Lotus Guide Book Reviews for July 2016

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Adult ADHD: How to Succeed as a Hunter in a Farmer’s World

by Thom Hartmann

ISBN-13: 978-1620555750 (Park Street Press; 3 edition-2016)

I love a book that turns everything I thought I knew upside down. What if we truly are still ‘hunters’ learning to adapt in a ‘farmers’ world? There’s nothing wrong with being the ‘farmer’ because this is what creates and sustains stability. But without innovation and creativity, stability can quickly become stagnation. As hunters we were constantly scanning our environment for food and danger. In today’s world the hunters scan their environment for danger and opportunity and are brave enough to make changes. This book shows very useful steps to turn what we are told are disorders into attributes. An important book for business owners and/or entrepreneur’s.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus GuideBook Reviews

Herbs and Nutrients for Neurologic Disorders: Treatment Strategies for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraine, and Seizures

By Sidney J. Kurn M.D. and Sheryl Shook Ph.D.

ISBN-13: 978-1620555538 (Healing Arts Press-2016)

Even though we have known of the value of herbs and nutrients for years, most allopathic doctors need hard facts…well, here they are, along with modes of treatment. Neurological disorders are traditionally difficult to diagnose and are usually treated with pharmaceutical drugs for lack of knowing what to do. The very first thing a good mechanic asks when you take your car in is “What kind of fuel are you using?” Every treatment center and physician should have this book in their office for reference.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

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Herbs for Healthy Aging: Natural Prescriptions for Vibrant Health

By David Hoffmann FNIMH AHG

ISBN-13: 978-1620552216 (Healing Arts Press; 3 edition-2013)

I’m to an age where I can see that I had better start paying much more attention to my health. There’s no reason to accept things like ‘senior moments’ as being normal, but most people do and that is a dangerous perception. This book is a detailed expose of what to take, when, and what for. We all need to take responsibility for our health and stop depending on outside organizations for their support…it’s not working. Here’s a good test to see if you should buy this book, if someone mentions it in the future or you see it at the bookstore and you forgot all about this review and didn’t buy it…you should have.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

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Mind Wars: A History of Mind Control, Surveillance, and Social Engineering by the Government, Media, and Secret Societies

by Marie D. Jones

ISBN-13: 978-1601633583 (New Page Books-2015)

I know, we dare not call it a conspiracy…but it is, and at the highest levels of our global society. Through the Release of Information Act we know that social engineering has been going on for many years, like MKUltra, directed energy weapons, and many other government projects. But what about now? It’s still going on and has evolved to a level of technology that you won’t believe, and you’re not supposed to. This book even touches on the world government’s involvement in the occult and their rituals as a form of mind control. It’s a Brave New World, and guess what…you’re in it.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

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Weapons of the Gods: How Ancient Alien Civilizations Almost Destroyed the Earth

By Nick Redfern

ISBN-13: 978-1-63265-038-2 (New Page Books, 2016)

Let’s assume for a moment that the Mahabharata, Ramayana, ancient scrolls from almost every continent, hundreds of thousands of Sumerian clay tablets, and for the most part, every indigenous culture on the planet has something to say about our past. I know it’s difficult if you are imprisoned behind cultural filters but step out of the box for a moment. We not only “don’t” learn from our past; we use it for our future directives and marching orders. This is one lesson we cannot afford to let slip by us. All over the planet there are indisputable signs that in our distant past there were many nuclear explosions and they are documented even in the Bible. It’s a sobering account of our history … let’s not repeat it.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

Book Reviews

Zecharia Sitchin and the Extraterrestrial Origins of Humanity

By M. J. Evans, PhD

ISBN-13: 978-1-59143-255-5 (Bear & Company, 2016)

I always try to be respectful of people’s beliefs but when the evidence starts getting so overwhelming that our human origins may be far more complex than we originally thought, it’s time to get brave and open our minds to something pretty amazing. This information doesn’t stop our quest to find God; it takes us to a whole new level of mystery of who we are and why we are here. I highly recommend books such as this to anyone who wants to know the truth more than he or she wants to be right.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

