Chico's New Naturopathic Doctor

Ashley Olberg

By Dr. Ashley Olberg


Dear Lotus Guide community,

Naturopathic Medicine

ashley olberg

Hello! My name is Dr. Ashley Olberg, and I am a newcomer to the Lotus Guide family. This is the fourth time now that I have lived in Butte County; this area has always drawn me back to it. Now I am back for good and planting roots and I am excited to do it with all of you and my community. Let’s get to know each other—I am a California girl born and raised who moved to Portland, Oregon, 14 years ago to learn about myself and find love with my now-husband, Ben. In that process, I found naturopathic medicine.

I always wanted to be a doctor and studied Biological Sciences at Chico State on the premed track. It was because of my own health crisis that started when I was in my early 20s that made me really look at the current medical model and wonder why it couldn’t help me.

Ashley-Vital Function

My Journey

I had started having difficulty walking, extreme fatigue, great and deep sadness, weight gain at an exponential rate each month, and shortness of breath. I went seeking answers. I was continuously turned down with each metaphorical and literal door closing in my face. I became sad, introverted, disappointed, feeling as if I were trapped in someone else’s body, and for the first time in my life, afraid that I wouldn’t be able to live out my goals and desires. I even became afraid that my body would be unable to conceive and hold a pregnancy because of the unknown female health issues that I suffered from, again with no answers and no one to help walk me through my health struggles.

Years later, I discovered naturopathic medicine. I found out that there are doctors who receive traditional Western medicine education blended with the knowledge and intuitive beauty of the body and nature practicing medicine in a way that I had dreamed of for myself and community. Through my medical education at the National University of Natural Medicine, and in the years that I have been in practice since, I am continuously searching for healing medicine for myself and my wonderful patients.

Now I am a doctor, as I had always dreamed, but as a naturopathic doctor I can use Western diagnostic practices and even treatment mixed with natural therapies and traditions. Part of my motivation in moving back was to bring these worlds together by integrating all medicine in Chico together—to help us all work as a team, as this is where the answers really lie.


How I Practice

I love to help patients integrate their physical health with the spiritual and mental components of wellness, to bring both aspects into balance. I have worked for years in clinics that treated a lot of mystery illnesses when everyone else had given up. One of my main passions and strengths is female health. My own female health challenges made me want to help other women to reconnect and find answers for themselves. Don’t ever let them tell you it’s all in your head. As someone who has struggled with this, I know how frustrating it can be.

Every morning when I go into my clinic I walk into it with intention—my intention of being there to support and love others. To help walk with them to assist them in finding their answers and truth, to help them feel good in their bodies. I view myself as a guide and teacher. I give you the information and the tools to equip your body to heal itself. Remember, as Hippocrates said, “The physician treats, but nature heals.”


Three Detox Tips

We all need to do little detox regimens at least every year to get out the pollution, pesticides, and toxins that we come in contact with regularly in this area. We especially need to detox with all that we have been exposed to.


  1. My very favorite tool for detox is an oil used by the Egyptians, castor oil. This ancient oil has many purposes and can help detox through the skin. Do not eat it; just rub it over your abdomen and massage it in, and then after 20 minutes wipe it off with a paper towel and then wash off or wipe off well with a wet wipe so that it doesn’t stain your clothes. Studies show that doing this four times per week will make a big difference by helping you to detox and get your lymph and bowel moving.
  2. Add lemon to your water and drink it every morning to wake up and clean the liver.
  3. Everyone needs to do dry skin brushing. Rub your body before your shower in a motion toward your heart to get lymph moving and get off dead skin cells that are holding in toxins. Then wash off and shower or bathe as normal.


Big hugs on your journey for health!

Dr. Ashley Olberg, ND


Ashley Olberg


Dr. Ashley Olberg is a naturopathic doctor at Vital Functional Medicine. She uses a variety of therapies to help patients improve their health, including but not limited to nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, ozone therapy, and more. You can contact her online at or call 530-715-2115