Standing Rock and the Dakota Access Pipeline

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Justice at Standing Rock

By Rahasya Poe

Lotus Guide-Jan-Feb-Mar-2017   It’s not necessarily because I’m 25 percent Cherokee, or even that it’s the right thing to do, which it is, that I’m throwing in my two cents on this issue. I was thinking of writing this article anyway, but it was confirmed when I started reading what traditional news media was saying. An example is CNN. Here’s one of its reasons that the protest should be abandoned: It interviewed Robert “Fool” Bear, who lives in a nearby town called Cannon Ball, where some of the inhabitants (840 population) sometimes have to drive 40 miles out of their way because of the protests. He said this at the same time he said, “It irks me. People are here from all over the world; if they could come from other planets, I think they would.” they also said that Robert Fool said, “The presence of all [these] people has become a downright nuisance to his community.”

            CNN goes on to say that Robert Fool also said, “If he [Dave Archambault II, the Standing Rock Sioux chairman] had any balls, he’d tell [the protesters] to go home.” And then CNN validated this by saying that Bear is not alone in feeling this way: “Two women who listen in as he talks keep nodding in agreement, but they don’t want to speak.” As further proof, they said a man who lives 10 miles away and who doesn’t want to be named actually looks forward to the pipeline. Then there’s Carl Bruce, a Standing Rock Sioux who said, “The pipeline doesn’t matter. If it breaks, I’ll just work around it.” Carl goes on to say that if a break did occur, “Oh hell, I can move north of the break and get my water overJustice at Standing Rock there.” [1]

            I’m sure that there are mixed feelings about this situation but as always, we are not getting a “fair and balanced” report here. Ask yourself this: “Would you want 470,000 barrels of crude oil a day to flow through your main drinking water supply in pipelines that are known to leak after a few years or less?”

            Books could be written on the misinformation, disinformation, and the deception going on but let’s take this in another direction called reality. How much crude oil is in the Bakken shale oil fields? Continental Resources President Rick Bott told the IHS CERA Week energy summit in Houston (2014) that the Bakken holds nearly a 900 billion–barrel potential but when that fact was questioned later by a senior petroleum analyst, Gregg Laskoski, it turned out to be 32 billion barrels of oil. Then there’s the U.S. Geological Survey, which calls it “the largest continuous oil accumulation it has ever assessed.” [2]

        Defend the Sacred at Standing Rock    The estimate of how much oil there is ranges from 7.4 billion barrels to 900 billion barrels. Are you confused yet? Let’s “follow the money.” The pipeline is going to cost $3.7 billion and whenever we start talking about investments this large, we always need to question it because greed can always become a factor. Of course proponents say that it will generate $55 million a year for schools, roads, and so on. But I think we can all remember how we were told that our education problems would be solved by allowing casinos to operate in California a few years ago … where is that money? The statistics sound pretty good, although they are very vague and confusing. [3]Standing Rock Blizzard

            When I started doing research for this article, it’s true, there’s a lot of ‘fake news’ out there along with our traditional news media that simply aren’t doing their jobs according to most public opinion polls. So what can we do when nothing makes sense and you can’t trust what you are being told? I can only say what I do and it’s what all of us can do; we all know what is right and what is wrong. That’s really not the problem if we have the facts; the problem is doing the right thing without regard to the bottom line or personal comfort. I know a few things for sure:

Standing Rock Sacred Ground

  • We should be spending money on alternative renewable energy sources.
  • Everyone has the right to protect his or her land, water, and air.
  • Future generations are just as important as this generation.
  • The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society.—JFK
  • Everyone needs to stay away from polarized opinions and be better informed.
  • We all need to push to get our news media to start doing investigative journalism again.

 Standing Rock Stand-off

I am sorry if you think I haven’t given you a clear answer on this but in today’s world clear answers are difficult to come by, which is why we sometimes need to follow our hearts. It is good to know that the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers denied the easement over the lake in December 2016. One last thought: If we let the “powers that be” trample yet once again on Native Americans’ rights, we need to consider more than the immorality of it and how it looks to the rest of the world. We need to take very seriously the question: “Who’s next?” The onlything that really put a temporary halt to this was when over 4,000 veterans showed up as a human shield to protect the protestors. This is not over, which is why we are still putting attention on this.






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Power vs. Force—What’s the Difference?

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Extraterrestrial ambassador

Power vs. Force—What’s the Difference?

By Rahasya Poe

Rahasya Uncensored

OK … those of you who have been reading my articles in the past few issues know that I’ve touched on everything from the misinformation and disinformation being pumped out by corporate think tanks, and government conspiracies, ancient prophecies, and even UFOs and extraterrestrials, all of which have a mountain of supporting evidence. But now it’s time to take things to another level and I will attempt to keep our feet on the ground so those of you who are not necessarily in the “choir” will be able to digest this information. But you need to know the difference between Power and Force.

            So before I get into this, I need to create a firm foundation to stand on because we will be looking at a world that is multidimensional and very complex. In David Hawkins’ book, Power vs. Force, he equates “Force” as something we have used throughout history as competition, manipulation, violence, control, and coercion. As we look at our world, we can see clearly that this has been the normal way of life, especially in politics. Most of our presidents, emperors, dictators, and yes, our priests and religious leaders, have all used this type of energy. They also wrote our history books to cover this up and burned anything that pulled back the curtain.

            However, through time, we, or most of us, have evolved and are stepping into our “Power,” which is … everywhere; we live in it, breathe it, and we are “it.” The tools we use when we are in our power are cooperation, empathy, reason, tolerance, understanding, and love. This is why young adults and kids have such a tough time with the 12-step program and specifically the first step, in which you have to give away all your power. They have evolved and are coming in on frequencies that demand that they step into their power so they can change the world by changing and evolving themselves. (Read The 12 Spiritual Laws of Recovery & Meditations for the 12 Step Program by Rahasya Poe & Dhara Lemos.)

            So you might be saying, “But how can things like compassion and love [power] stand up against competition and treachery [force] and the hardened foundations of our world?” Think on this, and observe what happens time and time again when power, for example a hurricane, meets up with all the technology and force we can throw at it through the inferior efforts of humanity. Nature will always have the last word … or laugh.

            At this point you are probably thinking, “But wait a minute, look at the world’s military, the corporate media, and politics … aren’t they in control?” It may appear that way but look more closely. While we are standing up to things such as GMO foods, climate engineering, mandatory vaccinations and political corruption with our admittedly sometimes-feeble attempts to change things, there are forces far beyond this planetary realm working from the top down.

            Do you think it’s just a coincidence that we have suddenly developed a way to communicate, the Internet, that’s notPolitical Scandals dependent on traditional media? Don’t you think it’s strange that we have politicians who are falling apart mentally and physically and being exposed on every level as sociopaths and criminals? And for centuries the “forceful” people in charge have been able to hide their pedophiliac needs for young children, but their dark world cannot exist when exposed to the light of consciousness and love from not only within us, but from far beyond us.