August 10, 2016 |

Lotus Guide Book Reviews for April 2016

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Colloidal Silver: The Natural Antibiotic

By Werner Kühni and Walter von Holst

ISBN-13: 978-1-62055-500-2 (Healing Arts Press, 2016)

The broad-spectrum healing properties of colloidal silver have been known and used for centuries in folk medicine. The authors bring the knowledge into our modern times by presenting the scientific background and evidence of colloidal silver’s effectiveness as well as the chemistry and geology behind it. You’ll learn how it’s made and the many modalities in which colloidal silver can be of significant use. A third of the book is devoted to specific instruction for the treatment of common ailments for humans and other animals. In just 150 pages, this well-researched work will provide all the information you need to make your decision and begin its use.

Pat Basham, Lotus Guide


Imagining the World into Existence: An Ancient Egyptian Manual of Consciousness

By Normandi Ellis

ISBN-13: 978-1-59143-140-4 (Bear & Company, 2012)

It wasn’t until I interviewed John Anthony West that I had the deep realization that direct personal experience is the key to understanding ancient Egypt; Normandi Ellis embodies this tradition with a writing style that leaves you with information and a slight sense of the wonder she experienced. This book made me realize that we are children playing on the shoreline of an ocean of knowledge lying before us and we are only ankle deep. The more I understand the more I realize that we are “imagining the world into existence” moment by moment.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide


Secret Medicines from Your Garden: Plants for Healing, Spirituality, and Magic

By Ellen Evert Hopman

ISBN-13: 978-1-62055-557-6 (Healing Arts Press, 2016)

The art and science of herbal medicine can be daunting. Hopman, from the very first chapter, leads the reader into the sensory world of nature with the approach to identification and medicinal use that the ancients practiced before printed herbal compendiums. With one’s mind and heart thus opened, the breadth of wisdom and information that follows falls on freshly tilled soil. The reader will learn the sacred and the magical traditions of many cultures, wild-crafted and kitchen recipes, a system for prescribing and mixing formulas, scientific tables, resources and sources for further learning, and more. This is my all-time favorite herbalist’s reference. I couldn’t put it down.

Pat Basham, Lotus Guide


The Omniverse: Transdimensional Intelligence, Time Travel, the Afterlife, and the Secret Colony on Mars

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

ISBN-13: 978-1-59143-215-9 (Bear & Company, 2015)

This was almost too much for even me to handle until I talked with people such as Jacque Valle, who told me that after more than 30 years of experience he would say that we are being visited by interdimensional beings, and later I interviewed Frank Jacob, who did the documentary Packing for Mars, in which he documents the Secret Space Program and the “breakaway society.” This book will take you higher on the “peak of perception” than you’ve ever imagined so be prepared for a breathtaking view of reality.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide


There Were Giants upon the Earth

By Zecharia Sitchin

ISBN-13: 978-1-59143-121-3 (Bear & Company, 1st Printing 2010)

This is a masterful recapitulation of his previous books, but with the addition of more recent evidence hidden away in places such as the Natural History Museum in London. Why would “they” hide evidence of an alternative human history? Simple; it will overturn almost every religious “his-story” ever written in the common era. There are large giant skeletal remains and alien DNA waiting to be shown to the world. Zecharia plows through myth and legend like a bulldozer armed with evidence and facts.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide


Treat Concussion, TBI, and PTSD with Vitamins and Antioxidants

By Kedar N. Prasad, PhD

ISBN-13: 978-1-62055-435-7 (Healing Arts Press, 2016)

Traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress affect 9.4 million Americans and carry an estimated annual cost of $20 billion. The good news from Dr. Prasad is that with attention to micronutrients there is hope for real advancement in treatment and recovery. Biochemical dysfunction is the secondary damage caused by brain injury and biochemical defects are responsible for the progression of PTSD. Micronutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants may reduce both the risk and the progression of these brain disorders when medication and counseling have proven unsatisfactory. This is a scientific work made accessible to the nonscientist with an extensive bibliography and nutrition tables and the energy of progress and possibility.

