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Reviewed on February 23, 2016. #1 of 5 Reviews

As I had a conversation with Daniel, he asked me how I was feeling. All I said was so-so and he was able to instinctively know I had lower body issues. After about 2 weeks of intense lower body pain I had been keeping to myself, I was now fed up not being able to relax muscles and felt my upper body starting to tense as well. He suggested that he do a remote healing. We discussed the pin point areas and he went to work right away. I did have my reservations, but I wanted to give this a try so I allowed my guard to go down. By the evening, I could feel some areas begin to ease up and by morning, not only did I have a restful sleep but everything was back to what I consider normal. On top of that, my digestion issues for the 3 days prior to this ceased by dinnertime. It was honestly the best thing I every did. I should never have waited so long. I thank Daniel for all his help and I highly recommend his Chakra Balancing services.

A few weeks later…I was having a bit of difficulty with a few people within my life. However, even though they were not a part of my life, they still affected me through association and emotional connections. I discussed this with Daniel Teague and found it is what is called a parasitic cord. These few people were definitely parasites in my life. Daniel did an energy cord cutting for me and within a few hours, the thought of them didn’t cross my mind. As the days go by, I can see myself already not giving two hoots because they won’t be bothering me any longer. Although I am still mindful of where I park my vehicle, I can honestly say I don’t worry about the “what ifs”. I’d like to thank Daniel for doing this for me. I can now get on with my life without looking over my shoulder. I highly recommend Daniel’s cord cutting services as well.

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