Ancient Aliens Key to Our Future

Ancient Aliens, Key to Our Future?

By Benjamin Hills

For centuries, many of us humans have been interested in time travel. Going back in time would tell us much of where we came from but also who we are today. The whole creation versus evolution controversy is made less relevant by the slow realization that we are a product of both processes. It appears that humans, physically, have not changed much in the last 4,000 years, although we are somewhat bigger, stronger, and faster because of recent advances in nutrition and technology.

DNA Manipulations by Extraterrestrials

The 3,000 to 7,000 years before that, however, offer a wealth of mysteries to explore about the change from living in caves to fully functioning societies. As our source of anthropological history has expanded into genetic analysis, scientists now have benchmarks for our conversion to modern mankind. Joseph P. Farrell chronicles DNA manipulations by extraterrestrials (ETs) going back to maybe 100,000 years ago, 44,000 years ago, and 12,000 years ago. The documentary filmmaker Werner Herzog produced a movie in 2010 about the Chauvet Cave in France, decorated with beautiful images of life 15,000-30,000 years ago. This project also spoke of a wooden flute that can play a mathematically derived pentatonic scale much like that of the Japanese bamboo flute still in use today. It was carbon dated to 32,000 years ago.

What Does NASA Really Know

Lotus Guide-January 2013The ancient alien question becomes more relevant as we seek to speed up our current rate of evolution. The fastest route to the stars may be inspired by the revelations that extraterrestrial beings have been shaping life on this planet for many millennia. Theories put forth by curious scholars such as Phillip Coppens, Michael Bara, Jason Martell, David Wilcock, Giorgio Tsoukalos, and a host of others are becoming more and more verified by mainstream science and groups such as NASA. The most radical leaps in our knowledge of the past have come from independent researchers not constrained by the politics of government funding and so forth. NASA knows much more than it reveals about the data sent back from probes into the solar system.

A preponderance of ancient cities that apparently had help from off the planet girdle the globe at latitudes of about 10 degrees to 30 degrees north. There are remarkable similarities in language and culture. Their histories all speak of their origins, when beings from the sky came down and helped them establish their particular characteristics of culture. These stories are still told in dances and ceremonies. The Hopis talk of the Ant People. The Zunis have the experience of the Star People. The Turks speak of the Snake People. The Anunnaki of Sumeria (now Iraq) have a deep history of “gods” from the sky starting up their culture.

How Did They Do IT?

Egypt has long been considered to have been a civilization rapidly advanced by possible contact with aliens. The great pyramid of Giza weighs 6.5 million tons. Many theories of how the pyramids were built have been tossed around for 50 years. I think the easiest way those huge blocks of stone could have been lifted was through levitation by electromagnetic field. This principle has been proven to work by the work of one man, Edward Leedshainin, who created a garden of blocks of coral weighing up to 12 tons stacked upon each other. He built this structure, called Coral Castle, himself from 1923 to 1951 near Homestead, Florida. Electric field–producing equipment was found on-site that reportedly was built from instructions from Nikola Tesla. As the three pyramids mimic the size and alignment of the stars in the constellation of Sirius, it is no surprise that the ancient Egyptians claimed that their “god” Osiris was born in the solar system of Sirius B. Sirius A is the brightest star in the heavens and the closest to Earth but its companion star is not visible to the naked eye.

Several thousand years later, some Egyptians migrated to the current country of Mali in West Africa. Becoming known as the Dogon People, they, too, base their creation story on Amma, who came from Sirius B. Zechariah Sitchin revealed much of this in books decades ago. More recently, William Henry has picked up the search for more truth of ET influence all over the planet, even truncated pyramids in Tennessee. Then there is the Serpent Mound in Ohio, only fully appreciated, like the Nazca Lines of Peru, from the air.

Traditional archaeology has, in recent years, been supplanted by DNA analysis and comparison. Although the human genome project was completed in 2003, in 2006 a section of DNA named HAR1 was discovered to be uniquely human. If we can link this kind of DNA to extraterrestrial beings, we may at last find out the truth of the origins of modern man and perhaps, our future.

Benjamin Hills

Chico, California