Pat Basham, Lotus Guide

April 15, 2016 |

Not Totally Human

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Conscious Awareness

By Benjamin Hills

These days one must consider that not all of us walking around planet Earth on two legs are completely human. Some think that several races of extraterrestrials have been in residence here for many millennia, but after attending the recent International UFO Congress near Phoenix, Arizona, I have to give more thought to the confluence of galactic DNA that we are now calling alien hybrids. The invasion that humanity is now experiencing is not one of scary ET beings but a more subtle one of off-planet consciousness well developed by thousands of years of evolution that have taken place on planets throughout the universe. Many of these hybrids have committed their lives to teaching the rest of us how to rise above the shortcomings of selfishness on a global scale.galaxy

As the Kepler telescope continues to astound us with frequent discoveries of new planets, open minds are encouraged to look at evidence of emerging new thinking not previously considered. Brilliant astronomers who have identified planets in the “Goldilocks zone” of solar systems light-years away are enough of a miracle, but the people being identified as having alien DNA in their bodies are truly a leap into the future of our species. Pure consciousness does not need a spacecraft to travel vast distances and influence beings such as us. Influences from far-distant places such as Arcturus, Lyra, Sirius, the Pleiades, and even Andromeda are working with the part of our DNA that is mutable. This “junk DNA,” previously not understood in the unraveling of the human genome, may have many functions concerning consciousness not related to the coding of the production of proteins. Some of these hybrids understand very early in life that they have special abilities that other children do not have. I personally know a 46-year-old woman who started talking to her Russian mother in Russian hours after her birth. Her intelligence is a joy to share. Galactic rumor has it that a major upgrade was attempted earlier on Earth but failed. In any case, where we are going is eventually evolving enough that we will be invited to join the Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets (IFSP). Given the state of conflict of our many tribes, we have a long way to go to be accepted.

Progress, however, has been happening in individuals who see the bigger picture of evolution beyond Darwin and have made sharing it with others their life work. Barbara Lamb has taken a brave step with the release of a book called Meet the Hybrids, bringing forth the case studies of eight people self-identified as humans containing DNA from many different ET races. She followed it up with a presentation at the UFO Congress that included six of these people. All of them have a strong sense of their mission to educate us to the possibilities of acting from an expanded group consciousness for the good of everyone on this planet and beyond.

Vanessa LaMorte speaks of her work as a psychic and energy healer, calling herself an ET contact specialist. She helps parents understand their hybrid children and has had experiences with bilocation, remote viewing, and astral projection. She has learned to use modalities such as Reiki, sound healing, and light language, which is a bridge between telepathy and spoken language, to move between states of consciousness while staying in and interpreting through the heart chakra. Of course there are hybrids who are more alien than human, but the acceptance of these more human hybrids makes them far more effective in helping humans understand the concepts of ascension. At this point, I think, we have to trust the intentions of other races in trying to bring us out of the morass of materialistic struggle that is destroying the planet. They believe our warlike ambitions also threaten the rest of the galaxy, especially if we succeed in exporting nuclear weapons.


Barbara Lamb

The origins of a 27-year-old woman living in England named Charmaine D’Rosario-Saytch are explained by her as Reptilian, although her ancestry is described as a mix of Italian, English, Indian, and Jewish. She is gentle and beautiful, with six hybrid children, three of whom live on a military base in the UK. There are four implants in her body, in her nose, arm, hip, and leg. One is to prevent her from shape-shifting and the one in her nose is for tracking. She is not happy about her forced contact with the military. Her mission on Earth is to help integrate hybrids and neutralize the negativity ascribed to Reptilians. Charmaine does nutritional counseling and is also a practictioner of emotional freedom techniques (EFTs).

Jacquelin Smith is one more hybrid I met who deserves mention. Her blended soul arrived through Tall White Zeta parents, and she remembers many sessions aboard starships as a child, learning about love and how to travel with her consciousness. Now at 65 years old, she counsels and teaches, raising the frequencies and consciousness of humankind, partly through telepathic communication with animals. She has recently published a book on that topic called Star Origins and Wisdom of Animals, revealing that she is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, which enables her to track lost animals worldwide by looking at a photo. She has many hybrid children and is part Reptilian. Yes, this all sounds beyond wild so you will just have to read Barbara’s book for details that will make it more real.

