A Time for Change

A Time for Change

By Kristy M. Ayala

We have experienced many big shifts this year, and this month summer is no different. However, this summer the shifts and changes are coming from the inside out. You may find that you are receiving opportunities to revisit situations from the past as a way to acknowledge, heal, and move forward. A lot of full-circle clearing and healing is happening right now. You may be experiencing this within your own life. People, lifestyles, and belief systems that are no longer serving you may show up in unexpected ways that allow you to work through them and send them on their way with blessings and gratitude.

I have been calling this work a “renegotiating” of what is inherently right for us individually. We are being asked to pull our energy within and to take some time to really look, listen, feel, and acknowledge the areas of our life that are no longer congruent. This is such an important investment in our overall health and well-being, and sometimes it can be uncomfortable. In doing this, creating a renegotiation, we actually get to acknowledge what has come full circle and what we are consciously releasing. The next step is letting the old go. If you feel guided to reach out for support during this shift, please know that allowing yourself to receive support will allow you to move through these changes more gently. Through this process, we allow ourselves to organically move forward with the people, lifestyles, and belief systems that are congruent for us.

This commitment to self and health allows us to move through our world in a gentler, happier, and more focused way. This renegotiation actually allows for deeper celebrations both internally and externally. We are being given a gift of clearing out the old, and now is the perfect time to do this self-loving work.

Kristy Ayala

I invite you to take some time each day to inventory what is working wonderfully within your world as well as the areas that are asking to be renegotiated. As you are able to honestly evaluate what is and isn’t working, you can begin to make healthy life changes. By inviting the things, people, and lifestyles that match your personal happiness and integrity into your inner circle, you will experience a life of true celebration.

I have created a journaling exercise that can offer you a deep insight into the changes and shifts that you are being asked to make within your life right now. Carving out 10 minutes a day to devote to answering the following questions can bring a huge shift and a catalyst for positive change into your world. This is a powerful way to get clear insight into your thoughts and feelings about your life. You are worth investing in this simple, yet powerful, daily exercise. I promise you that this exercise will bring rapid insight and support to you as you move forward. You are worth it!

  • What do I love about my life?
  • Who are the people within my world who respect me, my time, and my dreams?
  • Who are the people within my life who inspire me and encourage me to follow my personal path of peace?
  • How does my professional work fulfill me and my life purpose?
  • Do I ever wish that I were doing a different job? If so, what kind of job would I rather be doing? Why aren’t I doing that job?
  • How much time do I devote to creativity and other personal endeavors?
  • How much time do I devote to learning something new each day?
  • Do I embrace a healthy exercise pattern that resonates with who I am and with my lifestyle?
  • How much time do I exercise each week?
  • Am I committed to eating a healthful food plan each day, being conscientious of either nourishing or contaminating my body?
  • Do I feel guided to eat foods that I know aren’t good for me? If so, why? If so, when?
  • What foods do I crave? When do I crave them?
  • Do I avoid toxins and chemicals within my diet, including alcohol, caffeine, and other drugs?
  • How much time each day do I devote to my spiritual life?
  • What kinds of spiritual connection do I enjoy?
  • In what ways can I nourish or foster a deeper relationship with spirit?
  • Do I have people within my world with whom I can share my spiritual practice?
  • What changes would I like to make to my spiritual life?
  • Who are the people within my world who drain me or my time?
  • Who are the people within my world whom I feel obligated to help or support? Why? How long have I felt this way?
  • Do I have people within my world who seem to have the same issues or problems over and over again? Do I find myself telling them the same things over and over again? How long has this been going on?
  • Which situations or patterns do I feel finished with?
  • Which kinds of situations, people, or lifestyles do I think I have outgrown?
  • Which people do I try to avoid? Why?
  • What do I try to avoid? Why?
  • What challenging memories from my past seem to be showing up right now?
  • How are childhood or past memories connected to the changes that I am trying to make within my life right now?
  • How can I best move through these situations now?
  • Am I being guided to ask for help in healing the past?
  • Do people tell me that I need to work on ____________________________ over and over again?
  • Who in my family has this same issue? How can I receive help to change this behavior?
  • How would I like to spend my time throughout the day?
  • What kinds of relationships would I like to experience?
  • What would a balanced life look like for me?
  • How close is my current life to my ideal goals?
  • What changes do I need to make to move closer to a healthier and congruent life for myself?
  • Do I feel guilty when I think about making positive and healthy changes for my life? If so, why?
  • Do I have people in my life who may not want me to make healthy changes within my life? If so, why?
  • Do I feel guided to receive help as I realign my life to a place that matches my personal integrity?
  • What do I love about me?
  • What changes am I being guided to make today that will support me?

Kristy is an author, professional speaker, life coach, and intuitive counselor. With both her master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Psychology, Kristy uses her professional and educational background in conjunction with her spiritual gifts to best support her clients. Kristy believes in providing a balanced support system when working with clients that includes body, mind, and spirit. Kristy is a professional life coach, Angel Therapy® practitioner, Reiki master teacher, certified clairvoyant medium, certified yoga instructor, and radio show host. You can visit Kristy at www.kristymayala.com.