Deep Underground Military Bases


Some of you who know me are probably smiling because you know where I’m going with this, but for those who are wondering … fasten your seat belts.



And this is how they do it-7 Miles Per Day


Do you know that we are almost $90 trillion in debt and that most of that debt is unaccounted for and lost in black ops and operations such as D.U.M.B. (deep underground military bases) and the “not-so-” secret space programs? It’s been statements by arrogant “forceful” people such as Alan Greenspan that have global financial institutions on the verge of collapse. He told Congress, “The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that. So there is zero possibility of default. Don’t they realize the world is listening?


I thought about the core tools we EHMs (economic hit men) used in my day: false economics that included distorted financial analyses, inflated projections, and rigged accounting books; secrecy, deception, threats, bribes, and extortion; false promises that we never intended to honor; and enslavement through debt and fear. These same tools are used today.”

—John Perkins, The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man


Where's the Money?Then we have people such as Catherine Austin Fitts, a former Wall Street banker and former assistant secretary of Housing and Federal Housing commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration, who has come to the conclusion that the global debt may very well be owned by off-planet entities who operate planet Earth as a real estate investment and use that debt to control our destiny.


“Let me bring it down to some of the important questions you have to ask if you ask the question, ‘Is this an open or closed economy.’ I got great statistics on who would issue debt, but for the life of me I couldn’t get great statistics on who owned it. I don’t know who owns it. I know they control. And they control through the debt because that’s how you control a company [nations] in invisible ways, by controlling through the debt. Who owns the debt? Is it humans, or is it somebody else?”

~Catherine Austin Fitts

Catherine Austin Fitts also brings up an important and interesting point; if no human being on the planet can be shown to own the debt and it is the root cause of war and suffering to almost every human being on this planet, one has to ask, If all it would take is a couple of key strokes to zero this debt out, who among “us” would not do this?

I’ve talked with people who were ministers of defense, congressmen, and high-ranking military personnel and they all say the same thing: The people we think are in control are nothing more than puppets. I know how this sounds and believe me, I have second thoughts writing about things such as this every time I do, but if we don’t start opening up to the idea that we are not alone I fear the wake-up call might be too much for many of us to handle. Put it this way: I have talked with and interviewed many skeptics on this subject only to find out that they have never looked at the evidence. Through the years I have watched those same skeptics become totally involved in the movement to disclose.

Extraterrestrial ambassadorMost people simply do not realize how serious almost every country on this planet is when it comes to this subject. The United Nations has already appointed astrophysicist Mazlan Othman as the official Earth Ambassador for contact with aliens, her official title is “Extraterrestrial Ambassador.”

This subject obviously goes far beyond the scope of this article so I would like to implore you to do some research on your own because when you do, you will see a much deeper meaning under the headlines than most people see and it starts to make a little more sense. And stop buying into the force that we traditionally use and that is used against us, and step into the power that surrounds us, above and below, and be part of something amazing that is happening, a very sacred reality emerging as a new era of human conscious evolution. We. Are. Not. Alone. So the question becomes, “What do they want and why are they here?” The answer to this question will determine the future of the human race.


You can watch many of my interviews with people in high and strange places who decided it’s time to speak out and let the public decide their future based on more complete information on the subjects mentioned above.

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The 12 Spiritual Laws of Recovery

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War on Drigs

The 12 Spiritual Laws of Recovery and

Meditations for The 12-Step Program

  By Rahasya Poe


  Every once in a while I feel compelled to reach out and connect with what I see as the fastest-growing segment of our population. Drugs and Soldiers1Now I have to admit, it would be very easy at this point to get into how other countries, such as Portugal for instance, have decriminalized drug use and have substantially fewer violent crimes associated with drugs and far less usage … but then again they don’t have a billion-dollar prison industry to support like we do and pharmaceutical companies putting millions into the pockets of their politicians, but this is a subject for another time. This is a spiritual crisis.

Drugs and Soldiers(I really need to add something here; the underlying cause of a lot of addiction is the fact that it’s actually being supported by our government. For instance, our soldiers are guarding the poppy fields in Afganistan (Over 93% of the worlds heroine comes from Afganistan, who do you think is making all that money?) as you read this. many people know this but never really think about the fact that if we are guarding it, who do you think is smuggling the heroine into our country? And if we are smuggling it in, as we were doing all the way back to Viet Nam war days and the drug cartel/CIA days, then we are also setting up distribution chains for the drugs to hit the streets. No one wants to admit that their government is doing such things, but this little fact should help…it’s not our government and hasn’t been for many years. It belongs to secret organizations and breakaway aspects of the CIA, the FBI, FDA, CDC, NSA and almost every international corporation and banking cartel there is. You may be asking, “Isn’t this a harsh indictment?” My answer is no, actually the truth gets far worse. If we want Justice we must learn to respell it because it should be spelled “Just-Us.” Did I mention that YOU are paying for this?)

            And believe it or not, this article isn’t about the millions of people on drugs, legal and illegal, who are suffering all over the world and who are in the grip of a system that is dysfunctional, to say the least. This is about stepping back and taking a realistic look at “why” we go down this path in the first place, because the answer to this question is also the answer to “how” we stop going down that path (this statement is at the heart of this article so remember it). I think most anyone who gives this subject some honest thought has wondered why some substances that are relatively harmless with no lasting side effects are illegal while others, such as alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, and tobacco, are legal and actually drive a lot of our political machinery. It becomes obvious that the laws are not meant to protect us; they are meant for something else entirely with respect to drug use. This too is a subject for another time.

         Conscious Awareness   Now we are getting close to the “why” in relation to drug use. The answer seems to have been lost in the legal system with a barrage of disinformation and misinformation. Meanwhile, we have millions of people, young and old, who are suffering while the rest of us stand back and legislate laws, judge, and separate ourselves from one basic truth: Human beings are adventurous souls and we should have the right to explore our own consciousness as long as we are not harming another person. I think we all intuitively know this and as adventurous souls we explore the most amazing thing in the known universe … our conscious awareness.


Drugs & The Heart of the Matter-Consciousness

So here we are at the heart of the matter, consciousness. A number of years ago I wrote a book along with my wife, Dhara, specifically for young people. I was a drug counselor for adolescents going through drug recovery in San Diego. As a house manager, I had some freedom to really get to know the boys coming through the program and in the beginning it was my plan to impart all of my knowledge and wisdom to them. Well, I quickly learned that it was I who was being taught. Asking these kids why they took drugs was like asking a fish what it felt like to be wet; in the world they grew up in, they had no normal frame of reference to compare their lives to.

