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Our goal at Lotus Guide is to be your premier alternative voice to a target audience that’s looking for holistic health practitioners, meditation training and workshops and a wide variety of needs for those seeking mental and physical health and fitness.

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Your Ad goes out on the Community Email, and on 4 Facebook pages (Over 2,000 Friends, Twitter with over 4,000 Followers, and LinkedIN with over 800 Connections.

Free Calendar of Events

This service is for those in the community who offer a service/event for example, meditation workshops and training, special community events, etc.) that are open to the public for free/small donation or for which the cost is so low that advertising would be cost prohibitive. This service is offered by Lotus Guide so everyone in the community can have a voice and connect with others of like mind. If you’re an advertiser this rule is waived, which makes it nice if you have a time-sensitive event you would like posted on the printed Calendar of Events (also online).