Being Your Bliss and Manifesting Your Reality

Terry-Article-(1)-copyBy Terry Cole-Whittake

Greetings, precious souls. I wrote the book Live Your Bliss because I had been in a challenging situation and used what I share in the book to effortlessly manifest what I desired to attain. What I did to make the problem disappear and attain what I desired was to stop thinking about the situation and also to stop feeling miserable and worrying about how I was going to escape. Instead, I focused on my breathing, meditation, chanting, studying truth, and keeping my mind elevated to bliss, meaning without thinking while feeling, as I would when I attained what I desired.

Then I maintained this state of witnessing and maintaining my bliss state without reacting to what was happening in the outer situation. I stopped allowing the other people and the situation to cause me to be afraid, unhappy, or angry; thus I remained blissful rather than fight the situation and reinforce the mental box of limitation. Sat Chit Ananda Vigraha is the Sanskrit description of our soul nature, as eternity, consciousness, bliss, and with a form to express itself through. Our nature is bliss!

Then one day after a few weeks of maintaining my bliss without giving the appearances my power, I was lifted out of the unwanted situation and set down into my new desired situation that matched my newly created consciousness. Everything fell into place effortlessly and harmoniously.

My sense of this is that the divine is always giving to each of us and managing everything for the greatest good of every living entity, spirit-soul, us. But when we fall into a state of fear, lack, or limitation and focus on what we do not want, we block what wants to happen naturally and magnificently in some mystical and divinely magical way. Because we are creator gods, we are always creating. This is an automatic process using thoughts, words, desire, intention, emotions, and actions.

Bliss is not the total of what is possible for us to experience; it’s a step in reclaiming ourselves from the control of the mind and all those fear-, lack-, and loss-based thought forms that we have agreed with, believed, and acted upon. Bliss is a door opener that leads to the heart and treasure house of paradise, immortality, and divine pleasure within the self, as Now.

In essence, bliss is beingness without thinking, a condition of knowing, and certainty, without worry, fear, or self-doubt, because all these negative thoughts and emotions come from the mind, which is easily programmed, and not from the self, the source within.

Whom or what do you trust, your mind or yourself? If you have been trusting your mind to solve problems, and manage your life, that means you are placing your mind, thoughts, beliefs, and whatever you have been taught, or indoctrinated, to believe is true or false, as your God.

We fall from our bliss state when we shift our awareness from our power center of the heart to the mental state of duality and connect to what can be called a collective unconscious mental mainframe broadcasting through our minds a plethora of negative, fear-based, and abusive thoughts about ourselves and others that are lies. Absolute goodness is our eternal, divine nature.

Everything in this material reality has both a positive and negative side, which are the opposites that make up the two sides of a coin, the polarity as demonstrated by the swing of a pendulum. As far as the pendulum goes to one side determines how far it goes to the other—each side creating the other.

The mind is always judging. The nature of the false, 3D, is to swing from one side of the pendulum to the other. When we fight something, we are also creating it, because the simulation operates by duality that is generated by the way that positive and negative poles on a battery generate energy.

Confusion and chaos are the results of a mind run amok as it judges and broadcasts fear thoughts, thoughts of not enough, not good enough, not possible, and so on. If any depowering thought is believed as true, the person falls into ignorance and takes on the conditions born from these negative thoughts.

When someone desires peace of mind, it’s bliss he or she desires. Bliss is attained instantly by stopping the thoughts and simply being centered in the heart region where the super soul and we reside while in this realm. Because the outer world and what is happening is perceived in the mind, all in this realm is thought based. All is the mind!

The material realm in which we find ourselves is created through our thoughts. Thoughts are words and words are sound. Sound is a vibration and vibration is energy. Energy is light, electricity. The material world is made of words producing the light show, whereas the real world is not made from anything material, only love.

By constantly reacting to what is happening in the material realm, the outer, we are as if riding on a roller coaster of up-and-down emotions, which is how duality operates. All of this duality, conflict, and drama are in the mind first and then manifested in phantasmagoria, the outer movie, so to speak.

This does not mean that we bury our heads in the sand, but we are able to discern what is true and what is false and make our choices based on what is best for us, which will ultimately always be for the highest and best of all.

Although the divine mind reflects the spiritual realm, the material mind is the greatest terrorist weapon given that it is a fear, lack, and limitation device. Each person needs to discern between the spiritual, love, bliss, and prosperity mind and the fear and loss-based material mind. I trust only myself, my inner knowing and guidance, above all or anyone else.

By trusting our knowing, intuition, and so on, we know what is true and what is false. With the discernment that comes from our connection to our source within, our self, we are able to reject any reality that we do not choose to experience and create our universe as we desire.