This planetary shift is also helped along by abductions, such as the one I was privileged to hear about from a woman who was abducted in 1979 when she was 17 years old. She was given what she said was the answer to the universe, adding that “This was the best thing that ever happened to me.” Space does not allow me to tell her story here but I hope there will be an opportunity in the future. It appears we have much help in our process of ascension into a new reality.

Benjamin Hills—Benjamin Hills Photogenics, Chico, CA,, 530-332-9857

April 14, 2016 |

We Came from the Stars


By Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

Unlike the Aztecs and other indigenous groups in the Americas, the Maya clearly did not regard sky-peoplethe Spaniards as “gods,” according to 88-year-old Maya elder, Bol Pop. In fact, the village leader goes even further to suggest that when the Spaniards first arrived in Mesoamerica, the Maya did not view them as technologically advanced. “We knew technologically advanced civilizations. We came from one. The Spaniards were not superior to us.”

Unverified claims of ancient astronauts in the Americas have been made for decades, most prominently by Erich von Daniken, author of Chariots of the Gods?: Unsolved Mysteries of the Past. Von Daniken proposed that the Maya had neither the intelligence nor the tools to create the massive jungle cities throughout Mesoamerica. Ken Feder, archaeology professor at Central Connecticut State University, scoffed at von Daniken’s theory and suggested there is no evidence that the Maya were visited by, inspired by, or mentored by ancient extraterrestrials.

A Maya elder, who identified himself only as Ramiro disagreed with both von Daniken and Feder. “The old, old stories tell us that the Maya were guided to this land by the Sky People,” the elder said, “but these are not the stories we tell the invaders. The ancient Maya referred to themselves as the children of the Mayab or inhabitants of the Land of the Chosen. . . The invaders [Spaniards] and their priests feared our knowledge about the Universe and our origins. They thought it was evil and rejected it as the work of the Devil. They were such uncivilized men who did not appreciate nor understand an advanced culture like the Maya. . . “According to Ramiro, even today, chants allow the Maya to speak to the Star people. “There are living Maya who can talk to the Sky People, but it is an ancient practice, alive and well in Guatemala and Mexico.” When asked what the Sky People tell them in their communications, Ramiro spoke about sad things that were about to happen to this earth. “They tell us to be ready with our chants and the Sky People will remember us and come for us. We just need to say our chants and they will hear. They say that one day a great volcano will open under the sea and all the land connecting North and South America will drop into the ocean. As the land sinks, all of the people of these countries will not know where to go. There will be only the water, but the Maya will be taken by the Sky People to the heavens.” When asked if the Maya would return to Earth once the destruction was over, Ramiro replied, “Some of us will return, but others will go to another star to begin a new world. This is what the Sky People tell us.”

Yoc, a Guatemalan elder, believes the Maya not only came from the stars, but that humans are not alone in the universe. “There were many different Star People. They come from many different places. Only one group is connected to the Maya. Some of the Star People are from this solar system, but not all. There are 67 solar systems in a confederation and … thousands of space craft visit Earth on any given day. At this moment, there are hundreds of space ships circling the Earth. Our governments do not have the technology to see them.”

Yoc was joined in his assertions by another Maya elder who maintained that the Sky People (aliens) visited Earth and stayed. “My grandfather told me that the Sky People came to Earth and stayed. They did not leave as some of the white men write. But catastrophe struck our great civilizations. We are what remain. We are the survivors. Before you discount us, be warned. All great civilizations collapse whether through war, famine, or a weather event. They all meet their end. Five thousand years from now a scientist may unearth the Statue of Liberty, and speculate that she was the goddess of flame who brought fire to the world. I have seen your Statue of Liberty. I went to New York to the United Nations. You have many gods in New York City that the people will cling to if their world is destroyed, but like the Maya, many survivors will choose not to remember.”

