Age of Responsibility

The Age of Responsibility

By Rahasya Poe

Some say we are entering the Age of Enlightenment, and personally, I believe that’s true. But let’s get real for a moment. As we look around in the world we see global chaos and all sorts of unspeakable atrocities. What is it that makes this possible? I see it as the lack of “personal responsibility.” We humans tend to hide in groups, crowds, and sometimes, mobs. We also have the unique ability to get highly organized and commit crimes against other humans and nature itself. The interesting thing is that most of us don’t have it in us to commit these acts as individuals, so we turn our responsibility over to the group or organization.

I suggest that we should not be part of any group that’s committing any act that we would not take responsibility for and do as an individual. We can see right away how this would change what’s going on in the world. Often when we come face to face with our enemy we see that the enemy is none other than ourselves.

I see a great shift in humanity coming. I don’t mean that we are going to “become” better human beings. It’s much more than that; I see humanity heading for a transformation into a totally new being. Of course I’m aware of how this may sound to some and to tell you the truth it often sounds a little naive even to me, but “truth” has this annoying way of being a pest until you start living it (please note that I did not say “believing it”).

One of the signs of this is that we see people starting to take more responsibility for their health, which of course means “prevention.” If for no other reason than the financial aspects, each of us needs to start being responsible for our being; this means our emotions, our actions, our spiritual development, and our physical health.

Rahasya Poe


By being responsible for our health, we not only change our actions, but we also change our level of awareness which, in itself, is an important part of our well-being.This is why we are devoting more editorial space in the Lotus Guide to some of our local practitioners and what they have to offer. Of course it’s always interesting to see what people are doing out there in the world we live in, but we need not look any further than our community for some of the most excellent help around.


So be proactive with your life, your community, and your health and watch how we can help heal the world one community at a time by healing ourselves one person at a time.