Lotus Guide Book Reviews for July 2016

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There are over 60,000 books published every yearso let us save you some timeAdult ADHD: How to Succeed as a Hunter in a Farmer's Worldby Thom HartmannISBN-13: 978-1620555750 (Park Street Press; 3 edition-2016)I love a book that turns everything I thought I knew upside down. What if we truly are still ‘hunters’ learning to adapt in a ‘farmers’ world? There’s nothing wrong with being the ‘farmer’ because this is what creates and sustains stability. But without innovation and creativity, stability can quickly become stagnation. As hunters we were constantly scanning our environment for food and danger. In today’s world the hunters scan their environment for danger and opportunity Read more [...]

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Lotus Guide Book Reviews for April 2016

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Colloidal Silver: The Natural AntibioticBy Werner Kühni and Walter von HolstISBN-13: 978-1-62055-500-2 (Healing Arts Press, 2016)The broad-spectrum healing properties of colloidal silver have been known and used for centuries in folk medicine. The authors bring the knowledge into our modern times by presenting the scientific background and evidence of colloidal silver’s effectiveness as well as the chemistry and geology behind it. You’ll learn how it’s made and the many modalities in which colloidal silver can be of significant use. A third of the book is devoted to specific instruction for the treatment of common ailments for humans and other animals. In just 150 pages, this well-researched Read more [...]

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Not Totally Human

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Conscious Awareness By Benjamin HillsThese days one must consider that not all of us walking around planet Earth on two legs are completely human. Some think that several races of extraterrestrials have been in residence here for many millennia, but after attending the recent International UFO Congress near Phoenix, Arizona, I have to give more thought to the confluence of galactic DNA that we are now calling alien hybrids. The invasion that humanity is now experiencing is not one of scary ET beings but a more subtle one of off-planet consciousness well developed by thousands of years of evolution that have taken place on planets throughout the universe. Many of these hybrids have committed their lives to teaching Read more [...]

April 14, 2016 |

We Came from the Stars

By Dr. Ardy Sixkiller ClarkeUnlike the Aztecs and other indigenous groups in the Americas, the Maya clearly did not regard the Spaniards as “gods,” according to 88-year-old Maya elder, Bol Pop. In fact, the village leader goes even further to suggest that when the Spaniards first arrived in Mesoamerica, the Maya did not view them as technologically advanced. “We knew technologically advanced civilizations. We came from one. The Spaniards were not superior to us.”Unverified claims of ancient astronauts in the Americas have been made for decades, most prominently by Erich von Daniken, author of Chariots of the Gods?: Unsolved Mysteries of the Past. Von Daniken proposed that the Maya had Read more [...]

January 10, 2016 |

Being the Change

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By Reverend Andy TorkelsonWhat do brick-and-mortar spiritual communities have to offer in the early 21st century? If they act the way they did in most of the 20th century, not much. Many of us lived through, experienced, or witnessed their overly bloated sense of entitlement that oozed to the surface through doctrines of judgment and condemnation, abusive practices and teachings, and the abandonment of anything spiritually mystical they refused to understand.By now, a few things have become obvious to nearly all of humanity: A savior is not coming to redeem our planet, our families, or our lives—we must do that saving for ourselves; spiritual secrets are all out of the bag—old dusty chambers Read more [...]

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Media Reviews for Oct-Nov-Dec 2015

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Media Reviews for Oct-Nov-Dec 2015The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy, and Weight LossBy Marc DavidISBN-13: 978-1-62055-508-8 (Healing Arts Press, 2015)We’ve all been there: Eat less, exercise more, and I will lose weight. It doesn’t take long to figure out that without proper nourishment you will lose more than weight. It was Chapter/Week 5 when I started understanding what Marc David was actually getting at when he explains how the metabolic process is directly affected by our emotions, specifically pleasure. That, along with the awareness of simply breathing while I eat, has made a noticeable improvement in my health. In today’s world with the degradation of our food supply, Read more [...]

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Holographic Universe

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This page is to help those of you who read my article in the Oct/Nov/Dec issue of Lotus Guide (you can read it at the bottom of this page) about living in a Holographic and Parallel Universe as well as opening up doors to other dimensions and need more information.  I think you will find this an interesting and all together possible explanation to answer the question, "What is reality?" Enjoy...or not :)Holographic Universe Part OneHolographic Universe Part Two Is the Univers A Hologram? A Thin Sheet Of Reality When it comes to the Large Hadron Collider at C.E.R.N. I think it's best if you do your own research on this because it gets into more conspiracy and religion information than I feel Read more [...]

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E SQUARED: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

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By Pam GroutISBN-13: 978-1-40193-890-1 (Hay House, 2013)As a scientist who has moved into spiritual work, I am a big fan of anyone who can seamlessly bridge these worlds and Pam Grout is a master! She provides nine simple scientific experiments in E Squared to test spiritual principles and prove that what we focus on gets amplified in our lives. When I conducted these experiments for myself, I was astounded at how well they worked and how miracles started showing up in my life. If you wonder why the Law of Attraction doesn’t seem to work for you, you will definitely want to refine your methods with Pam’s wisdom and guidance.Cara Gubbins, PhD, A Spiritual Tail Read more [...]

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