About Lotus Guide

Originally the idea for the Lotus Guide came about because the community had a need for a Calendar of Events and a central place for the alternative health & living community to congregate. At the time, 2004, there were no media sources to post useful information concerning meditation workshops, events, or even a central Business Directory for practitioners and services. That idea quickly evolved into a Chico State University project working with us, Rahasya & Dhara, to publish Butte County’s only healthy living and lifestyle magazine at the time. The challenge was and still is, to keep an open mind to new discoveries in health and science and at the same time keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground.

Editorial & Columns by Experts

Each issue has a Health and Nutrition column that is locally oriented toward the needs of those in the community, with a question and answer section from our readers. Each issue also includes an editorial by known writers, lecturers, and speakers in the areas of science, meditation, spirituality, and more.

Book & Film Reviews

Read reviews on leading authors, scientists and researchers about cutting edge topics of the day. We make every attempt to stay on top of the latest books, DVD’s, and CD’s being distributed on the important topics of our time.

Free Calendar of Events

This service is for those in the community who offer a service/event for example, meditation workshops and training, special community events, etc.) that are open to the public for free/small donation or for which the cost is so low that advertising would be cost prohibitive. This service is offered by Lotus Guide so everyone in the community can have a voice and connect with others of like mind. If you’re an advertiser this rule is waived, which makes it nice if you have a time-sensitive event you would like posted on the printed Calendar of Events (also online).