The Final STEP-Freedom

It was no surprise that they weren’t resonating with the 12-step program, a program that was created back in the ’30s for alcoholics hanging on to the last remnants of reality. I remember Ram Dass saying that he worked with the program for many years and noticed one big problem: There was no way out. Even John Bradshaw, a well-known supporter of the 12-step program, said that after almost 30 years of being in it, he had to admit that the greatest value was as a resocialization step for addicts wanting to get back in society but that it was unfortunate that there was no final step to exit the program. I will always remember this young kid in the recovery program who was sitting with the other five kids I had taken to a 12-step meeting one evening. He was quietly listening to Joe: “Hello, my name is Joe. I’m an alcoholic; I’ve been sober for 22 years, three months, two weeks, and one day.” It was at that point that the kid stood up and screamed and ran out. I followed him out and asked him, “What’s wrong?” He said, “If this is what I need to do for the next 22 years to stay clean I can tell you right now … it’s not me!” The next day in group we all talked about it and I found that every kid who came through the program sincerely felt the same way.

12 steps


What was the biggest complaint? The first step: “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol/drugs and that our lives had become unmanageable.” I know a lot of you 12-steppers are going to go crazy right about now, but hear me out. The reason our lives became unmanageable in the first place was because we “gave” our power away to drugs and/or alcohol. As a society we have been indoctrinated into giving our power away to local and world leaders, churches, schools, doctors, institutions, governments, you name it. But something amazing has been happening right under our noses and most of us, especially the older generations, have missed it. An awakening is happening and with that comes the power to change things, including our lives.


The Big Difference Between ‘Fault’ & ‘Problem’

Something else I noticed in almost every client who came through the program was the tendency to “blame” and place fault on the world around them, which made sense because everyone from the parents to the courts was blaming them. It was easy to get them going in the “blame game” in group sessions; I would let them get all worked up and at the height of the conversation I would ask them a question, “OK, settle down for a second and let me ask you something. If I made all of you take off your clothes and shoes, tied you up, threw you in the van, and took you out in the desert 500 miles from nowhere with no water or food and kicked you out of the van and drove off, whose fault is it that you are there?” Of course there was an immediate response, “It’s not our fault, it’s your ‘!@#*ing’ fault, Rahasya.” Then I would quietly sit back and ask the next question, “Yes, it is my fault … but whose problem is it?” The whole room would get quiet and they would “always” look at each other for group coherence and say, “It’s our problem.” This is why asking them to give their power away to what they see as the very system that put them in this position is completely out of the question, but getting them to realize they have a problem and take responsibility for it is within the realm of possibility.

Just a Different Form of Slavery

For years I experimented with all sorts of drugs and it was a long, strange trip indeed. When it came time to quit, I realized that giving away what power I had left was not an option for me, so I embraced my addiction as a transformative tool and it was ultimately a meditation that I learned that brought me out of it and showed me another aspect of consciousness. This is why the 1st Spiritual Law in our book is “What you resist, persists.” It was through meditation that I learned about the truth, which was what I was actually looking for in drugs … an expanded consciousness, an awareness of a deeper aspect of being.War on Drigs

            No matter what we are declaring war on—poverty, terrorism, or drugs—it simply does not work. So it’s time to think out of the box, take charge of our lives, be responsible, and recognize that we are powerful spiritual beings exploring every avenue of consciousness. It was a lifetime of experience and my short career as a drug counselor that provided the material for this book. And since it was a particular meditation practice that brought me out of it, Dhara’s contribution of developing a meditation for each step was invaluable. She brought more than 25 years of meditative experience to this project.




Here are the links that I was talking about in the Print version.

Brain Restoration has been show to have dramatic affects when it comes to addiction. If you’ve read our book, The 12 Spiritual Laws of Recovery & Meditations For the 12 Step Program you know that I covered this with something called “The Bomb” which is a strong megadose of vitamins and nutrients. The reason for this is because I found that many people go back to drug use simply to feel better so the quicker you can get healthy, the better. CLICK HERE for BRAIN RESTORATION INFO

The Wildness of Children: If you take the time to read this article you will quickly realize that one of the biggest contributors to addiction is not the drugs, it’s everything from the environment and civilization to us.  This is why kids must take back their power and we must support that process. There has been research that clearly shows that rats that are addicted will break their addiction if they are put in an environment that’s 200 times larger than their cages, has fun toys to play with, and the opportunity to fornicate 🙂 If you are a teacher or a parent I highly recommend that you read this: CLICK HERE

For more information on Rahasya visit and for Dhara, visit Rahasya is also the author of  To Believe Or Not To Believe: The Social and Neurological Consequences of Belief Systems, was interviewed in the documentary on addiction called A Wave of Compassion, publisher of the Lotus Guide, and soon will have a live Internet radio show called Spiritual Activist Radio. Dhara Lemos, along with many years of meditation experience and dance, produced with her friend Pam Jamian her meditation CD called Dhara’s Active Meditation. Dhara also played an invaluable role in the documentary Eco-Chic Retreat demonstrating her meditations. Available on

Click on the graphics below to Buy or just check it out.

tobelieve 12 Spiritual Laws  
Wave of Compassion Eco Chic Retreat Eco Chic Retreat-Delux

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Rahasya Uncensored

Spiritual Activist Radio

Also Check out Spiritual Activist Radio with Rahasya…Uncensored

If you are here to watch the rest of my interviews on BBS Radio you are at the right place.

Here is the rest of my interview with David Sereda on…well, almost everything.

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Update: Jan 22nd will be my next show on Channel 11 with an interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton


Here’s an edited version of my 2nd Rahasya Uncensored show on the Golden Road Television show that airs in 5 counties and some cable networks.


Here is an interview I did with Dane Wigington of GeoEngineeringWatch on Dec 1st, 2016 and will be the meat of my Rahasya Uncensored Show on Dec 11th

If you want to hear what the corporate media news like FOX is saying, check out a recent ‘news-cast.’

This page is the beginning of me, Rahasya, telling it like it is, which is not meant for everyone in today’s sedated society. But if you are reading this you should bookmark this page and come back frequently because this is the “Uncensored” section of Lotus Guide where we are allowed to do that lost trait called “Thinking for Ourselves.”

I’m in the process of starting an Internet Live Radio show that will be a community supported non-profit endeavor once I can get my non-profit status.  To talk about the things that need to be talked about I need to be free of commitments to advertisers so it will be entirely a non-profit mission driven show.  The show will be called “Spiritual Activist Radio with Rahasya…Uncensored.”  The reason for this is because after many years of looking, and dealing, with life’s problems I have come to understand that they are by their very nature, “Spiritual” problems which means that the solutions need to be Spiritual solutions. When I use the word ‘Spiritual’ I could just as easily use the word “Consciousness.” 

Albert Einstein once said that we will never find the solutions from the same level of thinking/consciousnessRahasya Uncensored that created the problems.  I’m sure you have noticed that no matter what we do we end up making it worse or the situations connected to it worse.  Over the past few centuries the only thing we have progressed at is to come up with more efficient ways to annihilate each other and destroy the world around us.  Martin Luther King once said that “We have guided missiles and misguided souls.” 

We have cut ourselves off from the very nature around us that supports us and we need to reconnect. Without an evolution of consciousness…this will not happen.  The answers we seek lie within.

So we all need to be a “Spiritual Activist” which simply means that we need to take action in the world around us using a higher level of awareness. Our world leaders, sorry to say, are on legal and illegal drugs and for the most part are sociopaths making decisions about our lives.  It’s time to Wake Up from THEIR madness!

You can visit my Facebook page to stay up on the progress of putting the radio show together , Join me at and you can join our Community Email with 9,000 other residents HERE

You are not alone when you get this feeling that something amazing is happening even in the face of all the chaos and destruction in our world. Our strength lies in our ability to come together with other like-minds and together we can and will change the world…Join Me and millions of others.

Thank you, Rahasya

Here are some past articles that are not meant to tell you “What” to Think, they are meant to simply get you “To” Think once again about situations that we ‘thought’ we had the answers to.

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Visit the Article Section and Look under Rahasya and Rahasya Uncensored for many other informative articles.

Spiritual Activist on Coast to CoastThank you and feel free to leave comments, Rahasya Poe, Author of To Believe Or Not To Believe: The Social & Neurological Consequences of Belief Systems.  You can hear my interview on Coast to Coast AM Radio with George Knapp HERE. 

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UFO Congress-2016


Human’s Evolve To Greatness When Challenged

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.”

~ Eckhart Tolle – Author of The Power of Now

By Rahasya Poe

Before we get going I want to share something personal with you in the hope that it may help somehow when processing information about what’s going on in our world. I think this is the key for us to evolve to greatness; there may be other keys but there’s only one lock that we need to open to envision and create a new world.

            This is something that happened to me when I was around seven years old and I’m sure it’s happened to many of us, but the subtle nuance of what happened usually goes unnoticed. I was learning to ride my bicycle and was constantly falling; first to the left, then to the right; all the time making mental adjustments trying to avoid the inevitable. These were rational decisions; if I’m falling to the left then I need to pull to the right. It was awkward and seldom successful. But then…something happened. I was effortlessly riding my bicycle and what was once inevitable, falling, was now impossible…I ‘couldn’t fall. What just happened? It took me years to figure it out but what happened was a new level of consciousness, new neural networks, a ‘Body-Mind’ connection that was beyond my normal awareness.

            So here we are today, left and right, up and down, good and evil, Republican’s and Democrats, Communism and Fascism, and the list goes on. First we pull to the left, then we over correct and pull to the right only to fall down time and time again. But we are learning to ride/live in a polarized world of opposites. But what if we are unknowingly searching for a new connectivity, not of ‘Body-Mind’ but of ‘Body-Mind-Spirit?’ If this is the shift we are talking about it will not come from being totally blind to the opposites in our world. It will come about by holding fast to our vision and beliefs of a better world and at the same time dealing with the world we live in with all of its evils, dangers, and complexities.

            Could this be the key to ‘Evolving To Greatness’? I meet many people who are immersed in fear and depression when they look at what’s going on in our world. Why? Because they fail to see the greatness of the human spirit and the power of the human mind when awakened. Then I also see some of my ‘spiritual friends’ who are oblivious to the world around them and are blinded by the idea that if they look at what’s going on in the world they will ‘attract’ it to them. I know I’m fighting centuries of indoctrination but ‘Faith’ should not be ‘blind.’ We are meant for something greater that staying ignorant in order to feel blissful.

            I hope what you just read, in a Heinleinian sense, can be “Grokked’ because it will help to keep you from falling to the left in fear or to the right in blindness. So…that being said, let’s go play in the world of illusion filled with…everything.

We all know in the Wizard Of Oz story when she pulled back the curtain only to find a frightened aging old man with his hands on the levers that were creating the fear in the Land of Oz. We are in much the same situation in today’s world except we have different names for everything. The aging old man is the men and organizations that work in secret behind our government, actually, the global governments. This has been known for many years, Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people” The truth be told, they, along with our apathy and complacency, have created a system that is unstable, dangerous and is collapsing right before our eyes from it’s own internal weight of corruption. That’s why people such a retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, who spent years as an assistant to Secretary of State Colin Powell during both Bush administrations and was the national security advisor to the Reagan administration, are speaking out. He plainly states that the corruption inside the establishment, and the corporate interests driving foreign policy, make what is going on “unfixable.”

As I was sitting back wondering what is the most important topic to write about I thought of all the usual suspects; GMO foods, vaccinations (especially mandatory vaccinations), geoengineering and chemtrails, the electro-magnetic frequencies that bombard our airwaves, water/air/and land pollution, over-population, global debt, drug cartels encroaching in on us at our borders, human trafficking…OK, I’m sure you get the message. There’s no shortage of what to write about because the global problem is ‘systemic’ at its very core.

            So you may ask, why in the world would I write about something like UFO’s and the extra-terrestrial interference into world affairs knowing it would diminish my credibility by doing so? The answer is simple…this could be the common denominator that links so many of today’s problems that on the surface look unconnected. I won’t get into this particular aspect because there are too many unknowns and it reeks of conspiracy disinformation and misinformation. So let’s talk about what we do know and is based on facts from well-established people from all walks of life. You might be saying, “But wait, I haven’t heard about this.” Of course you haven’t heard about this…you live in the United States of Secrecy.

So you may be asking, where is this evidence? Good question, and please, keep asking ‘good’ questions. I would like to tell you about a little trip to the UFO Congress that my wife, Dhara, and I took in February 2016. I will post this article along with some of the interviews I did at

Then there was Emily, the young woman, who spoke for the first time about her encounter to an audience. Along with over one hundred other young children ages six through eleven or so, who went to a Christian missionary school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, watched a circular craft come down, land and two alien beings walked over and communicated telepathically with her and some of the other children. Later, Dr. John Mack, a Harvard psychiatrist, and the BBC came to document it and aired it on TV. The BBC said that the conclusion they had to come to is that it either happened the way everyone there said it did, or it’s the strangest unsolved mystery they have ever encountered. Oh…you say you didn’t hear about this; of course not, you weren’t supposed to and you live in the United States where our media is dominated by the men behind the curtain.
Dhara, Emily and Rahasya

Dhara, Emily and Rahasya

UFO-Sasha-and-Dhara Then there was Sasha who has researched the Sumerian Clay Tablets and pre-Sumerian societies. He has taken Zecharia Sitchins’ work to a whole new level and corrected and expanded on many of his interpretations. If you aren’t familiar with the ancient ‘god’s’ called the Anunnaki, you should because this information will unravel traditional religion’s as we’ve know them for centuries. Many religious organizations, especially the Catholic Church, are already positioning themselves to adapt to this information as it gets disclosed. You can watch my interview with him below.
Nick Pope-England's Minister of Defense

Nick Pope-England’s Minister of Defense

I talked with Nick Pope, who was the Minister of Defense for England and handled their UFO investigations, yes, they still investigate even after the United States closed the Blue Book Project in 1968 saying that they no longer were interested in UFO’s and aliens. Nick was telling me that England along with many other countries like France, Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Ireland, and even the Vatican City are making their evidence public, or at least a good portion of it. The United Nations even appointed an ambassador (Mazian Othman) to speak for planet Earth when the time comes.