While archaeologists continue to uncover forgotten civilizations hereto unknown; it has been suggested that many civilizations, including the Maya, were terminated by cataclysmic events. It may be that humanity’s origins and history lie in the oral traditions of indigenous people and that we are all space travelers.

©2014 Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, author of Sky People:Untold Stories of Alien Encounters in Mesoamerica published by New Page Books a division of Career Press, Pompton Plains, NJ. EAN: 978-1601633477 List Price: US $17.99

January 10, 2016 |

Being the Change

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Paradise-Article-(1)-copyBy Reverend Andy Torkelson

What do brick-and-mortar spiritual communities have to offer in the early 21st century? If they act the way they did in most of the 20th century, not much. Many of us lived through, experienced, or witnessed their overly bloated sense of entitlement that oozed to the surface through doctrines of judgment and condemnation, abusive practices and teachings, and the abandonment of anything spiritually mystical they refused to understand.

By now, a few things have become obvious to nearly all of humanity: A savior is not coming to redeem our planet, our families, or our lives—we must do that saving for ourselves; spiritual secrets are all out of the bag—old dusty chambers filled with forbidden scrolls are all on the Internet; and the time of “them and us” is over—global economics and interaction are quickly bringing to fruition the spiritually rich concept of oneness.

The word “church”—with all that it once implied: a cloaked pastor, on high, laying down the law to robotic followers—is as dusty and dead as those forbidden chambers.

But do we live in a time when the value of coming together, spiritually, is irrelevant? The fact is that as humans—and primates, we’re “best” when we do come together—face-to-face, to work together, love together, and yes, engage in spiritual practice together.

Why? Because, as many Eastern spiritual teachers have observed, we who live in the West are fairly unhappy—destructive issues around compulsive behavior, family systems that are unhealthy, high rates of suicide, even higher rates of incredible loneliness, alcoholism, drug addiction, ramped consumerism, unsustainable economic systems, a collapsing health-care system, and the overprescribing of mood-altering pharmaceuticals.

In a day and age in which information is literally a click away, and we’re very much awash in data, do we have “wisdom”? “Wisdom”—spiritual wisdom, or “meaning,” as many of the great mystical teachers and masters such as Lao Tzu, Buddha, Jesus, Seattle, Swedenborg, Emerson, Gandhi, or Martin Luther King would tell us—is something that community, spiritual community, can very much assist us in cultivating.

Coming together with others, not to be told what to believe, but rather to find our own spiritual truths—the personal religion of us, if you will, through the distillation of profound conversations, questions, inquiry, meaningful spiritual and mystical practices—can take us beyond our myopic ideas, and season raw spiritual teachings with different voices, experiences, and realizations.

Our planet is calling out to be reclaimed, our children are calling out to be reclaimed, our institutions are calling out to be reclaimed, our self-worth is calling out to be reclaimed, our physical and emotional health is calling out to be reclaimed—in compassionate, humanly empowered ways that bring forward individual and collective dignity.

About 70 years ago the Center for Spiritual Living, in Paradise, was in its infancy. And 65 years ago it began life as the Paradise Church of Religious Science. Metaphysics, which is what its philosophy has always been, is a teaching that, simply put, says: “Our world is of our making—right or wrong, good or bad, up or down. And we can always create a better place; we can always create healing. We can always create change.”

When asked what we are today: a “center”? I respond that we’re a metaphysical teacher center, a place that advocates, teaches, studies, discusses, practices the spiritual art of creation: the creation of sustainability, personal responsibility, evolutionary and transformative thinking, healthy living, and personal spiritual expression.

Our movement looks long and hard at the old question of giving fish away or teaching one how to fish. And our conclusion is that learning how to fish is amazingly powerful.

What’s going to change our world’s challenges? It will be when we all learn how to act, vote, engage, work, play, create, love, speak, and live in sustainably, personally empowered ways.

Our “church” of 65 years ago, founded by a group of metaphysicians, would not be relevant today. But the principles they explored still are. They just have to show up in a different modality. And knowing that, we, like any other serious spiritual teaching, engage, every day, in what it takes to be part of a relevant spiritual landscape.

