The Bio-Chromatic Integrator-The Ultimate Energy Spa

By Tom and Annette Mercer

The original integration device was built in 1976 in Grass Valley, California, through years of study of ancient techniques for awareness and expanded consciousness. The ancients knew of areas where the Earth elements would increase their awareness and consciousness, building temples such as Delphi and others in ancient Egypt, using the natural Earth energy. The Native American cultures would build cairns, or medicine wheels, for just this purpose. Stonehenge in Great Britain is a prime example of restructuring our awareness and bodies to the energies connected there down to the core of the Earth.

In ancient times, many different tools were used for clearing negative energy and increasing awareness and expanding consciousness. These were tools that would clear energy and restart the body’s natural energy flow; an example is the sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid in Giza. Water was collected in the sarcophagus and shared with the “faithful” for many uses after storage and charging in the basin. These waters contained a unique form in their molecular structure that was due to the shape of the pyramid itself.

LGAD_VEW_1-4Anywhere there are special sands and other minerals, the natural magnetic field accompanying them has been used since the beginning for awareness and restoration. The Egyptian and many other ancient cultures were well aware of these phenomena and used them for the advancement of their civilizations.

In deep space there are highly charged water molecules moving near the speed of light and these are collected by magnetic fields around the planet. In much the same way dust and other elements are arranged magnetically to form our planet they also form us. This awareness is carried through charged water in the form of a natural vortex, charging our body cells with pure cosmic energy. All of nature relies on these high-speed charged vortexes for life. The Bio-Chromatic Integrator reorganizes the vortical energy patterns in our bodies from a dis-eased structure to a clear, clean and purified structure—much like dialysis for the prana, or life force, in and around our bodies. This tool uses high-energy elements in organic circuits; human energy is filtered and restored by flowing through highly selective natural ores, sands, and volcanic ash to produce the cleansing desired and releasing pure energy into the cleared system. This is the birth energy of the planet and of our own organic systems. Without these particles of the Earth, held together by the weak and strong magnetic forces, we would cease to exist.

The Bio-Chromatic Integrators are used for a reorganization of your magnetic forces. The person is connected to the tool by a silver ring on each hand, putting him or her in direct contact with the core of the tool’s circuits. The collected energy in the integrator flows throughout the body, purifying and restoring the natural forces of nature.

This device is offered for the most amazing personal journey that one could hardly imagine, filled with pure natural energy and absolute awareness.

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