            While at the UFO Congress I spoke with high-ranking military personnel, scientists and research investigators, and many contactee’s and experiencer’s who are all telling the same basic story which is that we are being visited by many different advanced races and have been for many centuries. Jacque Valle who is a long time researcher and has worked with people like J. Allen Hynek told us that if he had to make his best guess at what’s really going on it would be that we are being visited by inter-dimensional beings on a regular basis and it would account for many of the myths and folklore throughout history. By the way, J. Allen Hynek was hired by our government to head the Blue Book Project because he was a true skeptic; trouble is, after a couple of years of investigating he became a true believer. The same is true with Dr. John Mack, the Harvard psychiatrist who started researching people who said they had been abducted. He started with the notion that there had to be an underlying psychological reason for their ‘hallucinations.’ He came to the conclusion that they were having actual interactions with alien beings on some level of reality. This was a disastrous stand for him to take in the academic community, so he had nothing to gain and everything to lose.

            It’s a well-known fact, or it should be, that NASA has systematically airbrushed objects from their lunar missions. Why? Are there ‘rock’s they don’t want us to see? While at the conference I interviewed Frank Jacob who made the documentary Packing For Mars. I’ve heard about the Secret Space Program for years and now there are many whistleblowers telling us that our suspicions are correct…and then some. After all, where do you think trillions of dollars disappeared? I highly suggest ordering his DVD at

            I’m sure you see by now that this information touches on every aspect of human existence and the disclosure will be the greatest event in human history by far. It will affect every person on this planet now and for every future generation to come. It will rewrite religion, history, science, and most of all, it will change the perception of who we are and our place in the universe. This prospect alone is more than enough to keep most people from looking at this information; after all, we’ve always seen ourselves at the top of the food chain and the dominant species on this planet. What if we need to come to grips with the fact that there are species who are thousands, millions, or even billions of years more advanced than us?

There’s little doubt that the disclosure of this information will unravel almost every aspect of our reality. But think on this: If it’s true that “As Above, So Below” and life is but a dream, what happens as you are awakening from a dream? As you enter into your everyday awareness the dream disintegrates and you rise up in a new reality full of new wonders. Here’s my question: Could it be that we are awakening to a new level of consciousness and in the process observing that our present day reality no longer makes sense. The turmoil and apparent chaos that we see may be part of a natural evolution as we evolve to greatness, our next step in our eternal journey.

            A final word for those who think we are in the ‘end times’ as talked about in the Bible. We were all taught that the word ‘Apocalypse’ meant the complete and catastrophic destruction of the earth. But the actual meaning from the ancient Greek translation of ‘apokálypsis’ is ‘a lifting of the veil’ meaning uncovering, or ‘pulling back the curtain’ so the truth can be seen clearly.

Visit for references to this article and a list of resources to read and follow up with.

Thank you for your time, Rahasya Poe (

For you movie buffs, this is from the new “The Day the Earth Stood Still”

Professor Barnhardt: There must be alternatives. You must have some technology that could solve our problem.

Klaatu: Your problem is not technology. The problem is you. You lack the will to change.

Professor Barnhardt: Then help us change.

Klaatu: I cannot change your nature. You treat the world as you treat each other.

Professor Barnhardt: But every civilization reaches a crisis point eventually.

Klaatu: Most of them don’t make it.

Professor Barnhardt: Yours did. How?

Klaatu: Our sun was dying. We had to evolve in order to survive.

Professor Barnhardt: So it was only when your world was threated with destruction that you became what you are now.

Klaatu: Yes.

Professor Barnhardt: Well that’s where we are. You say we’re on the brink of destruction and you’re right. But it’s only on the brink that people find the will to change. Only at the precipice do we evolve. This is our moment. Don’t take it from us, we are close to an answer.

A Few Moments at the UFO Congress in AZ Feb 2016

Someone asked, "Who's responsible here?"

Someone asked, “Who’s responsible here?”

Playing guitar with Travis Walton

Playing guitar with Travis Walton

Rahasya & Dhara meet New Firends

Rahasya & Dhara meet New Firends


Dhara with Childress from Ancient Aliens

At the Grand Canyon

At the Grand Canyon

Dhara beside the telescope that can spot UFO's in complete darkness

Dhara beside the telescope that can spot UFO’s in complete darkness

 Interviews at the UFO Congress           


March 9, 2016 |

We Came from the Stars


By Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

Unlike the Aztecs and other indigenous groups in the Americas, the Maya clearly did not regard sky-peoplethe Spaniards as “gods,” according to 88-year-old Maya elder, Bol Pop. In fact, the village leader goes even further to suggest that when the Spaniards first arrived in Mesoamerica, the Maya did not view them as technologically advanced. “We knew technologically advanced civilizations. We came from one. The Spaniards were not superior to us.”

Unverified claims of ancient astronauts in the Americas have been made for decades, most prominently by Erich von Daniken, author of Chariots of the Gods?: Unsolved Mysteries of the Past. Von Daniken proposed that the Maya had neither the intelligence nor the tools to create the massive jungle cities throughout Mesoamerica. Ken Feder, archaeology professor at Central Connecticut State University, scoffed at von Daniken’s theory and suggested there is no evidence that the Maya were visited by, inspired by, or mentored by ancient extraterrestrials.

