Ask Dr Gayle-April

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Gayle Kimball

March 2019


Q: I had psychic insight in real time, when I knew a friend my age had died (when everyone including me was sitting at a school celebration banquet and wondering why he was late!). This made me wonder why I would “know” that information, and how horrible to think it!

A: Quantum physics found that entangled particles instantaneously communicate from a distance, although physicists don’t understand what allows for this connection (they discuss this, and how time is not linear so we can sometimes read the future, on my YouTube channel. I post interviews with visionary scientists for a book in progress). Indian philosophers have known about this information field for thousands of years; they call it the Akashic records, referring to the Sanskrit word for “stuff.” Famous channel Edgar Cayce believed he was reading from this kind of library of human experience. My book Essential Energy Tools: How to Develop Your Clairvoyant and Healing Abilities explains how to be in control of these insights.


Q: I have a lot of duties as a parent, spouse, and worker. How can I include spirituality in my daily life?

A: Link positive visualizations to routine tasks, such as ground when you brush your teeth, imagine healing energy pouring in when you shower, and release old baggage when you go to the toilet. Give thanks and blessings before you eat or if you pick a flower or fruit. I towel off after a shower rubbing the meridians the right way and massage reflexology points in my hands, feet, and ears when I’m sitting. Search the Internet for charts to show you the correspondence of a sore spot to a body part. Listen to my meditation tape (I created a CD for kids too) when you’re doing chores (


Q: My cat keeps urinating on my couch, but I don’t want to give him meds or put him down. Ideas?

A: I feel that he is pissed off because of having other pets in the household and wants more focused attention from you. He feels disdain for your other cats. Update: He stopped right away after his owner and I discussed what he wanted in a phone session.


Q: My live-in boyfriend’s ex is wicked and wants to disrupt our lives. What can I do?

A: I’d leave it to your partner to handle the situation. Try to stay out of it and work on staying centered yourself.


Q: Now that Paradise and other Camp Fire burn areas need to be rebuilt almost from scratch, what models exist of progressive cities?

A: The global Municipalism Movement is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, led by Mayor Ada Colau. “Fearless Cities” network organizes conferences and produced a book titled Fearless Cities: A Guide to the Global Municipalist Movement, 2019. The movement values listening to constituents in open-source platforms and neighborhood groups. It aims to “feminize politics,” which values cooperation over competition, expressing doubts rather than asserting ego, and balancing work and family. Another aspect of the movement is developing clean energy and carbon-free cities, and the sharing or solidarity economy such as bike sharing, time banks, and co-ops. In the United States, several networks are Local Progress for progressive municipal elected officials and Symbiosis, a “confederation of democratic community institutions.” Outside Magazine featured an article on six habits of highly successful cities by Will Cockrell.


Q: It’s hard for me to stay focused on something. What can I do?

A: If you’re reading, use your hands by taking notes or underlining. To get chores done, write each task on an index card, sort them by priority, and focus your attention on the top card. Also do Brain Gym exercises shown online to make sure you’re balanced. I start my Mind Power workshops with cross-crawls and other exercises that enable optimal learning. Read about ADD or chronic stress and see if they could be the underlying issue.


Q: I keep getting colds and bronchitis. What can I do?

A: Besides washing your hands and not touching your face when you’re in public, drink hot herb tea, and take Vitamin D and C and parsley. Check out the air quality of the places you spend time—are there mold, smoke, or other toxins? Ask yourself about secondary gain; is getting sick a way to back off from feeling overloaded? Try acupuncture and herbs to strengthen your immune system. Telling yourself “I have all the time in the world” and long exhalations can help get centered since feeling stressed and anxious weakens the immune system.


Q: I take on my alcoholic son’s pain. How can I separate my feelings from his?

A: Remind yourself that one of the reasons we’re on the planet is to grow through working through challenges. You can’t solve his problems for him, but you can suggest that he find a compatible AA group where he can learn how other people moved into recovery and listen to him when he feels needy.


Q: I doubt myself although I’m doing well, making a contribution to society, and saving money. How can I have more confidence?

A: Sometimes there’s a family generational imprint, which homeopathy calls a miasm or cloud in the energy system. It feels like many generations of your ancestors have felt inadequate. Remind yourself of today’s date and that you choose to keep your family’s positive characteristics and release the negative. Read about epigenetics, the science that discovered that our gene expression changes depending on our environment.


Q: I’m looking for a partner but not having any luck. What to do?

A: Let the universe know what you want and then affirm it will happen at the right time. Anxiety, fear, and neediness block the information flow. Plan to be at an event at least once a week where you could meet someone compatible without having any expectations but to enjoy it. Taking a look at online dating sites is a way to signal your interest to a higher power. Also, let your friends know in case they can introduce you to interesting singles and check out advice books on this topic.