An Interview with Drunvalo Is Reality Real

An Interview with Drunvalo:

Is Reality Real?

By Rahasya Poe

In a lot of ways I am in a privileged position because I can do research and get to the bottom of a lot of what’s happening in the world of discovery by sifting through the nonsense. For instance, did you know that most of today’s leading scientists agree that a “holographic universe” is the best model of our reality? And more recently, Professor James Gates and his colleagues discovered something that only a handful of the smartest people on the planet can even begin to comprehend; when he was trying to find out if there were any hidden codes in the laws that describe physics he found what is called “doubly-even self-dual linear binary error-correcting block codes.” As I said, only a handful of scientists understand this, but basically he found the same self-correcting binary codes that we use in the computer systems that run behind almost everything we do on the computer and the Internet.

Many years ago Drunvalo told my wife and me that when we look up at the night sky, we are seeing a holographic projection and that in fact, reality itself is a holograph. This was far beyond what my mind could accept at the time, but in reading what leading research and theoretical physicists have said in the past few years, and during a few psychotropic journeys of my own, I have come to realize that this is true.

Those of you who watched my interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton might recall that he was emphatic that the Matrix movie was much more of a documentary than a movie. My wife and I had dinner with David Icke a while back and he told me, “Whenever you are doing research into the nature of reality, remember one thing, nothing is as it appears to be.” I think it was the resonance in his voice that stirred me so deeply, that “aha” moment when truth touches your core being.

So I hope you can read this interview with an open mind and realize that we are on the threshold of a completely new understanding of who we are and about the nature of reality. And remember that you can watch the entire interview with Drunvalo on our YouTube channel,, along with interviews with many other researchers, archaeologists, visionaries, and people who are rewriting our past and pushing human history back from 6,000 years ago to more than 4 million years ago. Now for Drunvalo Melchizedek.


Lotus Guide: Back a few years ago when we were talking, you were saying some of the indigenous tribes were telling you things about our reality but it was too early to let everybody know. Can you tell us now what some of the indigenous people on the planet have been telling you?

Drunvalo Melchizedek: Well, there are a lot of tribes beginning to speak up right now because we are in dangerous times. There are tribes like the Zulus in Africa, the Hopi Indians, and quite a few others that are in perfect agreement with what’s going on, what we need to do, and what’s coming our way. For instance, the Mayan prophecy seems to have a negative aspect to it but truth be told, there is another part of the prophecy that is quite positive. When they’re talking about the negative things happening in their prophecy, they’re basically talking about the end of the male cycle, which ended on December 21, 2012, and the female started on the 22nd. So the old male cycle or patriarchal paradigm will completely dissolve and this is what we’re living through right now, the collapse of the financial systems, governments, and patriarchal organizations. So actually, in a deep sense the Mayan prophecy hasn’t really begun yet; we’re just in the beginning stages of it. Before we find ourselves deep within the Mayan prophecy we still need to enter a time of chaos and we haven’t entered that period quite yet.

Drunvalo and Rahasya poeDrunvaol and Dhara

They told me in the 1990s that we could tell when this process really starts to happen because the beginning would be

marked by internal Earth and sun changes. NASA has said that starting in 2013, when we are in the solar cycle 24, that the solar flares could be so strong that they could wipe out most of our computer systems, electric grids, and satellites. The reason that this is a serious situation is because of our addiction to computer systems. If the electric grid ever went out, that would mean that the financial system would suddenly collapse, there would be no water, no gasoline or food, and no transportation to speak of.


LG: You know, just sitting here listening to you, it’s real tempting to come in at this point with polarity consciousness and ask, “Is this a good thing or is this a bad thing, but could this simply be part of a larger cycle that transcends good and bad?”

DM: Well, the answer is yes. This is part of a series of events that nobody wants to hear about and they will happen one right after another. (At this point I don’t want to put into print what Drunvalo said here. If you really want to know you can listen to the interview online on our YouTube channel.)


LG: You know, I don’t think most people really get it. If I start showing people the facts and leave out my opinions on where it leads, a lot of people say that we’ve been through the Great Depression and we came through it just fine. But what they’re not taking into account is the fact that we live in different times now. There are no small farms, our food is being transported many hundreds of miles to get to our tables, industrial farming is totally dependent on electricity and fossil fuels, our population has almost tripled, and we have a global fiat money system that is about ready to do what it’s always done throughout the history of our planet—collapse.

DM: As serious as this is, there’s actually something even more serious that very few people are thinking about, and it’s what’s going on with our magnetic field that surrounds our planet. The magnetic field is tied directly to what’s going on with our sun right now. This is something that’s been researched quite a bit. If you read in NOVA November 2003, you can read what 780 researchers from universities around the world had to say about this. Now remember that this was 10 years ago and they were saying that the North and South Poles are going to reverse themselves and they have volumes of data and research to back up what they’re talking about. The fact is we’re getting ready to enter times that we’ve never experienced in our recorded history.


LG: When we published an issue talking about the chemtrails it put me in touch with a lot of knowledgeable people as far as Earth changes and geo-engineering. They were telling me that at this point the Earth’s North Pole is shifting 40 miles per year.