The challenge of doing brick-and-mortar community spiritual practice today is as ever-changing as the issues we face, which are coming fast and furious. But spiritual truth can handle them, as long as we’re willing to rely on each other to expand their meanings through each other.

If we can allow ourselves to see the pure potentials hidden within the challenges of this young century, spiritual exploration is an exciting undertaking.

January 10, 2016 |

Media Reviews for Oct-Nov-Dec 2015

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Media Reviews for Oct-Nov-Dec 2015

The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy, and Weight Loss

By Marc David

ISBN-13: 978-1-62055-508-8 (Healing Arts Press, 2015)

We’ve all been there: Eat less, exercise more, and I will lose weight. It doesn’t take long to figure out that without proper nourishment you will lose more than weight. It was Chapter/Week 5 when I started understanding what Marc David was actually getting at when he explains how the metabolic process is directly affected by our emotions, specifically pleasure. That, along with the awareness of simply breathing while I eat, has made a noticeable improvement in my health. In today’s world with the degradation of our food supply, it is even more important to pay attention to this information and our emotional relationship with what we eat. This book marks the 10th anniversary of his first book and it’s even better.

Dhara Lemos, Lotus Guide

The Power of the Herd: A Nonpredatory Approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership, and Innovation

By Linda Kohanov

ISBN-13: 978-1-60868-371-0 (New World Library, 2015)

We have an unmistakable and undeniable failure in our power structures and how and why we choose our leaders. Let’s face it; most of today’s leaders are egocentric predators who have clawed their way to the top. Our leaders have lost their personal connection with society, making social bonding all but impossible. To follow the natural principles of the herd that have obviously been working for millennia seems a logical step for a civilization to take if it wants to continue. It’s definitely a step into higher consciousness where the solutions to today’s problems will be found. Do you want to be a leader? Start here …

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

Mind over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself

By Lissa Rankin, MD

ISBN-13: 978-1-40193-999-1 (Hay House, 2014)

Imagine Dr. Lissa Rankin’s surprise when she saw this startling pattern in many of her patients: Those who were wealthy and practicing good health habits—green juices, yoga, meditation—were inexplicably very ill. However, patients who ate doughnuts, smoked cigarettes, and drank alcohol were quite healthy. Dr. Rankin herself was on seven prescription medications at age 33. The traditional equation of diet + exercise = health wasn’t working. These paradoxical results led Dr. Rankin to a two-year sabbatical from medicine. She had one question: “What do you need to heal yourself?” The results? Whole Health Medicine,” a radical new approach to health care that merges spirituality and science. Mind over Medicine describes the principles of Whole Health Medicine, addressing life situations that cause stress and poor health. Dr. Rankin now trains practitioners and may revolutionize health care.

Mark Light, MD, Lotus Guide

BlindSpots: 21 Good Reasons to Think before You Talk

By Christian de Quincey

ISBN-13: 978-1-62055-446-3 (Park Street Press, 2015)

We’ve all done it—we heard something someone said and it matched with our beliefs so it must be true. Being the publisher of a magazine, I hold myself to a higher standard and have learned to question popular assertions that run rampant in today’s world. Reading this book brought to the surface many of the core assumptions we have blindly accepted through the years. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard two people arguing over who is right, and they were both wrong because they were basing their arguments on faulty suppositions. This can create a dangerous situation in a civilization with advanced technology. The timing for a book such as this has never been more essential than it is right now in our world.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

Astrology in Ancient Mesopotamia: The Science of Omens and the Knowledge of the Heavens

By Michael Baigent

ISBN-13: 978-1-59143-221-0 (Bear & Company, 2015)

Anyone who has read Michael Baigent’s book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, already knows the academic scholarship he brings to the table. History has been, and still is for most people, a story that’s been force-fed to us by religion and state and very few realize that most of it is deceptive and misleading. Archaeology is finally finding its way by looking at the facts, not at ideas and beliefs that have traditionally funneled our thinking. I thought I knew something about astrology, but it turns out that most of what I’ve been told was based on partial truths passed down through the centuries. This is another academic milestone.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda (DVD)

