Interview with Zohara Hieronimus

Usually when I write an introduction for someone it can be short and to the point. But with Zohara I could write an entire article about what she has done with her life. So let me just put it this way: Zohara has been committed to making our world a better place on almost every level, environment, society, and most of the movements throughout the years to make our world a better and safer place to live. The printed interview that you are about to read is a small part of the online interview at For the record, I must say that I found myself in a state of deep humility while interviewing Zohara. She is also the author of The Future of Human Experience.

Lotus Guide: I’ve noticed in my life that where I am today is the accumulation of my life experiences, my interests, and my education. But it’s been the little things in life, those little nudges that at the time meant very little, but over time they have taken me to where I am today, which is a dramatic difference from where I was earlier in my life. So when it comes to where you are today, how do you see yourself in the role that you might be playing?

Zohara Hieronimus: One of the things I talk about in my book is the subject of consciousness, especially in regards to being part of one mind. I think most people that have been involved in life over the past few decades are starting to wake up to this. It’s becoming clear that your thoughts affect my thoughts and my thoughts affect everybody’s thoughts to some degree. And this goes for feelings also. Even without seeing it on the news, we feel the hardships of others because we are all sharing this life field together. So when you finally reach this realization you start realizing the responsibilities and the options that we have for creating a new world. The easiest thing for us to do is become aware of our actions; then we need to become aware and masters of our feelings and our thoughts. We can all be conscious cocreators and that starts with being aware of what we’re doing, thinking, and feeling. What I’ve discovered after all of these years of covering everything from UFOs and robotics to artifacts and information, that shows our connection with ancient cultures and information.

(At this point Zohara explains how we have become unhinged from reality by changing our perception of time, which happened at key points in our history, especially around 1600. This is all covered in the online interview.)

Whenever you look to an ancient society, they always use the hermetic axiom—as it is above so it is below— and when a society unhinges from what is above, it makes it difficult to find where we are below. This change was instrumental when we became disconnected from our celestial roots. As cosmic dwellers we have become manipulators of matter and lost our connection with ancient traditions and ancient star travelers. Another thing was the loss of the solstice and equinox system of regulating time, which the church profoundly altered with the Gregorian calendar. January being the starting of a new year makes no sense at all except for the church. We actually should return to a lunar calendar, which would make more sense because it would put us in touch with the pulse of our body and Earth. So basically, since we’ve lost our connection with the lunar pulse and our galactic center, we became unhinged with our celestial roots and in the process became very aggressive toward the Earth. At this point we’ve entered into something I call techno-barbarism, but this is all about to come to an end whether we like it or not. We are entering into a change of consciousness and humanity as a whole is becoming aware of the injustices on the planet. A lot of people are becoming aware of things like what’s happening in Fukushima even though the government has stopped testing for certain types of radioactivity in the foods that we eat.

LG: Just recently the government has even raised the safe level of radiation so they don’t need to report the fact that some of our seafood is now dangerous to eat. I’ve been listening to David Suzuki and Michio Kaku, who are both well respected in the scientific community, stating very clearly that this is a very serious situation that’s not being reported on in traditional news media outlets. Looking at this from a spiritual perspective, I would have to say that this will be something to force us into a higher level of consciousness to come up with the proper solutions. One thing that we can be sure about is the fact that the solutions are not going to come from the same level of consciousness that created these problems. This is why organizations like HeartMath are so important when they talk about things like global coherence, which is all about us coming into alignment and coherence with our hearts and minds.

ZH: I actually find this very curious that Japan, through no design of their own, they are currently poised to be part of an extermination event of the Northern Hemisphere if not the entire planet. This is why organizations like have petitions that they want to submit to the United Nations to ban nuclear reactors. The silver lining to Earth changes is that it will bring humanity together because it will force us back into a deep awareness of our connection with the Earth, water, and the air we all breathe.

LG: What do you think about the financial aspect of what’s happening on our planet and corporations?

ZH: Well, I think a lot of this is going to change because so many people are becoming aware of what’s really going on. The real question is will it change in time and how much suffering will happen during the process or will we go down with horrendous suffering in this process of transformation. One of the things I look at in my book is the cyclic aspect of humanity and civilizations. Everything comes and goes like a breathing in and breathing out, but the most important thing is how we handle it while we’re in the process of change. This is where we see our true humanity. One thing is for sure, the Earth will make it. Whether humanity will be part of this process in the end is up for debate at this point. The biggest thing that we have going for us is the power of collective consciousness and I believe that we’re being forced into this experience by the world events.

(Zohara went on to talk about many aspects of what’s going on globally. She has also interviewed hundreds of people on the cutting edge of knowing what’s happening on the planet. We are now in the sixth-greatest extinction on our planet. More than 50,000 species per year are going extinct. So this isn’t something that’s going to happen in the future or some conspiracy theory—it’s happening right now, today. This kind of information has nothing to do with fear or being negative. In fact, I find it interesting when I tell someone factual information about what’s happening on the planet and he or she accuses me of being negative. This fact alone is a good example of how we have been indoctrinated on a very subtle level to not pay attention to anything that could upset the balance of power. The powerful are afraid of only one thing, and that is a well-informed citizenry. For more information on this and many other subjects visit and join our channel. You might also want to visit to find out more about what’s going on in your world.)