A Positive Choice

2012: A Positive Choice

By Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

As our world rapidly escalates toward greater reconnection, each core essence (soul) is feeling the energetic shift that is happening globally. Many energies are coming into play now, and fear is only one of those energies, yet it is claiming a powerful front position. Many beings are now moving into greater intensity in all aspects of their life expressions, and many are aligned with their core essences for the first time. This is a great celebration that offers greater depth and understanding of the presence of fear!

Connecting with your core essence offers you the ability to feel things that you have not ever felt before. Arriving at your core essence brings forth the gift of being fully present to touch feelings, emotions, expressions, and spiritual connections you may have not ever touched before. Once you have arrived, learning how to navigate these core feelings will be influenced by your reactionary system, which is habitual.

As you begin to navigate these energies you must first release the habit of the habit of the pain of the pain. This pattern of navigating our world affects all beings on this planet and many will also notice shifts in their pets or other animals. (They are included too.)

Begin the process of loving shift by first asking yourself “What do I value most?” Pay careful attention to what comes up as your first response. You may be shocked. We encourage you to write your response on a piece of paper and keep writing until you find your core resonate truth. Bring this resonate truth to the top of your mind, and everything will become effortless. From there you can navigate the present energies with ease and abundant joy … even fear!

Remember you cannot navigate these energies for others. You must each navigate your own way. As you navigate your own way clearly, you will attract to yourself others who are navigating the same waters, thereby making the journey ever more pleasant. It is not difficult; it simply requires presence.

How and where is your future to go?

The real question is: Where do you want it to go?

Give yourself the gift of getting very clear. Wake up to your sacred mission and know peace. What would you need to shift in your current consciousness to integrate this powerful message? How would your life change if you truly embraced positive cocreative energies now available on the planet?

A simple exercise to begin regularly embracing positive energy is to call forth your core essence each morning by simply declaring, “Thank you,” upon arising. It takes practice to consistently embrace positive energy and create a new habit. One way to support the morning “thank you” is to recognize that your mind will want to lapse into forgetfulness and to place a Post-it note by your bed with the words “thank you” written on it. By choosing to do this one simple step, you will stay in the flow of positive memory.

Give yourself a gift by sharing time with a like-minded, positively oriented community. Teach your children that the harmony of peace energy is a true gift. Why not offer yourself “full immersion” into the gift of balance by limiting your exposure to all violence? Rather than defend what violence is teaching you, allow yourself to break free of the cycle of addiction to violence at any level.

What if you could allow yourself the freedom to see the gift in everything around you, as it is, right now?

This year we are witnessing a great rise in conscious gatherings and committed individuals who are standing in the space of divine recognition. We are ready to reorient the energy of the planet into a balanced spaciousness.

When we collectively enter the space of conscious gratitude, we effortlessly call forth the divine perfection of the energies of balance. May our hearts know that when you are in that moment, your choice has been declared. For together, we can all be joyously prepared for 2012 and beyond.

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