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Mark LightIn 2018, Mark Light, MD, and Vickie Van Scyoc, RN, will continue to offer highly effective NAET treatments to the Chico community. NAET is a natural, drugless, painless, noninvasive method used safely on anyone. Time and time again, NAET has been shown to be effective in addressing health issues previously thought to be irreversible. Do you believe your symptoms or diagnosis cannot be reversed? Do you think your allergies are permanent and that you need to avoid certain foods or take a harmful substance for the rest of your life? Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) is a truly revolutionary system for dealing with allergies. Undiagnosed allergies are often the cause of common or chronic illnesses that, when left untreated, can become serious. Allergens can be anything, including food, pets, people, money, environment, chemicals, and many more things one might not suspect.

These allergens cause blockages in the meridians and can be removed, thus restoring health and usually reducing medication use. NAET helps remove the effects of harmful substances from your body, such as heavy metals, anesthesia, medications, recreational drugs used in younger days, arterial plaque, cell phone radiation, computer radiation, X-rays, and more. Whatever your diagnosis is, NAET can help you by halting the progression or reducing your symptoms. One parent reports: “Liana had a stroke when she was born and fully vaccinated. She could not talk or walk. She had four appointments at age 18 months. At age 5, she walks with a limp, talks a lot, is in regular kindergarten, and very smart.”

NAET is just as effective remotely, too! Think car key or TV remote. We treat pets remotely and have seen fantastic results. Visit our website at chicointegrativehealth.com, check us out on Facebook, or call us at 530-899-7300. We offer free 30-minute consultations to see if NAET can help. We love integrating with conventional medicine, medicinals, and other modalities.


Quantum Power Group

In 2018, we at Chico Integrative Health are expanding our services to the community and offering the Quantum Power Group. The Quantum Power Group (QPG) meets every month to do a novel combination of energy methods, and we are not aware of another group like this meeting anywhere in the United States. The QPG uses the combined power of NAET and resonance repatterning (RR) to achieve wonderful results for its participants. NAET and RR are perfect complements and together they address all levels of the human energetic system, including physical, mental, and emotional. We present a different topic of healing and growth each month, and recent topics include immune system health and abundance. At every meeting, everyone in attendance participates in a group RR session and receives an NAET treatment, both of which are aimed at helping with whatever difficulties participants are facing in regard to the monthly topic.

At each meeting, Leigh Ann Lipscomb, PhD and certified RR practitioner, leads a group RR session. RR is used to transform subconscious thought. The premise of RR is that thoughts affect our reality, and that 95 percent of all thought is subconscious. Subconscious beliefs can limit us in various areas. Limiting beliefs in the area of the monthly topic are collectively identified with kinesiology (muscle checking), meaning that we muscle check for the group as a whole. Once identified, these subconscious beliefs are released and replaced with others that lead to a higher quality of life. Common modalities used are movement, visualization, acupressure, color, and cranialsacral therapy, among others. Doing energy work in a group setting magnifies the effects. Because we are all connected in consciousness, the sessions address common issues among group participants.

Also at each meeting, Vickie Van Scyoc, RN, and Mark Light, MD, give NAET treatments to all participants. NAET is a noninvasive, drug-free approach that uses kinesiology to identify physical, mental, and emotional issues and energy balancing to eliminate them. NAET offers support for various things such as allergic rhinitis, overgrowth of Candida (yeast), food allergies, malnutrition, hormone imbalance, cancer, diabetes, dementias, and much more. The participant holds allergen-containing vials while receiving energy balancing up and down the spine, with the end result being that the sensitivity is gone and health is much improved.

The QPG meets 2-4pm on Sunday once a month inside Chico Integrative Health. In the first quarter of 2018, the dates are January 21, February 18, and March 18. The cost of the QPG is $55 per session. Register by calling 530-899-7300 or emailing chicoresonancerepatterning@gmail.com. Full individual sessions are available for $55 (NAET) and $115 (RR).


Resonance Repatterning

Chico Integrative Health now offers individual resonance repatterning (RR) sessions from Leigh Ann Lipscomb, PhD. RR is useful for any problem, and we find it works synergistically with NAET. RR is based on the concept that we are all energetic beings. The idea is that if one has a problem, then one resonates with that problem. For example, if a person is depressed, then that person must resonate with depression. In this case, the aim of RR is to “shift” the person’s resonance with depression so that he or she does not experience it anymore. This “shift” is often accomplished by addressing a traumatic experience from the client’s childhood.

Most of our beliefs are formed in childhood. In RR sessions, we identify the emotions around the experience, as well as the beliefs that were formed. Then we can decide what we wish had happened instead. The idea is simple; the traumatic experience is over, but the subconscious mind perceives that the event is still happening. There is no need for this experience to hurt us anymore, because all that is there, really, is an image of an event in our minds. We can replace the image with one of what we wish had happened instead. In a RR session, we have remarkably simple ways of doing this, including movement, sound, color therapy, acupressure, cranialsacral therapy (finger contact to various places on the head), polarity contacts (placing the hands on the body to move stuck energy), and much more. Muscle checking is used to find the best method for each client. The effect on our present-day lives is quite remarkable.


For more information on resonance repatterning, or to schedule a session, contact Leigh Ann Lipscomb by phone 530-894-2499 or e-mail chicoresonancerepatterning@gmail.com.




I have lived in Butte County for 30 years and had continually suffered allergies in the fall due to the annual “ag Burning.” I tried numerous different products and treatments, but none helped.  After several treatments with NAET I experienced complete relief. I have gone several years now with no return of the allergy, and now I go seasonally for NAET treatment as a maintenance. I also suffered vertigo for years and avoided heights whenever possible. After one treatment with NAET I discovered the source of my fear and it went away and has never returned. Fantastic results!



When I first moved to Chico I honestly didn’t know if I could cope with my allergies to pollen. I’m thankful I set aside my doubts and did the NAET treatments; that’s been 10 years ago and so far so good. It even got rid of my allergy to cats.


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