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What will having an article do for you and your business? Whenever you write for the Lotus Guide we also post your article ONLINE with links to you (website and/or email). Your article is also professionally “Search Engine Optimized” giving it a ‘high ranking’ in Search Engines; this has a heavy impact on visibility for you and your business. You will notice over time that your article will show up on GOOGLE if someone uses your name or any of the Tags or Meta Names we put in.

Lotus Guide will accept your article submissions but there are some ground rules to go by.

Please read these rules thoroughly; this will save you time and us as well.

Please keep in mind that we are very supportive of our advertiser’s and it’s for this reason they have editorial priority when it comes to submitting an article for publication at no charge.

If you have an ongoing ad with Lotus Guide size doesn’t matter; if you want to place a 1 time ad to submit an article it needs to be at least a 1/6th size ad or larger. A 1/6th ad is $385 and is a large ad, plus you are getting at least 2 pages of space and your ad is sent out in our Community Email with a link to your article to over 9,000 residents. At this time we are printing 22,000 magazines.

Your article will also be read online in our Online Flip Magazine and it also has it’s own page that will be on our website indefinitely.

If you want to submit an article to be published Online only, there is a $100. cost to cover our time and this would include any photos or graphics you want in the ad along with Hot Links to any websites or emails. This also gives you an external link to your website which helps in Google Searches.

We ALWAYS reserve Editorial Privilege (the ability to add to or change content).


  • All article submissions must be 900 words or less, this allows for space to place up to 2 graphics or photo’s, unless you are an advertiser who have a 1200 word limit.
  • Your article must have all your contact information at the end of the article. 
  • Very Important ~ Your article must not read like an “infomercial” In other words, it must be as generic as possible. We receive material occasionally that reads exactly like a “flyer” and if we printed it, it would actually be a very large ad. This doesn’t work for anyone. We are delighted to let the community know what you do but your article must be informational in content and read in such a way that it helps people understand the technique or theory in general. Since your contact information is there you are still getting recognition. Let your ad actually do the selling.


The deadline for articles is the 4th of the month previous to the month the magazine is printed.
For example:
Dec 4th for the Jan/Feb/Mar issue {Winter}
March 4th for the Apr/May/Jun issue {Spring}
June 4th for the Jul/Aug/Sept issue {Summer}
Sept 4th for the Oct/Nov/Dec issue (Autumn}

Occasionally we make exceptions in regard to the length, but you will need to contact us and let us know that your subject matter simply cannot be condensed and still have the information needed to be a comprehensive article. Your article must be emailed to us and either be in the email itself or as an attachment as a .doc file. If you have any photo’s or graphics you would like to be included, you can email those also in a high resolution format so the printing quality will be good. Usually as a 300 dpi jpg or gif will do. Email your submission to:

If you have a Profile and are an advertiser or have a Business Directory Listing on this website you can also submit your article for posting on the website.

With your Online Article we also can offer you the opportunity to have a banner ad in the right column, contact us for details. And if you are thinking of Advertising, visit to see the many ways we can help you and your business get the word out.

And Last but not Least, here is a great post on how to write a great article and it doesn’t matter if you are new to writing or have been writing articles for a long time, this will really help you write something that people will read and respond to CLICK HERE