Angelic Miracles

By Crystal Lynne

As I lie in my bed each night with the lights off and my eyes open, I see otherworldly colors swirling all around the room—bluish lavender, white gold, turquoise blue, a vibrant violet, a green with yellow dots in it—and those colors vary each night, depending on what has happened during the day. The colors move differently, sometimes soothing and relaxing and sometimes more aggressive, reminding me of the energy I’ve experienced that day. These colors are also seen by my partner, who’s lying next to me in bed, which indicates that it’s not just happening in my own head. I’ve learned to identify them as the spiritual beings I work with daily, my constant connection with Source. They include Lord Lanto, Saint Germain, Archangel Raphael, the Divine Mother, Jesus, Quan Yin, Pearl, my spirit guides, angels, and other light beings, depending on whom I was working with recently.

Sometimes I ask them to slow down if they’re moving too quickly. I think there’s no reason for that type of urgency, especially when I’m trying to go to sleep. I tell them that we’ll cover all the business at hand while my physical body is resting that night. Often the colors begin to interconnect, slow down ,and cover me like a blanket, immediately sending me into the higher dimensions. Often I find myself in meetings, doing multidimensional cleansing for the earth, or communing with spiritual beings. Often I meet with these statuesque beings I call the “Generals.” I see myself pointing at certain things on a table and telling them that they need to get their s___ together, among other things. That usually has to do with plans for 2012.

One time I saw myself walking into the lava of a volcano, feeling only warmth as I dove fully into it. On my cell phone I said to people, “I told you to get out of there. It’s too late now because you’re in it.” Then I woke up back in my bed, only to find out later that a volcano had actually erupted that night, killing several people. These are just a few of the multidimensional adventures that I experience daily—the rigorous practice of receiving and dispersing divine guidance.

Sometimes I just go straight to sleep, like regular people, but I very seldom sleep through the night. I seem to be awoken at 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, and then at 5:55 they’re telling me to get up. If I’m very tired, I bargain with them to let me sleep until 6:30. If not, I get up, fix my coffee, and start chatting with them, notepad in hand. We discuss the work that needs to be done today. This morning, when I first opened my eyes, I saw bright lights bouncing just above my head—from my bed to the ceiling. An excited feeling was in the air and I just had to get up—at 5:55 once again. I was about to get help writing this article from a friend, because I have never been able to put these experiences into words, and my team was really excited. They know it’s time to bring to the table what your life could be like when you truly dedicate yourself to working with the angels.

My definition of “the angels” is those spiritual beings—the masters, angels, spirit guides, archangels, nature spirits, and all beings of light—whose work it is to assist humankind to rise above the third-dimensional realm and see the extraordinary experiences we can all have in the higher dimensions. When you work with angels, you have access to their light and wisdom to help you heal at miraculous rates and in miraculous ways—physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially.

To me this way of being is normal. I’ve been experiencing life like this since childhood—including out-of-body experiences. At one point I thought I was crazy and had lost my mind. It also took me years to recognize the difference between the light and the dark. The darkness would use fear to try to compress me while the light helped me expand and feel love. It wasn’t until 1999 that I became aware that this was not normal for other people—that this state of mind was a gift, not a curse, and it was not going to leave me alone.

My work now is to assist others to connect and get to know their angels because they are our friends and they are waiting to be invited into our lives. I also help clear any energetic blocks that have been preventing you from connecting with your angels. My intention is to establish this connection to bring all of us peace and harmony while on this earth, one person at a time, working hand in hand with my beloved angels. I know this goal is possible. There is nothing more beautiful than receiving the messages from your angels.

As you raise your conscious awareness above your daily 3D life, you start to understand the higher, ascended, universal realms and actually begin to see the larger picture. You become aware that the expanded realities are where the real truth lies and 3D issues become less threatening and scary—like an irritating splinter rather than a huge jagged mountain of pain. Too often we hold ourselves back by being involved in mundane 3D issues. It’s as if we pinch ourselves off from our true source. We get too involved on an earthly level in the little things, instead of coming from the angel’s space of unconditional love and compassion. This is where the true power lies.

Through the years I’ve learned that the angels will share only experiences that the student is capable of handling. In November 2010, one of my advanced students and I drove up to Castle Lake to continue our healing work. We were the only humans there. She was sitting on a rock at shoreline and I was standing. The angels told me to sing, but I was arguing with them because I think I sing like a rabid donkey. My client encouraged me to sing anyway and when I did, the song came out with such power and beauty. It was definitely not just me singing!

The angels sang through me about a sacred circle that we’re all a part of. This sacred circle is forever opening and turning in my heart, they told me. My client and I started blessing the rain, wind, sun, water, and then it got really quiet. All of a sudden this splash of color came before my eyes. I began seeing (with my eyes open) different-sized colored hearts, each with a different-colored outline, just as if they were moving in a kaleidoscope—close and far, in the water, in the air, in the trees—everywhere. I was enraptured with all these hearts. Then I looked up and saw many beautiful, tall, colored beings (like columns), each with a specific message for us. My client was not seeing the same things as I, so I put my hand over her eyes to assist her and then she was able to see the colors. She was amazed.

It was truly an honor to experience all this. I just kept shaking my head, smiling and thinking, “What are you guys going to do next?”—teasing and taunting them. After all, they are my friends. And the colors just kept coming. This whole experience lasted about 20 minutes, putting us both in altered states of consciousness. The drive back home was silent as we joyfully processed the miracle that just happened. Awestruck and grateful, we will never forget this. “I still see the hearts appear randomly today. All I have to do is ‘change the channel from 3D’ and there they are.”

An abundance of joy, financial opportunities, spiritual oneness, friendship, anything you need, want, or desire is nothing short of the gift your angels can give you. Our friendship with the angels cannot be defined or qualified by any human experience. Being aware of this opportunity is an honor and a responsibility to ourselves, our students, friends, and family.

It is an honor to be a friend with the angels, who cannot be defined or qualified by any human experience. I invite you to invite the angels into your world and see how delightful it can be! You, too, can have a constant connection with source, via the angels, and wake up to sparkly, bright lights, knowing that you slept with the angels again that night. May we all become best friends with the angels, forever and always—with more blessings than you can count.

Crystal Lynn is a spiritual metaphysician who works with the angelic, elemental, and ascended master realms in mind, body, and spirit. She is a natural clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient who uses those abilities as easily as most people use their five physical senses. She is an intuitive counselor who helps individuals, groups and businesses raise their vibration in order to provide Maximum Clarity and Prosperity. She lives and walks with her angelic guidance 24/7 and believes you can, too. She invites you to any one of several retreats, including Enlightened Children and Their Parents, Live the Life you Love: Opening Up Your gifts, Life-Changing Readings, and Online Teleconference Courses. Please see or call 530-859-0800