Becoming Supernatural-Dispenza

Joe Dispenza

A Lotus Guide Interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza

Developing and evolving our consciousness is no longer an idle thought or idea; it’s become the most important thing we can do for ourselves, and the very survival of our planet and the human species may depend on it. A lot of people see religion and science as competing and conflictive, but the better informed know this is not true. Traditionally, religion has always lagged behind science and new discoveries, but I see this changing with religious organizations getting more involved in research, technology, and medicine. It no longer takes a genius to see that “Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.” It’s time to Become Supernatural.

            So here’s where it starts to get really interesting, because we’ve all laid our cards on the table and we can see what is at stake … everything. Dr. Joe Dispenza is one of those rare individuals who has found a balance between “Believing Is Seeing” and “Seeing Is Believing.” This balancing act between the two hemispheres of your brain will take you to a place that is truly “supernatural.” This is a recent interview I did with Dr. Joe on the subject of becoming supernatural and you can listen to the intire 40 minute interview on my radio show at, which, by the way, will be the only Green Energy Internet radio and it is right here in Paradise, California.—Rahasya Poe


Lotus Guide: Hello, Joe Dispenza. Can you start this off by explaining to us how this journey has been for you and exactly what do you mean by supernatural?


Joe Dispenza: When I started out on this journey I had no idea that we would be seeing the measurements and recording some of the findings that we’ve been recording over the last few years, and I can tell you right now without a doubt that common people are doing the uncommon—they’re healing themselves from very serious health conditions, from cancer to diabetes to lupus to rheumatoid arthritis and anxiety, depression, and OCD. They are creating new jobs, new opportunities, new careers, new relationships, they’re healing from childhood scars and wounds that were emotionally blocking them from living a happy life, and they’re having mystical experiences that transcend language and to me that’s pretty supernatural.

Now when it happens once, you can call that a fluke or an accident, when it happens twice it becomes a coincidence, but if it’s happening three and four and five and six times, now you’re looking at a trend that’s repeatable and this is science. Now we have enough data to prove to people that they have within their reach all the biological and neurological machinery to begin to empower themselves. Most people wait for something outside of them, some experience or some event to change how they feel inside. They’re waiting for that new job, that great relationship, to relieve their lack, or their pain. And if it never comes around, for the most part they live their entire lives striving and trying to control outcomes, but when you begin to realize that you have the ability to change how you think and feel and change your inner states, it will begin to produce an effect in your outer world.

This process removes us from being a victim and takes us into the co-creator phase of living life. What’s important is that you don’t need to be a rabbi, a priest, or a monk; you don’t need to be an academic or scholar either. These are common everyday people doing uncommon amazing things with their lives.


LG: There are a few questions I really want to ask you. When we get to be about our age, we sometimes get tired of being ourselves and start experimenting with being somebody else. I’ve been listening to Jim Carrey lately and some of his acting experiences have forced him into being somebody else, and it’s made him realize that we are not our thoughts or emotions. In your book you talk about becoming someone else and a friend of mine sent me this question to ask you. She would like to know: “What do we do at the point when we realize we can be somebody else; what is next?”


JD: I’ve had that conversation with Jim Carrey on a personal level and it’s a very interesting concept because when we reach the point in our lives where we can predict the feeling of every experience in our life, that means that nothing new is going to happen, because feelings and emotions for the most part are chemical residues or feedback from past experiences. I think this is when the soul begins to nudge us and begins to force us to wake up and to begin to ask deeper questions like: Who am I, why am I here, what’s my purpose in life, what happens when I die, do I really exist beyond death? The model that we use is very simple: Your personality creates your “personal reality” and your personality is made up of how you think, how you act, and how you feel, so the present personality who is listening to this interview has created the present personal reality called its life.

So if you want to create a new personal reality, a new life, you would have to change your personality, which means the first step is to become aware of your unconscious thoughts, habits, and behaviors and modify them, and you have to look at certain emotions that keep you anchored to the past and decide, “Do these emotions belong in my future?” Most people try to create a new reality with the same personality and that doesn’t work; we literally have to become someone else. We think 60 to 70,000 thoughts in one day and 90 percent of those thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before, so the same thoughts lead to the same choices, the same choices lead to the same behaviors, the same behaviors create the same experiences, the same experiences produce the same emotions, those same emotions influence the very same thoughts and our biology, or neural circuitry and neural chemistry and our hormones and even our genes, stay the same because nothing is changing. So the principle in neuroscience says that nerve cells that fire together wire together, and when we keep thinking the same way and making the same choices and doing the same things and creating the same experiences that stamped the same networks of neurons into the same patterns to reaffirm the same familiar feeling—this finite signature becomes our identity and by the time we’re 35 years old we become a set of memorized behaviors, emotional reactions, automatic habits, beliefs, and perceptions in the hardwired attitudes that function just like a computer program; you hit play and it runs so most people are on autopilot and their body is dragging them into a predictable future based on what they did in the past.

Here’s what happens as you start to observe your thoughts and emotions consciously; you are, at that point, no longer running unconscious tapes, which means you have the opportunity to change. So now you have taken a huge step toward awakening because you are becoming the “observer” of who you used to be.


LG: This really clarifies the old saying, “Your thoughts become words, your words become actions, your actions become habits, your habits become your character/personality, your character/personality becomes your destiny.”

So, Joe, let’s take a trip down the rabbit hole for a moment. I’ve had this conversation with Rollin McCraty and Howard Martin at HeartMath, and Bruce Lipton and I have talked at length about this. The process on the quantum level in the brain, especially concerning the process involving the synapse tubules, looks very similar to the holographic process. So if we are simulations, like a lot of researchers are thinking, what are your thoughts as far as sending information back up the data stream to change the total collective holographic mind, and is this what happens in the meditation process? The reason I’m asking this is because as I’m doing the work on myself, it would be nice to know that work is not only on myself but will also feed up through the data stream back up into the holographic projection to make changes on a collective level.


JD: Well, I don’t think it; I know this is true because our research is actually showing that it’s possible. [Joe’s answer is very complex and too long for this article and we get into wave/particle theory and Newtonian physics. This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to religion and science. He goes deeply into what happens as we connect with the holographic field on a heart coherency level. So listen to the entire interview that is archived on my radio show at] You can also watch the interview here on our You Tube Channel.

Supernatural-dispenzaNote: Science is taking us into realms of understanding that were once only in the domain of religion. Most scientists and the better-informed public are realizing that consciousness creates matter, not the other way around. This is where religion and science start working together. Science now has the technology to measure subtle energies found in the morphic field around our bodies and a lot of this technology and research is validating some of our ancient and cherished religious beliefs. I love Dr. Joe’s recent book, Becoming Supernatural, but what really grabbed me was Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. I highly suggest doing his meditations also, which are available on and