Camp Fire

November, 2018: As I sit here at 3am in my home in Magalia thinking of all those families sleeping in tents and other peoples homes I know there are no words that can convey my feelings for their suffering, especially after seeing what they will be seeing in a few weeks when they arrive back in Paradise & Magalia to see, firsthand, the devastation and almost complete destruction of our community from the “Camp Fire.” This has to be the ultimate lesson of the difference between being “proactive” and “reactive.” In some situations if you wait to be “reactive” it’s too little too late and all you can do is run like hell.

Since my wife, Dhara, and I publish a magazine we have the advantage of having a Press Pass that allows us to come and go through the area that has been blocked now for a couple of weeks. In the process, many of our readers and friends have contacted us to see if we can check and see if their homes are there…or not, mostly it’s “or not.” Most of our advertisers in the area, who are actually are friends also, have lost everything so we started a GoFundMe site so we can continue helping them and many others.

Camp Fire

                     The Road To Our Home-Nov 2018

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There are many other ways to Donate to the families who have been so heavily impacted by the Camp Fire, you can email me at and I will send you links.

Here are some of the reports I’ve made on the Camp Fire in the Paradise & Magalia area and my interview with Robert Kennedy Jr.