Actualizing Resilient Regenerative Communities

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Michael DiMartino

in the Bio-Region

By Michael DiMartino

   The time has come to prioritize personal health, water & food security, economic stability, environmental regeneration & emergency preparedness

   It’s very easy to see without looking too far that many aspects of society are changing.  Everything from the environment to politics and the economy are out of balance. There seems to be no place in the world that is beyond being affected. And now, these changes are all seemingly coming to a crescendo at a chaotic and disjointed level never before seen in our generation. As this is occurring, it is also exposing the frailty of a colonel design and an old archaic system constructed from a poor design. A fabricated and fractured design that is not aligned with nature, spiritual values or even any thread of human compassion.

Watershed Project   In response to the deteriorating social and environmental condition on the planet, Golden Road Productions has partnered with the Sacramento River Watershed Project and the Alliance for Resilient Communities. It is time to move beyond just sustainability and truly recreate and redesign our world based on preservation and regeneration. We must all step into our most elevated and awakened sovereignty and become part of the positive changes needed. We must harvest a lifetime of information and knowledge and turn it into wisdom. The wisdom of walking our talk and manifesting enlightened solutions. In this current state it takes more than a village and every individual must do their part while cultivating the bridges of connectivity with their community.

Golden Road Media is creating and ready to launch an independent media channel for several shows. The focus is to have a bio-regionally focused online media channel where we can aggregate and broadcast content. The intention is to support a more connected and resilient area with topics on arts and culture, health, peace and justice, economic development (including other means of equity exchange ), regenerative culture and self sustainability. Promoting local and keeping the resources in our communities, not the pockets of Facebook or Youtube.

Golden Road Media is also working with the Sacramento River Watershed Project to produce several documentaries. These titles include “Soul of the Delta” Preservation or Privatization, a film about the negative impacts of the proposed Delta Tunnel and “ The Bottom Line “ Profit vs People, about the poisoning of Nevada and Placer County by the use of toxic herbicides and algaecides by the Nevada Irrigation District. We are also shooting the trailer for a film about the Tahoe Basin Watershed and environmental toxins that are jeopardizing one of the last and most pristine natural areas in California.

Golden Road Productions has also partnered with the Alliance for Resilient Communities to launch a land-based retreat, school and food farm; an in-town business center for networking, meetings and events; and a bioregional network directory of individuals and businesses dedicated to serving our area. This directory is vetted for actual high-level contributors of regenerative resources and includes an independent member chat forum to discuss resources, think tank ideas and implement innovative projects.

Whispering Pines Farm, School and Retreat  A 20-acre self-sustainable off grid center for education in areas of permaculture, renewable energy, non toxic construction, spirituality and the arts. The center opens in Spring of 2021.

The Resilience and Innovation Hub – A newly established commercial space for collaborative works with hi speed wi-fi. A full green screen room with an in-house audio/video production facility. A membership based event space and 15 different businesses working together for a more connected community.

The Source Directory – A bioregional directory of individuals, businesses and decision makers that are truly community minded and regenerative.

The Golden Road TV Show – A weekly 1-hour live show from 7-8 pm on YouTube and other platforms. It is a magazine style show with various speakers, interviews, videos and music.  or

Sacramento River Watershed Project

The Sacramento River Watershed Project is a critical step in creating a unified vision for future generations. We aim to identify regional issues concerning water safety and security. To establish a coalition of stakeholders including individuals, artists, indigenous communities, organizations, and government agencies; to hold those responsible for committing harms accountable; and to develop collective local and statewide strategies to implement innovative solutions.


  This is a list of events we are planning throughout the region and the year as
part of our SRWP Water Protector Tour 2021.


World Water Day March 22nd – Online 

WaterPalooza May 22nd & 23rd – Sacramento River Delta ( Hood ) 

Tahoe Basin Water Protector Festival – July TBA

Earthstock August 14 & 15th – Nevada City 

Watershed Guardian Gathering – Mt Shasta

In a time of extreme polarization we invite you to reach out in collaboration as we build bridges of community and regenerative connectivity. This is an invitation to empower yourself, align with other awake beings and activate our collective synergy. Your perception defines reality. Your actions and thoughts create it. If not us, who? If not now, when? We are the ones we have been waiting for!!!

The Alliance for Resilient Communities is looking to establish Resilience round tables in several other counties in the watershed bioregion. These include Sacramento, Butte, Siskiyou, Shasta and Plumas. If you are interested please contact us at 530-362-8264