DM: That’s true, and there’s much more to it than what most scientists realize. Originally they were saying that this was all going to happen before the end of the century, but in 2008 a few of the scientists got together and put up a website and started talking about the fact that this is probably going to happen within 25 years and right after this the government came in and shut them down. [Note of Interest: Just recently a group of scientists in Canada have started speaking out, saying how much they have been controlled and censored and are no longer able to perform their scientific research in such a way that the public can read their results.] What these scientists are saying now is that this could happen at any moment at any time. [Note of Interest: I also found this interesting because on a recent visit by Dane Wigington, who played a prominent role in the documentary What in the World Are They Spraying?, I was told by him that the scientists and researchers in the Upper Siberian Shelf were telling him the same thing, and when this happens it will be sudden.]


LG: I was also told by a climate scientist about the methane expulsion and how that actually trumps most everything else that’s going on and no one’s talking about it.

DM: It’s one of the many serious things that are going on now that hardly anyone is paying attention to. And I can see why, because if you lay all of this out on the table it would scare any human being because the situation is so much larger than us, not to mention complex.


[For those of you who made it this far in the interview, this is where it takes a sudden positive turn, even if it is down the rabbit hole.]


LG: So I think this is a good time to bring something up because I feel myself shifting more and more toward a conscious evolution being the answer to this problem. There’s an old saying that only drowning sailors can see God, and that might possibly be why it is that I’m shifting this way because I don’t see anything on the horizon in the way of help from the level of consciousness that were at. The truth be told, I think our civilization is so complex and delicate that it’s destined to collapse, and I don’t think that this is a negative statement. So the only way out of this, as far as I can see, is a global transformation of consciousness unlike anything we’ve ever experienced on this planet.

DM: That’s absolutely right. This was exactly what the Russians said after a very exhaustive research of the state of affairs on this planet. From our old paradigm on how to do things and fix things, it doesn’t look like there’s any hope at all. But there is hope and it’s a very powerful energy at this point in time, but you have to know certain things about consciousness and life to bring this about. This is why the Mayans never told us about the other part of their prophecy, because we would not have been able to understand it until right now. They could tell us the first part because we could understand that, but the second part is so incredibly positive and so far outside of human consciousness and understanding that the reality would have been totally unbelievable for us at the time.

The Mayans are saying that our consciousness is going to move through this final stage onto another level of consciousness that is not human and from that place we will become immortal. They say that we’ve been quarantined to Earth for quite a while now and that quarantine has been lifted. They say that we will be able to be anywhere in the universe anytime we want to be there. This is why this part of the prophecy is just now coming out, because it was so far beyond our conscious and human understanding in the past.


LG: This brings to mind something that you told my wife and me years and years ago and at the time it was so far beyond my comprehension that I thought it was just a little, well, let’s just say out there. But now some of the most intelligent people on the planet, scientists and theoretical physicists, are saying the same thing and in fact it’s the only thing that makes any sense of their other theories, like M Theory and String Theory to name a couple. What you told us is that when you look up into the night sky what you are actually looking at is a holographic projection.

DM: Actually, NASA has proven this. They know that we’re in the hologram and not only just a hologram but a programmable hologram. What’s out there is not out there; it’s in your heart. You can go back and read some of the Upanishads that are 6,000 years old, and read testimonies of people who have gone inside into their hearts and the first thing they notice is “Oh, my God, there are stars and planets, everything that is out there is in here.” In fact we are generators of universes. We are walking around, literally, in our minds and don’t realize it.

This is the big “aha moment” that’s about to happen when we realize who we really are and what reality is and when we do we’re going to make huge changes within ourselves and in the universe.


LG: The closest I can come to realizing what you’re saying is when I was in Brazil with my wife doing a series of Ayahuasca journeys, and on some of those journeys we actually met interdimensional beings. And I remember one time two of the beings coming up to me at the same time I was thinking, “This is all in my mind,” and they said to me, “Everything is in your mind,” and at a very experiential level I realized that to be true.

DM: Well, I can say the same thing and also tell you that we’ve actually mapped how the image comes out of a tiny space in the heart and how it travels to the brain and eventually enters into the external fields of perception. And we’ve actually figured out how to do this and done it so it’s no longer a question of if it’s real or not real. [Note of Interest: We should pay close attention to Drunvalo’s last statement because you can be assured of one thing—if this is true, the elites behind world governments have known how to manipulate our perception of reality for a long time.]

One thing I would like to add at this point is that every human being, regardless of his or her condition or conscious level, is never lost. Your spirit has been alive before this creation even took place and you will be alive long after this creation stops. Everything, even this creation, comes and goes but spirit and consciousness are eternal.

Like most of my interviews, this one is limited when I put it into print because of space. Drunvalo and I went on to discuss many interesting things that are going on around us and in us. If you go to our YouTube channel and watch the entire interview, you will see at the very beginning why I put so much credibility in what Drunvalo says. I recently did an interview with one of the few psychic channelers to whom the CIA pays attention and from whom it has been known to get readings. I’m not sure if people are even ready for what he had to say, but if I get enough requests I’ll put it on the YouTube channel. But I will tell you this: World governments, the military, and the elite take this information very seriously and it is to our advantage to do the same. These are exciting times that we live in and when you go beyond fear it turns into an amazing adventure of spirit.


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