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A Brief Explanation

By Annie Fuller


Everything is energy, from the magnificent to the mundane. Mountains. Stars. Anger. Love. Metal. Air. All beings. Even plastic.

Our spirit/consciousness designs contracts, karma, and agreements before incarnating. Our individuated human souls store energies that do not belong to us. Spiritual healing involves spirit and soul in all their wisdom and brilliance. It unifies the path of spirit with the path of human and accelerates our healing and awakening.


Do you have trouble with boundaries? Do you sense that a deceased loved one hasn’t gone to the light? Has someone decided you are mentally ill? Are there patterns you can’t seem to break? Do you feel yourself? Have you been unable to disconnect from an unhealthy relationship? Are you struggling with a medically undiagnosable illness?


Varieties of heavy energy can become trapped within the landscape of the soul. Trauma creates soul loss and leaves pockets of density, as does taking on another’s suffering. Earthbound and other types of entities cause mental and physical ailments. The list goes on and on. These energies radiate through the layers and manifest as disease and illness. Unhappiness, disconnection, and poor health are rampant because most people’s souls are burdened with concentrated heavy energy. Wholeness and vitality can be restored without medical methods.

Spiritual healing occurs throughout the world, and in some cultures it’s the norm. Healers have their own paths, experiences, and interconnections with emissaries of the divine, and each works in unique and personal ways.

I’ve been involved with spiritual healing for more than 34 years. Some of my ways include ceremony, deep alliance with my teachers and helpers, hands-on healing, shamanism, and kinship with Pachamama. Through my life and work experiences I’ve developed trusting relationships with master healers of the light that move through me for the benefit of others.

Here is an example of spiritual healing involving one of my teachers, the Light of Love, Pleadean surgeons, and soul retrieval.Annie Fuller-Shaman


Franklyn was 35 and had a loving wife, young daughter, and many friends. Handsome, impulsive, and charismatic, he was the life of every party. While riding his motorcycle one day, Franklyn collided with a truck. Both knees and the bones above his knees broke, as did his wrists and upper right arm. When I met Franklyn the nerve pain in his right knee, which three surgeries had failed to relieve, was unbearable.

His best friend suggested I might be able to help; Franklyn was highly skeptical.

Franklyn lay upon the healing table. I touched his feet and breathed to my center. The Light of Love moved down my arms, out my hands, and into his body and soul. Teacher: “His mind must see himself as he was before. Active. Moving. His body free. Tell him not to view himself as he is, but as he was and wants to be. His mind must cooperate with the future shape of his form. This is his task.”

I saw Franklyn’s surgeries and noticed a nerve had been stripped and left bare. It was the source of his pain. Pleadean surgeons numbed the nerve, realigned it, and applied healing salve. I was told Franklyn’s pain would be gone within three days. At the scene of the accident, I recovered part of his soul, brought it for healing, and blew it back into him.

Teacher: “It’s time for him to focus. He must allow his inner strength to override his unhealthy perspectives and use his influence in more helpful ways.”

Magic can be palpable during spiritual healing, yet it’s difficult for me to tell someone something will change within a specific period. Because I implicitly trust my teachers and guides and could never accomplish my work without them, I share everything and relay all messages.

Personal responsibility on the part of the client also plays a part. A healing ceremony is a brief moment in life. How does one take the opportunity of the changes that occurred? Posthealing suggestions are an integral part of spiritual healing.

Humbled, Franklyn called on the third day to say his nerve pain was gone.


Spiritual healing belongs to the mystical, energetic realms and assists us here, in the physical. It occurs outside time and space and addresses all human experiences. After a healing, most people feel themselves, sometimes for the first time in their entire lives.

Can spiritual healing cure everything? No. But it can get to the root cause of most disturbances and either relieve them or at least offer us the awareness of why its occurrence is important. Illness is a teacher of awakening and heart expansion. The opportunities that one’s spirit chooses for these tasks do not necessarily fit with our human lives and expectations.

Spiritual healers know that everything, including ourselves, is living energy. Our work focuses within the landscapes of the spirit and soul. We know we are never alone and allow evolved beings to work with and through us. Trusting our distinctive ways of perception and experience, we share our wisdom with all who request it.

Spiritual healing is the oldest form of healing that exists.

Annie Fuller-Shaman

Annie Fuller, international spiritual healer/teacher, has a healing practice in Paradise, where she sees clients of all ages. She offers diverse workshops on shamanism, spiritual healing, and Andean mysticism. To learn more, join Annie at her upcoming Spiritual Healing and the Human Soul class: http://fullcirclespiritualhealing.com/classesworkshops/.


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