A Wave of Compassion DVD Documentary


by Jody McNicholas

A “longing of the spirit” and a profound “loneliness” are some of the underlying truths that are gently disclosed in A Wave of Compassion, a documentary about addiction. Director Jody McNicholas has afforded us all an opportunity to listen to the diverse reflections of what needs to happen for healing to take place in the lives of addicts and alcoholics. Addiction and recovery both need to be well understood in their nature and complexity so that the hope and inspiration needed to re-install purpose in the lives of addicts and alcoholics can take place. This documentary validates that need. Virginia Eagan, MFTA Wave of Compassion is available online at www.aWaveofCompassion.com and also S&S Produce in Chico, Eco-centric Store in Graeagle and East-West Bookstore in Sacramento, CA.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide