Global Conspiracy Goes Mainstream A Conversation with British Author David Icke

Global Conspiracy Goes Mainstream: A Conversation with

British Author David Icke

by Bret Lauder

Maybe you’ve heard of him? His books are international best sellers and he regularly speaks to thousands of people per lecture. He recently spoke to more than 10,000 people in Romania and has propounded his theories on global politics, world history, and societal taboos in more than 45 countries. His name is David Icke and he is arguably the most controversial speaker in the world for several reasons.

For starters, he is a proponent of the idea that human consciousness has been ensnared in a giant computer program he refers to as the Matrix. Within this Matrix, consciousness is programmed along certain predictable guidelines to promote uniformity and societal control. Reality itself, he argues, is a series of overlapping holographic projections that human brains interpret as “reality.” He says that really we are spiritual beings and that what humans call their physical bodies are merely holographic vehicles and hence, illusions.

But among all the incredible things that he says his research and visions have shown him, the most incredible is that the creators of the Matrix, who created it in the first place solely for the purpose of controlling human consciousness, are a reptilian species emanating from the fourth dimension. Further, it is these beings who have manipulated specific bloodlines throughout human history into positions of power around the world. These are the “shadow figures” who control some of our world leaders.” It is they who have engineered society into a left-brain prison of rules and hierarchies and it is they who have diminished individuality.

Icke has challenged the societal taboos of “racism,” “profuse language,” and “drug usage.” He now has 16 books with his latest work, David Icke’s Guide to the Global Conspiracy: And How to End It (David Icke Books, 2007).

I recently had a chance to talk with Icke about some of the issues at work controlling human consciousness and what to do to help free oneself from them.


Lotus Guide: You have explained the entirety of human existence from its concealed history to its programmed reality. You have seemingly covered all the bases. What could possibly be left to write about?

David Icke: Ohh (he chuckles). It’s enormous. The rabbit hole just goes on getting deeper.

LG: You are referring to the Matrix?

DI: Well . . . I am referring to the control, where it’s coming from and where it goes, where it’s generated from. That’s what I mean about the “rabbit hole.” You go down so far and you see the way the banks are controlled by the same people, the way the transnational corporations are controlled by the same people. And the way it plays out politically with different parties answering to the same masters, ultimately. But that’s only one level of it; that’s how it plays out in five-sense reality. Then you go deeper and you find the “other-dimensional” influences and manipulations and you start hitting on the nature of reality itself. Unless we understand the nature of reality, we can’t possibly understand the nature of the control.

So that’s the point in the rabbit hole where I am now, this whole area of reality. Because once you start to get a grasp of that then what appears to be a chaotic, crazy, bureaucratically incompetent society actually starts taking on the realm of being genius when you see why it’s like that and because of the outcome that comes from it.


LG: What are seemingly unconnected aspects of society are in fact all connected?Global Conspiracy by David Icke

DI: Well, that’s the idea. And because of the way they use the system of pyramids within pyramids. The pyramids are compartmentalized in terms of information. It means that the vast majority of people in any organization, even quite high up, have got no idea who the real masters are. How many times do you hear people say, “Well, I don’t know? It just comes from on high so we better do it.” Well, where’s it come from and why?

The thing is too that when you sell people a false reality and they take that to be the norm, when that false reality is light-years from what’s really happening, that in itself is a tremendous defense mechanism because when you start talking about what is actually happening, it is so different from what people perceive to be happening. They just can’t make that jump; it’s too insane for them. But people are making that jump and in ever greater numbers. No doubt about it, I’ve seen it.


LG: So you can penetrate the veil, so to speak. There is a way out?

DI: The thing for me, Bret, is that it’s not the Matrix that is the problem. It’s our relationship to it that is the problem. For me, the Matrix is a place of experience. And illusions only control you when you think they are real. The idea has been to keep from us what we’re actually experiencing. So the Matrix is like, it’s absolutely the equivalent-on a much greater level-to the wireless Internet. It’s everywhere and I can’t see it. If I get a computer and I tune it to the Internet, it will pick up the Internet from the invisible realms that I can’t see.

Now that’s what we’re doing through what we call the physical body, the hologram. It’s a receiver/transmitter of information. So the question is, “What range of frequencies is it accessing?” We talk about people being narrow-minded when they have a limited sense of possibility. Well, that’s exactly what they are. They are narrow-frequencied, if you like. When we talk about people awakening, it’s awakening to a greater range of possibilities, of awareness and frequencies. When I look back on my life-and an extraordinary transformation is happening again to me right now-I describe it as my “point of observation” is moving. It is moving because my range of frequencies I am accessing is becoming greater. It’s not because I’m something special because anyone can do it. It’s just actually pursuing it and taking on the challenges.


LG: So you can do it better with practice? Like by doing mental push-ups, so to speak?

DI: Yes, but it’s more deprogramming yourself from the programs that have been put in there to close down the range of frequencies that we access. I have gone from “being” my experience to being infinite consciousness having the experience and observing the experience. It’s moving your point of observation from five-sense reality-because when you’re there you are the experience-and moving it out to another point where you are looking at the same experience but from a totally different angle. And it doesn’t affect you emotionally like it does when you get caught in it.


