice yoga with these guidelines as our principle.


Contact us at 530-342-0100, 250 Vallombrosa, Ste. 150, Chico.


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