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By Doug Newsom, Cofounder and CEO of BBS Radio

Note from Lotus Guide ( ): When I started thinking about finding other media venues where I could go a little further out on a limb with my interviews is when I met up with Doug at BBS Radio. This article written by Doug Newsom is a long time coming, but I’ve been wanting to let the community know what they have right here in their own back yard, which is an amazing family owned and operated business that’s available to anyone who has a message they want to broadcast. Good people doing great things is what will change the world and they have helped me in so many ways to get my message out. Rahasya, Spiritual Activist Radio Show on BBS


If you could change the world for the better, and it took very little effort, would you? Do you think about it?

Do you ever muse over the human condition, the health of the planet, the well-being of animals, the disconnect between government and society, and the fear that so many have, and wonder what can be done about it? Even a little?

Would you do something if you could, if it were fun, inexpensive, and life changing? What would that look like?

bbs radioFor Donald and me (the founders of BBS Radio), it was Internet radio! It gave Donald and me the ability to change the lives of our hosts, listeners, and ourselves!

BBS Radio began in 2003 as Blogin Service, a website where people were encouraged to blog about anything and everything. Yet notably, many of the bloggers seemed genuinely compelled to write only about information that could uplift the human heart and would affect people in a positive way. To facilitate this, a bulletin board system was created in 2003. In 2004, because of a strong desire and a sense of urgency by a few bloggers to record and broadcast their interesting phone conversations with the founder of BBS Radio (Donald Newsom) live to a worldwide audience, Blogin Broadcasting Services came into being (abbreviated BBS). The world was still coming to grips with 9/11 and great change was afoot. People wanted answers and others were looking to assist. Ultimately, the company was born of a desire by consciously aware individuals to share their knowledge far and wide. BBS Radio now is recognized as one of the very first networks in the world to provide live, remotely engineered, interactive radio broadcasting over the Internet and to take live listener calls. In 2005, the domain was acquired, and in February 2006 the company was incorporated as BBS Network.

All great systems seem to grow from organic manifestations trying to address a perceived need, and twin brothers Donald and Douglas Newsom, both having recently experienced unique, life-changing, metaphysical experiences (after years of meditation), recognized the importance of a media network that was not mainstream, a powerful platform that could value diversity, elevate human potential, and help others take meaningful action toward personal growth—a network of real people, not beholden to sponsors and advertisers, capable of going outside the box and out on a limb, and left unfettered by big business, government, geography, capital, and know-how, and more important, management dictates. BBS Radio costs a fraction of the cost of traditional radio, and anyone can do it, from anywhere, with any device. Now, all those with a genuine desire to become a catalyst for real change can; they have a platform and a system that can propel them into the spotlight. Radio creates great connections and a wealth of information and discovery; in fact, it’s a remarkable catalyst to organic growth in so many ways, it’s hard to relay. Life changing!

Change is not always easy or convenient, but it is often necessary! Sometimes it costs time, money, and takes great energy to create positive change, and that change may result in little or no personal reward. Yet on we strive for the common good. We must!

Today we find ourselves in a world where every person is capable of reducing his or her carbon footprint, reducing his or her dependence on chemically harmful fuels, which will help reduce pollution and propel green technologies, by simply buying solar!

Once you are aware, you become more responsible for your choices! And your choices end up defining who you are! There is no escaping this understanding! Even our courts of law take this into account, as do our inner beings and everyone else, every religion and culture on earth! Awareness, knowledge, in and of itself, is both a reward and a responsibility!

With this in mind, BBS Radio’s management sought to become one of the first, if not the first, radio broadcasting company to go totally solar. As of February 2018, BBS Radio of Paradise, California, gets its bbs radioenergy from the sun!

Let’s come together, BBS Radio and you! Let BBS Radio give you a platform that offers wisdom from insightful guests and access to known luminaries, people who can provide a dizzying showcase of information, breaking news, and cutting-edge commentary, ultimately opening doors, answering questions, and solving problems! Call us at 530-413-0917.