A Maya elder, who identified himself only as Ramiro disagreed with both von Daniken and Feder. “The old, old stories tell us that the Maya were guided to this land by the Sky People,” the elder said, “but these are not the stories we tell the invaders. The ancient Maya referred to themselves as the children of the Mayab or inhabitants of the Land of the Chosen. . . The invaders [Spaniards] and their priests feared our knowledge about the Universe and our origins. They thought it was evil and rejected it as the work of the Devil. They were such uncivilized men who did not appreciate nor understand an advanced culture like the Maya. . . “According to Ramiro, even today, chants allow the Maya to speak to the Star people. “There are living Maya who can talk to the Sky People, but it is an ancient practice, alive and well in Guatemala and Mexico.” When asked what the Sky People tell them in their communications, Ramiro spoke about sad things that were about to happen to this earth. “They tell us to be ready with our chants and the Sky People will remember us and come for us. We just need to say our chants and they will hear. They say that one day a great volcano will open under the sea and all the land connecting North and South America will drop into the ocean. As the land sinks, all of the people of these countries will not know where to go. There will be only the water, but the Maya will be taken by the Sky People to the heavens.” When asked if the Maya would return to Earth once the destruction was over, Ramiro replied, “Some of us will return, but others will go to another star to begin a new world. This is what the Sky People tell us.”

Yoc, a Guatemalan elder, believes the Maya not only came from the stars, but that humans are not alone in the universe. “There were many different Star People. They come from many different places. Only one group is connected to the Maya. Some of the Star People are from this solar system, but not all. There are 67 solar systems in a confederation and … thousands of space craft visit Earth on any given day. At this moment, there are hundreds of space ships circling the Earth. Our governments do not have the technology to see them.”

Yoc was joined in his assertions by another Maya elder who maintained that the Sky People (aliens) visited Earth and stayed. “My grandfather told me that the Sky People came to Earth and stayed. They did not leave as some of the white men write. But catastrophe struck our great civilizations. We are what remain. We are the survivors. Before you discount us, be warned. All great civilizations collapse whether through war, famine, or a weather event. They all meet their end. Five thousand years from now a scientist may unearth the Statue of Liberty, and speculate that she was the goddess of flame who brought fire to the world. I have seen your Statue of Liberty. I went to New York to the United Nations. You have many gods in New York City that the people will cling to if their world is destroyed, but like the Maya, many survivors will choose not to remember.”

While archaeologists continue to uncover forgotten civilizations hereto unknown; it has been suggested that many civilizations, including the Maya, were terminated by cataclysmic events. It may be that humanity’s origins and history lie in the oral traditions of indigenous people and that we are all space travelers.

©2014 Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, author of Sky People:Untold Stories of Alien Encounters in Mesoamerica published by New Page Books a division of Career Press, Pompton Plains, NJ. EAN: 978-1601633477 List Price: US $17.99

January 10, 2016 |

The Politics of Energy


Science-Faction-(1)-copyBy Rahasya Poe

So much politics surrounds this question that it takes a lot of investigation to get … well, let me be honest, “confused.” Saudi Arabia is thought to have a never-ending supply of oil, according to the Saudis, but many experts suspect that they are lying because they are in the planning stages of making solar energy account for 20 percent of their energy consumption … by the year 2032, which most see as too little too late. According to Nasser Qahtani, who is the vice governor of regulatory affairs for Saudi Arabia’s Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority, Saudi Arabia spends more than 10 percent of its GDP on subsidies for energy, which ends up promoting energy waste within the country. This equates to around $80 billion per year, which is more than a third of the kingdom’s entire budget. Obviously this is not a sustainable situation.

British Petroleum (BP), you know, the company that continually lies and seldom, if ever, takes responsibility for its accidents, says that we have 53 years left of reserve oil at today’s consumption rate. What’s strange is that BP says that as if it were a good thing because we have years before we really need to worry. It isn’t factoring in population growth or the fact that third world countries are on the fast track to “modernization,” which is an extremely misleading term.

I don’t have the space to really explain how insane all of the agencies and countries are when it comes to their estimates of oil reserves—let’s just say it is highly dependent on the politics of the day. There are a few facts I can see when it comes to oil.

  • We will destroy the ecosystem long before we run out of oil.
  • We will continue to trade blood for oil at an ever-increasing rate.
  • The global tension over this alone will most assuredly march us toward another world war from which we will not recover.
  • Global power will rest in the hands of the countries that embrace alternative energy sources and work toward sustainability on every level.


So, you may be asking, “Where does Science FACTion enter into this?” Simple. Believe it or not, we have the technology to solve our energy problems. The real question is do we have the will? There’s one obvious alternative energy source that is literally glaring at us every day, which is solar energy. At this point, solar is the most viable option because it’s something we can do as individuals, because as Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

So what’s the problem—let’s do it? A lot of people are doing their part. Elon Musk, CEO of TESLA Corporation, built a $5 billion battery plant in Nevada that will start producing some amazing batteries in 2016. Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company spent $12 million on solar arrays and is more than 80 percent off grid with his alternative energy systems; schools and businesses and private homes are transitioning over little by little and private contractors are stepping up to the plate.

When I look at a country such as Germany that gets far less sun than we do and see what it has done, I have to tell you, the United States needs to catch up and we can help by keeping our eyes open and talking with people who know the business and the politics surrounding it. At this point, I’m out of my depth but there are local companies that can answer all your questions when it comes to saving on your electric bill. You might want to read Rich Varlinsky’s article in this issue about that very thing called Going Solar

January 10, 2016 |


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Whistleblowers: Heroes/True Patriots or Enemies of the State/Corporations?Whistleblowers   

Before you try to answer the question posed in the title, let’s look at some history and imagine what our world would be like without people who were guided by their conscience and integrity instead of their corporate/political masters.


  • Samuel Shaw: In 1777 he blew the whistle on the torture of British POWs by the commander in chief of the Continental Navy, Commodore Esek Hopkins. Our Continental Congress enacted the “Whistleblowing Protection Law” on July 30, 1778, and also declared that the United States would defend him against a libel lawsuit filed against him by Hopkins.
  • Smedly Butler: I wrote about this guy a few issues back. If it weren’t for him we would be living in a different world, although I’m starting to wonder the more things unfold. He reported to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1933 about a group of people who were planning a well-orchestrated coup d’état against the United States. The reason I’m wondering is that this was known as the Business Plan, and the banks that were involved are the very banks that control our finances today, and the people involved included Prescott Bush—you know, the father and grandfather of two of our presidents.
  • Peter Buxtun: He blew the whistle in 1966 on the Tuskegee syphilis experiment.
  • Daniel Ellsberg: He leaked the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times in 1971, which revealed, among other things, the deceptive practices of the administration regarding the war in Vietnam, which now is a matter of record.
  • Frank Serpico: He reported to the Knapp Commission on the widespread corruption of New York police officers in1971.
  • Michael Ruppert: He reported in 1995 that the CIA was complicit in the smuggling of drugs into our country. He spent the rest of his life uncovering conspiracy after conspiracy, only to get so depressed and frustrated with life that he committed suicide.
  • Jeffrey Wigand: If it weren’t for his blowing the whistle on Brown & Williamson, cigarette smokers would still be smoking “illegally” ammoniated cigarettes, making it possible for the nicotine to pass the blood/brain barrier, thereby increasing the addictive qualities.


