An Interview with Dhara Lemos

Dhara's Meditation CD

By Pamela Jamian


“Now. … Sweet One … Be Wise. … Cast all your votes for Dancing!”

—Hafiz, I Heard God Laughing


Dhara Fusion Dance is a dance meditation created and taught by Dhara Lemos, who has spent many years learning therapeutic healing and meditation techniques. She practiced and taught meditation for more than 25 years in India, Brazil, Germany, England, and more recently in the United States, where she now lives in Chico, CA. These meditations are a blending of Eastern meditation and Western movement therapies such as bioenergetic and somatic therapies. This special blend of meditation and movement was originally taught by Osho in Puna, India, during the 1970s and has taken on a life of its own ever since, inspiring therapists, seekers, and musicians worldwide to expand their own awareness and creativity. Dhara is also the coauthor of The 12 Spiritual Laws of Recovery and Meditations for the 12-Step Program.


Pamela Jamian: What is “Dhara Fusion Dance”?

Dhara Lemos: It is a Tantra meditation that initiates the creative life flow of higher frequencies through the body, soul, and spirit, forming an experiential fusion of the whole being through world fusion music and movement. It is an extension of my dance meditation class that I want to share with a larger community. Most of all, it is a safe place for our community to meet, have quality time together, expand awareness, and have fun!


PJ: How does dancing or movement play a part in meditation?

DL: When we meditate, we become aware of our connectedness with something greater than ourselves. Dance and music were some of the first meditation forms used by earlier civilizations as a spiritual practice; even now there are many indigenous peoples who still use dance and music as a form of meditation to tap into higher consciousness. From Whirling Dervish to Native American Ceremony, from the Dance of David to the Dance of Shiva, spirit unites motion with form to bring us an experiential fusion with the divine. More recently, in the somatic and bioenergetic sciences we are seeing that we hold trauma in our bodies as suppressed energy. Of course as a child we knew what to do when we were frustrated by life; we jumped up and down and threw a temper tantrum. But the power figures in our lives, our parents and teachers, tell us to go to our rooms and be quiet, sit still, calm down … and we do, but at a cost. All that energy gets embodied within us and eventually becomes dis-ease. For instance, right now, sit back and become aware of your body; you will feel that somewhere there is tension that you weren’t aware of. This tension eventually becomes chronic if we don’t shake it off somehow and let it go. You don’t need years of therapy; you just need to release the energy that is blocked. This is how Rolfing, acupuncture, Reiki, and a long list of energy therapies work, by releasing and balancing your energies.


PJ: How did you get involved in dance as meditation?

DL: I have always had a passion for both dance and meditation. At one time I considered dance as a profession. And my spiritual path has led me to many meditation techniques. Combining the two sparks a joyful fusion in my soul, one that I want to share. Dance mediation seems like the best way for me to do that. It’s my passion!


PJ: Tell me more about the dance meditation itself. How do you perform the dance?

DL: Unlike other meditations in which you focus the mind, in this meditation you allow the body to flow through movement and breathing. Then you move through progressive phases that shake off stagnant or blocked chi (the life-force energy in your aura) and align yourself with the flow of chi within the chakra system. Once you are aligned, the dancing simply begins to happen! You let the dance flow in its own way; you don’t force it. You are not doing it, but it is happening to you. In this technique of dance, you allow every feeling and emotion to come out. You dance it out, and by this very act, transformation into awareness of higher frequencies will happen. So you feel free, and you can invite the celebratory mood to take you over. It is playful and joyful. You are playing with your life energy and bioenergy, allowing it to move in its own way, just like the wind blows and the river flows. You are filling up with your life force. In this moment, all your problems are forgotten and you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. In a very playful way, you can liberate yourself from old fears and beliefs (the ones that no longer serve you) that can make you so serious and ill and dull. It is time to celebrate yourself! When we are rejuvenated physically and emotionally, this opens a natural bridge to connect with our higher frequencies through sitting meditation and lucid dreaming, which are the last phases of the Active Meditation, and in this case, the dance meditation. In other words, meditation ends up “happening” and a silent witnessing occurs in which you meet your true self, beyond words, beyond thoughts … beyond mind. You simply can not “do” anything to get there; it has to “happen” when there’s nothing left to do. It’s very difficult to explain because it’s experiential and not part of the words and thoughts created in the mind. However, there is nothing you can do that is wrong; there are no right or wrong steps. You just let yourself go with the flow of the music.


PJ: What do you mean by Active Meditation?

DL: Active Meditation was created by my spiritual teacher, Osho, in the later part of the 1960s. When he was teaching meditation, he felt that his students couldn’t just sit and be still (he had a large Western following). They had difficulty learning traditional meditation techniques. He felt the necessity to teach them how to release tensions in the body. And that automatically cleansed the emotional body as well.

I started doing his Active Meditation in my early 20s. I grew to love it. It was a live transformation for me. As I continued with the meditation for a while, I found it to be too much for the body in some situations. So I began to adapt the meditations to be easier on the body so this made it easier for people who are older or have back problems, and so on. What I’ve found over the years is that the results are the same as the original meditations taught by Osho. Of course what we are really referring to here is increased consciousness, which is what we are all striving for in some way.

There are six progressive phases for the Active Meditation, which is aligned to the music that is calibrated for each phase:


  • Alignment (Chakra Breathing and Bija Mantra)
  • Release (Vigorous Shaking)
  • Invite the Flow (Chakra Dance Movement)
  • Dance in the Flow (Free Form Dance)
  • Presence (Mantra and Sitting Meditation)
  • Lucid Dream (Lying Down)


PJ: How does connecting with higher frequencies help our lives?

DL: Higher frequencies are at the origin of everything in the universe. They are the stuff of which life is made. This is not just some New Age jargon either; it’s hard science. The only difference in anything that exists lies in its signature frequency. This becomes particularly important in the area of health because this is also true for viruses and bacteria. If our frequency is low, we are susceptible for interaction with those frequencies that can harm us. By allowing the frequencies to move through us, we become like antenna to receive more of the “good stuff” available to us as we cocreate the relationships and circumstances of our lives. In my own life, because I started to do this meditation at an early age, my friends and the people around me were doing drugs to get high. I was doing this meditation and also got high, but it was a clean high in which I was having every bit as much fun as they were; the only difference was the next day I felt much better than they felt!


PJ: Some people are already using meditation techniques. How will this help them?

DL: Active Meditation such as Dhara Fusion Dance is the perfect complement to any meditation practice that serves our spiritual growth through invocation. It helps ground and assimilate higher frequencies and inspires an experience of the Divine in our whole being. It is also very good for releasing stress, clearing the mind, and transforming emotions such as anger and depression; it is very practical for everyone in every circumstance who wants more awareness, health, and a fuller, happier life, which are the things that make a difference in our daily lives.


PJ: How can others experience Dhara Fusion Dance?

DL: My workshops and classes are listed in the Lotus Guide and at Beginning in January, once a month we will hold Dhara Fusion Dance celebration sessions. See my ad on page 2 for all the information. In the near future, we will be releasing a collaborative CD with original music that was designed specifically for my Active Meditations.

So no matter what age you are, my invitation is for you to come and experience getting high together in celebration of life through Dhara’s Fusion Dance.


If you have any questions, contact Dhara Lemos at 530-894-8433, ext. 2, email, or visit her webpage at


Pamela Jamian has folowed a career path for more than 20 years as a business leader for health plans and as a professional musician in Texas and California. She has an avid interest in diverse spiritual practices, music, and the practical application of conscious spirituality to everyday life. Pamela lives in Magalia and works in Chico. Contact Pamela at