ASIN: B012BUQQ4K (Alive Mind, 2015)

Paramahansa Yogananda’s life-changing Autobiography of a Yogi was given to me at the age of 17 and my life forever changed. Religion expanded into a rich inner exploration filled with profound possibilities and the quickening of spirit. Yogananda’s message for me was inclusive, fresh, and expansive, allowing me to experience what had previously been only a matter of faith. Now, more than 50 years after its publication, the message is just as relevant. Apparently, it was the only book on Steve Jobs’s iPad; has sold more than 4 million copies; and foreshadowed recent discoveries in neuroscience. AWAKE is a visual celebration of the relevance of these profound spiritual teachings for our times.

Pat Basham, Lotus Guide

September 28, 2015 |

Holographic Universe

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This page is to help those of you who read my article in the Oct/Nov/Dec issue of Lotus Guide (you can read it at the bottom of this page) about living in a Holographic and Parallel Universe as well as opening up doors to other dimensions and need more information.  I think you will find this an interesting and all together possible explanation to answer the question, “What is reality?” Enjoy…or not 🙂

Holographic Universe Part One

Holographic Universe Part Two


Is the Univers A Hologram?


A Thin Sheet Of Reality


When it comes to the Large Hadron Collider at C.E.R.N. I think it’s best if you do your own research on this because it gets into more conspiracy and religion information than I feel comfortable being responsible for. My own feelings about this is that we will not blow up the planet like some conspiracy theorists are proclaiming, although some scientists like Neil deGrasse and Steven Hawking have some serious reservations about this.

Go to You Tube and use extreme discernment and use these keywords:

cern, september 2015, stargate

~We must be vigilant through these times and always process and dissolve fear~

Rahasya Poe

This is the statue of Shiva, the Goddess of Creation and Destruction which is located outside the C.E.R.N. Headquarters…and their Logo… should we be conCERNed, you be the judge. It’s not my job to tell you what to think…it’s my job to get you “to think.”





Are We Living in a Hologram That Is One of Many Parallel Universes?

I know how absurd the idea of “Living in a Hologram” must sound to some of us but life itself is absurdly strange beyond imagination. Francis Crick, the Nobel Prize–winning biologist who discovered the molecular structure of DNA along with James Watson, is well known for his theory on Directed Panspermia. Panspermia is the theory that life came here from somewhere else, more than likely on comets, because for life to evolve here there simply was not enough time. Life arose rather suddenly and for atoms and molecules to randomly come together to make life as we know it would take many billions, possibly trillions, of years.

            So to at least entertain the idea that we are living in a holographic projection isn’t that far out there compared to what we think now. Of course we can always fall back on “life” being the creation of God, which of course is also totally possible, and also just as amazing because of the next question, “Where did God come from?” But we live in a world of wonder that science is continually delving deeper into.

            For it to be a possibility that we are living in a holographic projection, it would take a civilization that was billions of years older than what we perceive the universe to be because it would take supercomputers far beyond our present comprehension. But consider this: If you take in Moore’s Law, which basically says that computers double in power every two years, the fastest supercomputer we have is at NASA and it’s cranking away at twice the speed of human thought. Inside of a decade we will have computers that can compute an entire human lifetime of 80 years with every thought conceived during that lifetime in one month. This means, using Moore’s Law, that two years later it would compute a lifetime in two weeks, then one week, then four days, then two days, and so on. It’s easy to see that a civilization with a few billion years of technological evolution would have computing power far beyond our wildest imaginations.

            So, if Directed Panspermia is true, that means life is spread throughout the universe by an intelligent civilization sending the building blocks of DNA out into the far reaches of space to propagate its species, which in this case is us. This means we have a tremendous responsibility to maintain this by surviving long enough to do the same. But what if it’s a fantastic computerized hologram we find ourselves in and we have become self-aware within it? Imagine the implications of developing technology advanced enough to digitize ourselves and enter into the matrix and merge with the creative conscious mind that developed this reality.