The list of whistleblowers who were marginalized, sued, and thrown in prison only to be exonerated many years later would fill a book, and has. So when we hear about the “Most Dangerous Man on the Planet,” as President Obama calls Edward Snowden, should we forget the lessons of history and rush to judgment on a person who has given up everything to keep his integrity? Then there are people such as Bradley Manning, who leaked diplomatic information that includes the now-famous video of a U.S. Apache helicopter firing on a group of civilians. The backlash from this and other recent whistleblowers has had serious repercussions on our government, which means that they also affect our lives. But what are the repercussions if we continue to ignore today’s whistleblowers and basically “kill the messenger” and ignore the message, which, by the way, is the whole point? And dare I even mention Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and the relentless retaliation he’s gone through?

Obviously I could shine light on many whistleblowers who have risked their lives to make us aware of the inner workings of the tobacco, food, and pharmaceutical industries, the oil profiteers, the corrupt and illegal banking practices, Wall Street, climate/geoengineering, and the constant attempt of government to control the Internet. This subject could get into, and has got into, many debates about the pros and cons of whistleblowers but I would like to offer a very simple quote that is the very definition of what I’m getting at:


“When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime,

you are being ruled by criminals.” Anonymous


Ask yourself this: “How many bankers, Wall Street executives, corporate CEOs, mortgage lenders, or politicians have gone to jail lately over criminal activity?” We do have people such as Bernie Madoff who went to jail, but only because he swindled the wrong people, the “1 Percenters.” The only people who really went to jail or suffered some sort of retaliation were the whistleblowers; in fact, the perpetrators of these crimes received billions of dollars in bonuses as they disappeared into the sunset or took high-level government positions, where they now have even more power and control. All of this happens right in front of us and so many people simply can’t see it (read my article in the last issue on cognitive dissonance and also look up “inattentional blindness” to understand more).

I recently researched William W. Thompson, who made statements that forced the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to admit that it withheld data linking vaccines to higher rates of autism. I was told months ago by two local doctors and several medical professionals to stay away from the subject of vaccines because I would suffer the wrath of powerful organizations and medical groups. If you’ve been following my articles, you know that I wrote on this very subject anyway. Now, here we are with the evidence coming out from high-level officials, doctors, and researchers that this is a very serious situation and needs to be completely transparent so the public can make “informed” decisions for their children.

Most of you by now at least question GMO foods and labeling but I still see more people buying traditionally processed GMO foods than are at the Farmers Markets buying non-GMO foods and at the same time supporting our local farmers. So much of our produce now comes from China—you know, the country where the fish farmers will not let their children eat the fish, such as tilapia, that they raise and who send it to us instead, the country where more than 70 percent of the rivers are polluted from industrial, chemical, and textile plants. How can an intelligent person think that he or she is eating safe foods grown in China?

whistleblowerIf you are still reading this article, by this time you have probably had enough but I will leave you with this: The next time you go to buy that $5 shirt or that really cheap pair of shoes, go home and watch The Real Cost documentary about the fact that the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter on the planet, the oil industry being number one. We all need to wake up and change the way we think about our lives and what’s important and remember that with every dollar we spend we are voting. And don’t get bogged down with one issue because the problem is a systemic problem from top to bottom. If we don’t take immediate action to change ourselves, our community, and the world we live in, we will lose control of our destiny as a human race because life will go on … with or without us.

Please keep in mind that it is always my intention not to tell you what to think; my intention is to get you to think for yourself so you can make the really important decisions that will affect your life and your children.


“Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.”

John F. Kennedy


Thank you once again for your time.

Rahasya Poe,

December 18, 2015 |

Cognitive Dissonance by Rahasya Poe

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Cognitive Dissonance: Recognizing It and Closing the Gap

By Rahasya Poe

In the last issue of Lotus Guide I wrote an article about misinformation and disinformation that generated a lot of cognitive dissonanceinterest with our readers. It was clear from the response I received that we “can” handle the truth if it’s made available. The truth is “out there” and in fact, is all around us, so why don’t we see and hear it when we come face to face with it?

            A while back I wrote a book based on questioning the validity of a quote by Voltaire: “Those who can make you believe in absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” The research for the book took me down the rabbit hole where academia, religion, and politics have intertwined with a small, select group of families and individuals on this planet who think it’s their duty and right to control and manipulate the masses. When I was on the Coast to Coast AM radio show being interviewed about the social and neurological consequences of our beliefs, George opened the lines to callers and an elderly lady said, “Well, I read your book but I disagree with what you said about beliefs. I ‘believe’ that everyone has to believe something.” Let me clarify that I am talking about beliefs that have become institutionalized as rigid and eternal truths, not ideas and hypotheses that are meant as stepping-stones to the discovery of those eternal truths. This is what we’ve been led to believe, usually by people who have an agenda and a secret mission. According to some of the most cutting-edge neuroscientists, such as Dr. Andrew Newberg and many others, this idea that you have to believe in “something,” as in “anything,” is an outdated cognitive function that we are evolving out of and is at the very heart of most personal and global misunderstandings. History has clearly shown that most everything that we have ever believed has ended up being completely wrong at worst or dangerously misleading at best. Of course you may not believe this, but bear with me.

            I will get back to the idea of holding onto a belief as if it were a confirmed truth a little later in this article, but for now, let’s look at “What is cognitive dissonance?” If you are even “somewhat” in touch with reality you may be noticing some mental stress in your life; this could very well be the discomfort that a person feels when attempting to hold onto contradictory ideas, beliefs, or social values at the same time. We all want stability and consistency in our lives and will avoid information, such as this article for instance, that brings more inconsistency (dissonance) into our thinking. In fact, we will fight with others, not only mentally but physically, who threaten us with contradictory information, ideas, or beliefs, especially if they come packaged with a lot of those pesky little things called facts.

            The best way to avoid contradiction is to close down, turn on your favorite TV show, and lock the front door, which I see many of us doing. The trouble begins when there’s a knock on that door—“Knock Knock”—and here we are, face-to-face with a global society that shares very little in common with us, other than the fact that we breathe the same air, because we are divided by how we believe and perceive reality. We would all be wise to ponder such quotes as William Blake’s when he said, “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.” So this is nothing new to the human experience, but what is new is the fact that one, we are waking up to higher conscious levels of perception; two, scientific research is peering deep into the nature of life itself; and three, we live in the information age where there is no real or lasting escape.

            We all need to find our place in the scheme of things—some of us need to raise our families and keep our kids safe, some of us feel the need to protect others, and some of us have this incurable desire to heal the pain and suffering of others. Then there are people like me, working diligently to cleanse the windows of perception so we can all see reality as it is, “Infinite.” But through the perception of outdated and misleading beliefs, societal ideas of what’s right and wrong, and this sociopathic passion we have to prove ourselves right, we will forever find ourselves locked in conflict with the “others” and the most dangerous culprit of all … ourselves.

