AUM Meditation The Spiritual Law of Dharma

Dhara LemosThe Spiritual Law of Dharma AUM Meditation

By Dhara Lemos

The body is like a musical instrument. It needs to be in harmony. When the harmony is disturbed, you are also disturbed. Why is it that we feel so good when we hear music? Why do we feel such well-being when we listen to music? Why do we feel so uneasy when we’re around chaotic noise? It’s because we “are” music; the science that holds us together is based around the same laws of music.

We are instruments, and if they’re out of tune, we “feel” out of tune or harmony. That’s why spiritual seekers, for millennia, have used the sound “ aum” with which to harmonize. “In the beginning was the word/sound.” Aum is and was the first primal-creative sound in the universe. In the same way that ultrasound breaks down everything from bacteria to dirt, the sound of aum can also clear away negative feelings and open your heart. Research scientists have found that meditators doing the aum meditation significantly changed their brain-wave patterns.

The change was measured by electrodes placed on the head and monitored by computers. What they found was an increase in alpha waves, which are of prime importance in everything from creativity to good health. It also produces more theta, which is considered to be present in deep meditation. The Sound of AUM It is one of the basic sounds of the universe. All sound comes from the three intonations of aum. They are: A (sounded out as . . . Awww) U (sounded out as . . . Ooooo) M (sounded out as . . . Mmm) By doing the aum meditation regularly, you will start noticing profound changes in brain activity. When this sound becomes strong (almost alive), it takes on a force of its own. You will experience deep feelings of joy, clarity, and wholeness.

Once the mind relaxes, you have the opportunity to meet your “real self” or what could be called your “higher self/power.” From this deep center of the self, one obtains the courage to face his or her own fears and live life more fully and grounded. It’s from this point of well-being that we can carry our message to others, whether they are alcoholics and/or addicts. And remember, we are taking more than our message out into the world; we are taking ourselves as well. As Gandhi said, “My life is my message.”

There are some very important points to understand while doing this meditation. The aum meditation should be sounded out slowly in full, rounded sounds. The slower you do the aum, the more aware you will be. The faster you do the aum, the more mechanical it becomes, making this more an exercise in “rest and relaxation” than meditation. The reason for this is that you become bored. This, in itself, is not a bad thing, but for our purposes, we want to be more aware.


Stage One: Center yourself.

Stage Two: When you first start doing the aum, you will want to project it out. This is considered to be the male part of the meditation. There’s a different resonance with each part of the aum.Awww resonates (vibration) in the head. • Ooooo resonates in the heart area. • Mmm resonates in the lower abdomen area. Now, take your first breath. Let it out slowly. First, with Awww (feel the vibration of the sound in your head). Continue very slowly, going from Awww to Uuuuu; feel the vibration flowing downward into your chest/heart area. Now, push that sound down to your lower abdomen, ending in Mmmmm. The aum should be full, complete, and continuous (i.e. AwwwUuuuMmmmm). This stage will take around 15 minutes

Stage Three: Be in silence now for five minutes with very little movement and continue to keep your eyes closed. This is an opportune time to listen/feel the emptiness and quiet of the moment. There is a subtle vibration that continues and can be experienced in this moment.

Stage Four: Now that you are in tune, it’s from that space that you will be doing this stage, which is more feminine in nature. As in Stage Two, take a breath, except this time the sound will sound more like Om. Spelled out, it would look like this, “Oooooommmm.” It’s directed inward and is softer, with a sweetness to it; but at the same time, it still has as much force as when you were projecting it outward. Visualize this sound going down to the cellular level of your being, harmonizing all aspects of your biology. You will feel revitalized at this point. Continue this for 15 minutes.

Stage Five: Lie down and listen/feel the silence again, but this time fall deeply into yourself. Stay here for at least 10 minutes.

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