            These are not just random thoughts generated by people sitting around getting high, either. Consider Nick Bostrom, professor of philosophy at Oxford University and the director of the Future of Humanity Institute. He offers the theory that we may be a holographic program generated by supercomputers created by an alien species. No, I’m not making this up. Many scientists are getting behind this theory because it’s the only thing so far that explains things such as: Why is it that when we look at an atom during a “Double Slit” experiment that the act of “looking” changes the way the atom expresses itself? Why is it that life manifests according to exact mathematical equations and geometry? And are we not building virtual realities, even now, that people enter into with their minds and have avatars that we become identified with? We are already starting down that path, so imagine us in a million years, a billion years. Do you think we will be content to ride on spacecraft to other planets? No, we will want to build virtual worlds and … (I invite you to follow this thought and watch the videos on the website at the end of this article).

But let’s ease down the rabbit hole a bit farther. Even as I write this, the hadron collider at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) is peering deep into the atom looking for the “God Particle” and attempting to open a portal to another dimension or parallel universe. When you start listening to what some of the most intelligent people on the planet are saying, the possibility of living in a hologram really doesn’t seem that far-fetched. But reality may get much stranger when CERN fires up its hadron collider and cranks the electron volts up to 9.5 TeV to look for black holes in the sixth dimension and 11.9 TeV in the 10th dimension (one TeV = 1,000,000,000,000, or 1 trillion, electron volts). This is more than twice as much energy as in 2012 when it was rumored that researchers immediately shut it down when they saw something very unsettling. What they saw gets into far too much conspiracy theory but the research did come to a halt.

As a curiosity let’s look at what Sergio Bertolucci, the director of Research and Scientific Computing at CERN, had to say about CERN’s experiment that was set for September 2015: “Something may come through dimensional ‘doors’ at LHC.” And “Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it.” Steven Hawking has serious doubts as to the safety of these experiments as does Neil deGrasse, the well-known astrophysicist. Will these experiments destroy the planet as some say it will? I think it’s safe to say “No.” Otherwise you would not be reading this right now. Will it open a door to another parallel universe as the scientists are hoping for? I would have to say, “Probably.” One thing is for sure beyond any doubt; when you put more energy into something than the energy it takes to hold it together, it will explode. So the question is: Will that explosion be controlled and limited to that quantum space?

But let’s come back to our everyday reality for a moment and ask this: “What will the powers that be do with this new information once they are able to control it?” My concern is that they will do what they have always done, whether it was the discovery of black powder that was originally used for fireworks or the splitting of the atom at Los Alamos, which was to weaponize it for the military. The truth is, we will never be told what the real results are from these experiments, and we will need to put a lot of pressure on the political process to find out and it will take years.

Science has reached past the limits of what we call matter and energy and is now knocking at the door of spirit and conscious energy. This could be one of the most exciting steps into the unknown ever attempted to find out who we are and where we came from and how everything came to be … or, it could be something else, something unimaginable. I guess we will have to wait and see.

One last thought to ponder: What is a hologram? Is it not Light? From the Bhagavad-Gita to Genesis it was and still is thought that “In the beginning was Light,” so maybe science and religion are talking about the same thing and the difference is the evolution of consciousness and technology and the intellect to better describe it.


For more in-depth information and to hear what some of the most intelligent people on the planet have to say about the holographic universe and what’s happening at CERN, visit


September 13, 2015 |

E SQUARED: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

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By Pam Grout

ISBN-13: 978-1-40193-890-1 (Hay House, 2013)

As a scientist who has moved into spiritual work, I am a big fan of anyone who can seamlessly bridge these worlds and Pam Grout is a master! She provides nine simple scientific experiments in E Squared to test spiritual principles and prove that what we focus on gets amplified in our lives. When I conducted these experiments for myself, I was astounded at how well they worked and how miracles started showing up in my life. If you wonder why the Law of Attraction doesn’t seem to work for you, you will definitely want to refine your methods with Pam’s wisdom and guidance.

Cara Gubbins, PhD, A Spiritual Tail

May 9, 2015 |
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