            Bertrand Russell once said, “I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.” We would all serve ourselves and others well if we kept this in mind the next time we started spouting off ideas and beliefs, most of which we heard or read from others in the first place and have very little to do with personal experience. The only thing required to bring about a new understanding of our place in the cosmos is to take personal responsibility for ourselves and our actions; this is called “growing up.” We all need to be prepared for what’s coming at us in our immediate future; what it is, no one is quite sure, but we all feel it and sense it. If we are left to the old ways of dealing with problems and seeing the world through limiting beliefs that separate us from nature and ourselves, we will either die from a toxic environment, find ourselves deep into WW III, possibly nuclear, or in a position where we need to choose a side in yet another civil war with ourselves. But there is another way—one more quote and I will leave you alone. Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems from the same level of thinking/consciousness that created them.” But it doesn’t take a genius to see this in today’s world … we will either wake up to a new level of spiritual consciousness and Oneness with every living thing in creation, or, we will perish, and that is as it should be.

September 28, 2015 |

Bloodline of the Gods

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By Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern

For the Human Race, there are four, primary, types of blood. They are A, B, AB, and O. The classifications are derived from the antigens of a person’s blood cells – antigens being proteins that are found on the surface of the cells and which are designed to combat bacteria and viruses.

Most of the human population have such proteins on their cells. They are the Rh positive percentage of the Earth’s people. Within the United States, current estimates suggest that around 85 percent of all Caucasians, roughly 90 percent of African Americans, and approximately 98 percent of Asian Americans are Rh positive.

The small percentage of the U.S. population (and that of the rest of the world, too, it should be noted) which does not exhibit the relevant proteins falls into a very different category, that of the Rh negatives.

Why one particular group of people should have blood that is so incredibly different to that of just about everyone else, is a matter of deep controversy. It is an issue that has led to the development of an astonishing theory: that in the distant past, visiting extraterrestrials subjected early, primitive, humans to advanced gene-splicing and cell–manipulating techniques; ostensibly to create a slave race. In doing so, they gave birth to the Rh negaBloodline of the godstives.

To demonstrate how incredibly different the Rh negatives are to the rest of the world’s population, we only have to look at the matter of pregnancy. For a pregnant woman who is Rh negative, the hazards can be considerable and dangerous. If a woman who is Rh negative is made pregnant by a man who is also Rh negative, the problems are non-existent and there is no need for concern: both individuals are wholly compatible with one another, the fetus will develop in normal fashion, and the child will be born Rh negative.

If, however, the father is Rh positive and the mother is Rh negative, that’s where the problems can begin and the results may prove to be very different – and tragically so, too – as the baby will be Rh positive. It is this latter issue that gets to the crux of the problem.

As incredible as it may sound, the blood of an Rh negative pregnant woman can be completely incompatible with the blood of an Rh positive baby she is carrying. Such a situation can very often provoke the mother’s own blood to produce potentially lethal antibodies which are designed to attack the fetus’ blood, if and when the former is exposed to the latter.

In other words, the positive baby is perceived by the mother’s negative immune-system as something hostile, something not quite as it should be. For all intents and purposes, the unborn child is considered something alien and something to be gotten rid of at the earliest opportunity possible.

More disturbing is the fact that the more times a woman becomes pregnant, the more powerful and prevalent the deadly antibodies become. In short, the mother’s body finds ways to make the process of trying to kill the fetus ever more powerful, swift, and effective with each successive pregnancy.

It’s almost as if there is something deeply ancient and non-human encoded in our DNA that sees positive and negative as being acutely different to one another, and never intended for unification. That may be exactly the case.

If we today – and particularly so the Rh negatives – are the product of extraterrestrial manipulation, then who, exactly, were the beings that decided to play god with the Human Race’s earliest forms? Why were they so intent on creating new and radically different kinds of people? Where did they come from? Are they still amongst us?

They are questions that lead us to a legendary, powerful body of entities that have become known as the Anunnaki. They are also questions that take us to the heart of ancient Sumerian cultures, which can be found in what, today, is southern Iraq, and which, historians and archaeologists believe, was first settled at some point between 5,500 and 4,000 BC.

According to Sumerian lore, more than 400,000 years before a huge deluge devastated the Earth and killed untold millions, this mighty race of legendary people came to our planet from the heavens above. During their time here, they brought some form of stability, and even society, to what were, originally, extremely primitive human tribes, some of which ultimately became the Cro-Magnons. That was not, however, the original agenda of the Anunnaki.

The primary goal of the Anunnaki was to genetically alter primitive humans to create a robust and strong entity that, effectively, amounted to nothing less than a slave race, one designed to do the bidding of their extraterrestrial masters – including mining the Earth for its supply of precious and priceless gold. When the Anunnaki finally left the Earth, they left behind them an astonishing legacy: a new form of human, one radically different to the rest: the Rh negatives. And they still live today.

The RH negative strain runs through the British Royal Family, something which has provoked controversial assertions that the Royals are not all they appear to be. An entire sub-culture exists suggesting the Royals are directly descended from an ancient order of human-like extraterrestrials that are the true, secret rulers of our planet.

Is there something in the genetic make-up of the Rh negatives that makes them born leaders, powerful figures, and perhaps not unlike the legendary “heroes of old” and the “men of renown,” as described in the pages of the Bible (and almost certainly Rh negatives, too)?

Do the Rh negatives amount to an underground army of human hybrids being carefully, and secretly, nurtured for reasons that might be nothing less than downright sinister and deadly?

If, one day, it is proved that a small percentage of the Human Race is not entirely human after all, will we see a backlash against the negatives? Will there be witch-hunts? Might there be calls to have the negatives isolated from the rest of society?

Could a form of “extraterrestrial racism” – born out of a fear that some of the negatives may be part of a sinister, alien agenda – develop both wildly and widely? Will we see the construction of countless “Extraterrestrial Guantanamo Bays?”

These are the kinds of intriguing and inflammatory questions that the many and varied mysteries of the Rh negatives provoke.

UFO researchers, astronomers, and NASA have spent countless years looking towards the heavens for the proof that aliens are amongst us. The strange saga of the Rh negatives, however, suggests strongly that it’s not to the stars that we need to look for proof that extraterrestrials really exist. It’s to us, the Human Race. In a strange, fantastic, and even ironic, fashion we – or, at least some of us, the Rh negatives – are the very aliens that we have for so long sought…


© Nick Redfern is the author of Bloodline of the Gods, published by New Page Books, 2015. ISBN: 978-1-60163-365-1. US $16.99, (Can. $20.50)


September 28, 2015 |
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