Video Interviews with The Lotus Guide

As always, we offer a wide variety of print ads in our magazine but part of keeping up with technology and the younger readers has taken us into very interesting areas of media. We are now offering the possibility to be interviewed by Lotus Guide on video.

Our interviews are uploaded to our Youtube Channel which is at which point our videos are viewed by thousands of people. The interview is also posted on our Facebook page which is which is approaching 2,000 friends and our Twitter page ( which has over 4,000 Followers.

You are also welcome to use your video on your website and if you have a Premium Listing ($79/yr.) in our Business Directory it can be posted there as well.

There are 3 ways we can do our interviews: 

  1. You can come here to our office which is in a beautiful country setting 10 minutes from Chico where we will do the interview here. You should come prepared wearing a solid color shirt or blouse (not any shade of green) because we use a green screen background making it possible to put your logo, diagrams, or backgrounds behind us while we talk. The cost for this is temporarily at $350. 
  2. This is the preferred way is on SKYPE. This would require you to have a SKYPE connection which is free and can be downloaded at At that point you will need to send me a connection request and my SKYPE name is Rahasya555. You will need to have a fairly good computer and camera as well as a good Internet connection. The cost for this is $250. because it requires a lot less setup time for me. 
  3. We also offer short to the point 3-5 minute video advertisements for $250. 

Feel free to give us a call or email to get you started at (530) 894-8433 or email