Awake in the Dream CD

By Tes

awakeinthedreamOn Awake in the Dream, acclaimed musical prophet and inspirational/new thought pop star Tes delightfully takes the listener beyond political, religious, physical, mental, and geographic boundaries to a place of oneness. Joined by an all-star cast of conscious music luminaries, including Human, Peter Temple, jazz virtuoso Dave Millard, and members of The Human Revolution, this deliciously eclectic collection of songs delivers its promise of “Stimulation, Provocation, Liberation & Celebration!” Pop melodies, rocking rhythms, jazz overtones, world-music flavors, and inspirational lyrical wizardry by Tes result in a contemporary pop/world-music ministry that is uplifting and exuberant, intuitive and spiritual. Produced at Temple Studios  in Mendocino and the Universal Temple of Higher Consciousness in Escondido.

Cindy Farrell, Lotus Guide magazine