LG: Like an “impersonal observer?”

DI: Yes. And you’re observing the experience and getting a greater understanding from it but you are not getting caught in it so that it consumes you emotionally. From that point of observation you can see things you can’t see if you are getting caught up in it. It’s fundamental, as I put it, to stop identifying who we are by what we see in the mirror in the morning. You have to realize that that is the vehicle for our experience and start to understand that we are consciousness whether we are in this reality or whether we are not in this reality; we are eternal consciousness. We have the ability to be the ocean. And access all that infinite possibility, understanding, knowledge, awareness. Or we can get caught up in identifying ourselves as being the droplet, which cannot disconnect us literally from the ocean but does disconnect us from the awareness of the ocean, which means that we isolate our point of observation to that of the droplet. That’s when we identify with being the image in the mirror. These are the ways we can get out of this prison. In the end it’s a mind prison, an emotional prison. It plays out apparently physically every day. But actually it’s a mind prison and when we step out of the mind prison we step out of the physical prison because one is just a reflection of the other.


LG: Consciousness would appear to be the hub in all of this?

DI: Oh yes. Absolutely. That’s why in the mainstream they never talk about it. These big questions: Who are we? Where are we? What are we doing here? They never ask that in the mainstream. They just leave that to religions to divert people off into rigid belief systems. If I had to bring the whole conspiracy in all its forms into one area, it would be to manipulate people into left-brain reality. That’s the key. Once they are in left-brain reality-it’s the area that decodes everything as apart, everything in terms of individuals, structure and language, rationality as we call it. Then you are parking them in the droplet. The left brain is great if it’s used to translate higher awareness into a form that we can work with here.


LG: People don’t understand the roles of the different parts of their brains and this is used against them.

DI: And it (the left brain) has a massive role within this reality, yes. It is basically the point where infinite consciousness joins this reality. It’s that conduit. But if you get trapped in it, and imprisoned by it, you become the decoding mechanism itself and it becomes your awareness. And if you look at society, the way it works, they are creating, from cradle to grave, left-brain prisoners. To advance in this society, you have to be good at passing exams in school, which are taking in left-brain information overwhelmingly. Then you go to the next level, and so on so that by the time you reach any level of significant influence in society or the institutions of society, you are fundamentally locked into your left brain. Or at least the majority of people are.

Interestingly, the British government announced a few weeks ago that they were going to introduce 500 educational targets for preschool children. And teachers complained that “when are the children going to have time to play?” Well, they’re not supposed to play, because play is a right-brain, ad-lib, creative pursuit. The idiot politicians who are introducing it don’t understand this, but the shadow-people from which it is generated certainly do. They want to stimulate the left brain as early as possible.


LG: And apparently the reptilian brain too. In the recent book Feelings Matter: Keys to the Unexplored Self, author Ceanne DeRohan argues that it is the reptilian brain which is negatively stimulated right from birth when babies are slapped. This leads to patterns of aggression into adulthood, which is where we get angry men running around throughout history making war, etcetera. Does this fit with what you’re saying?

DI: This absolutely fits in. I’ve been right about the reptilian brain for about 10 or 15 years now. It’s fundamental, not least because that is where the “fight or flight” trait comes in-survival. If you look at the way society is structured , it is structured to keep people overwhelmingly in a state of fear and always trying to survive, in terms of physically, in terms of terror, in terms of financially, the credit crunch, rising food prices; all this is survive, survive, survive. They want to lock us in the reptilian brain as well. It’s all about survival. I remember reading a really interesting article in the Los Angeles Times a few years ago now, by an anthropologist, and the angle of the story was that they had just increased the size of dinner plates in restaurants in California, which God knows how big they are now, he was saying that this “cult of excess,” where people have much more than they need, is an expression of a survival mechanism within the reptilian brain because the reptilian brain associates with far more than necessary to survive. So it wants to hoard; it always wants more, more, more. This is part of its survival mechanism. Interestingly, this network of interconnecting bloodlines, which is massively, massively controlled through their reptilian genetics, is not only in fear of maverick people, it does not even understand them. It cannot understand people who flow with life and go where life takes them. Because they are so in-stored within the reptilian level of the brain that they want to know the outcomes before the game starts. They’re not interested in states of flux. They are terrified of states of flux because without knowing the outcome they cannot handle the unpredictability because of fear. It’s all about the fear of not surviving. This is one of the reasons that they control both sides in everything because by controlling both sides you know the outcome before the game starts. They are setting up structures all the time to take out any chance of unpredictability because they are terrified of it and can’t handle it. They are very bright, these manipulators, but this is why they can manipulate people with fear because they are at it all the time.


LG: They are their own living reptilian brain?

DI: It’s kind of interesting, Bret, when I first came across the reptilian brain and I saw the mainstream analysis of the characteristics of the reptilian brain, I nearly fell off the chair because they were this network personified. Every character trait we get from the reptilian brain is a dominating characteristic of these bloodlines and it’s no accident.


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