An Interview with Harvey Bigelsen

An Interview with Harvey Bigelsen


A few years ago we interviewed Dr. Bruce Lipton on his cellular research, which led to what has become known as epigenetics in today’s world. This information is changing the way scientists write biology books. More recently we covered the subject of chemtrails, a topic that very few people knew about or believed—after all, how and why would our own government be spraying us with toxins? This too has become common knowledge, because the government now admits publicly that it has conducted geoengineering programs that are spraying a wide variety of dangerous toxins into our atmosphere … for our own good, it says. Then there was our last issue, “Are We Alone?” Since that issue was published we have seen a worldwide increase of sightings and the release of more government documents that clearly point to the fact that we have never been alone … ever.

So what’s my point? Simply this. It’s important to go beyond our comfort zone and limitations to see the world that we all live and breathe in. I find it amazing how easy it is to settle into a comfortable reality that we believe to be true. If you are sick, take a pill. If you have cancer, radiate it or cut it out. If one of your parents had a disease that is considered genetic, you are a victim. What I find truly amazing is the fact that there’s an abundance of research out there that proves all of this to be false.

I have always enjoyed listening to people who are smarter than I am, even if it disrupts my illusions of reality. A few years ago I started listening to people such as Brian Greene, Michio Kaku, and a host of other quantum and theoretical physicists, and it became very clear that one of the theories that underlies quantum theory, string theory, or what has recently become known as M-theory, is the idea that the universe is based on holographic principles. Even though the holographic universe theory isn’t a perfect analogy, it comes very close and so far it’s the only theory that makes all the math work out for the other theories. So I started looking for other holographic ideas and research … and this is where Harvey Bigelsen and his holographic blood research caught my attention.

I first became familiar with his work through Bruce Lipton during our interview in Grass Valley. So once again I would like to take you out of your comfort zone and beyond the limitations of limited three-dimensional thinking. You can watch the complete interview on our YouTube channel but here are a few excerpts from that interview.

Lotus Guide: Tell us a little bit about yourself, Harvey.

Harvey Bigelsen: Well, I was a medical doctor and a trauma surgeon in Vietnam. But I gave up traditional medicine in the mid-’70s because I got really frustrated with a system that only used pharmaceuticals and surgery. So I started looking for other answers; I started looking to natural medicine. So for a number of years this has been my work—how to regenerate the body. I was sponsored by a private foundation about 30 years ago and I went to Europe and I ended up in Québec at a Canadian physicist’s office who had a microscope that could look at live blood and there were things in the blood that were moving and blew me away. There was a lot of activity in the blood that wasn’t being covered in traditional medicine. This was the beginning of a lifelong journey of looking at live blood and figuring out what the body is trying to tell us.

LG: Harvey, you don’t look like the kind of person who could be easily put in a box. So it seems to me that you probably met with some resistance from the medical establishment and the government.

HB: I’ve had tremendous resistance from the system. In fact I wrote the Arizona Homeopathic Medical Practice Act allowing MDs who were being persecuted for practicing alternative medicine to practice under their own license. I was on TV and in the news and we were controlling the state but the Feds eventually stepped in. (At this point Harvey explains the whole legal process that he was put through by the federal government and it is well worth listening to on the full YouTube interview).

LG: You probably shouldn’t even get me started with the Rockefellers and how they buried homeopathy many years ago. In the process they led us down a very dangerous path.

HB: In 1910 Rockefeller sponsored the AMA (American Medical Association) and at that time there were five different types of schools and they all lost their charters by 1947. Rockefeller himself died at the age of 97, was a vegetarian all of his life, had a homeopathic physician, and never took a pharmaceutical drug. That tells you a lot about the story.

LG: So tell me, what is the difference between looking at a drop of blood traditionally or looking at a drop of blood using dark-field analysis, which is what I believe you use?

HB: Yes, it is, and it took several years to really learn how to do this. There are things moving around in the blood that the French and the Germans have names for but here in the United States we have no names at all for them. This is what carries the life force, or what some would call chi energy.

LG: I remember Bruce Lipton telling me once that one of the problems with medicine today is the fact that it’s so highly specialized and compartmentalized that nobody is communicating or connecting.

HB: Do you know where we rate in the World Health Organization? We are number 37. There are countries ahead of us that you’ve never heard of.

LG: I know. One of the things that my wife and I found strange is that when you travel to other countries a lot of their systems, like public transportation in particular, are much better. We have some friends who attended the alternative-energy convention in Holland and they were amazed at how healthy everyone was. Of course many of them were riding bicycles and eating much better than the average American.

HB: Well, look at the French. They eat like crazy, smoke like crazy, drink like crazy, and they are thin as a rail and live five to eight years longer than we do. We are so obese and sit around watching TV and eat all of this garbage while the French eat fresh foods and take two to three hours to eat. (Harvey goes into detail in the interview on why we should chew our food more and take our time eating—also well worth listening to).

A lot of what Harvey and I go into during the rest of our interview has to do with the holographic universe and how there is no “out there” out there. The world that we see and experience as being out there is looking more and more as if it’s a projection of our minds onto a quantum infinite field of energy waves. The subject is very difficult to grasp because it requires a completely different paradigm, so I would highly suggest visiting and watching this entire interview or watch it below. The world is not only much stranger than we think it is, it’s much stranger than we can even imagine it is.