Book Reviews for January

A Druid’s Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine

By Ellen Evert Hopman

ISBN-13: 978-1-59477-230-6 (Destiny Books, 2008)

I read this book because it had herbal information in it but was quickly drawn into the ancient history of the Druids, which includes astronomical information as well as the homeopathic uses of herbs. This is a great book for anyone who simply takes a walk in nature and wonders what many have wondered through the ages … what are the medicinal properties of all the nature that surrounds us? It’s a great reference book for all those who think they know everything about herbs and want another perspective from an ancient culture.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide


Bouncing Forward: Transforming Bad Breaks into Breakthroughs

By Michaela Haas, PhD

ISBN-13: 978-1-50111-512-7 (Atria/Enliven Books, 2015)

I would never underestimate the effects that post-traumatic stress can have on people; however, I do see that many people unfortunately define themselves by those past experiences. This book is a guide to not only bouncing forward from trauma, but also a great reminder that we need to be vigilant and always work at being present and having gratitude in our lives. This book is very serendipitous now because we may be headed for some challenging and stressful times, so this would be a good way to heal the past and prepare for an uncertain future.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide


Divine Beings: The Spiritual Lives and Lessons of Animals

By Cara Gubbins, PhD

ISBN-13: 978-1-51866-929-3 (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, October 30, 2015)

I suppose this is what happens when the curiosity of a scientist and the love of spirit meet. If it weren’t for an experience that I had during a 10-year period with my dog, I would be highly skeptical of Cara’s work, but I know firsthand that animals do communicate with us. However, while reading this book I was amazed by the complexity of thoughts and emotions from an animal that someone such as Cara can reveal. Cara asks three simple questions of the animals she communicates with, but you will be amazed at the depth of the answers she receives and will never look at your pet in the same way again.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide


Edge of Grace: A Fierce Awakening to Love

By Prajna Ginty

ISBN-13: 978-0-99087-600-7 (Flowing River Press, 2014)

To be honest with you, I rhad to really reach deep into my soul for a depth of understanding to write this review because Prajna brings something to the table that I’m still working on. While reading this book I came face-to-face with my own limitations of compassion and empathy. To read how she was able to turn her experience into a path for spiritual evolution is in itself enlightening. Reading Edge of Grace brought many of my ideals that were on an intellectual level down to a heartfelt emotional reality that will forever change how I “thought” about many “feelings.”

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide


Healing Sibling Sexual Trauma: A Very Personal Story

By Hannah L. Cartwright, RN, MA

ISBN-13: 978-0-99161-131-7 (2014)

It’s difficult to even imagine how many psychological disorders have their roots buried deep in past sibling sexual traumas. Like many things that are hidden away in our culture, they eventually see the light of day when courageous people such as Hannah Cartwright decide to pull back the veil. Many others will step forward after reading this book that exposes the damage done and that also lays out a path of recovery toward not letting your past define you. I might also add that this book was written with humility and a bit of humor, which I found quite amazing in itself.

Dhara Lemos, Lotus Guide


Medical Medium: Secrets behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal

By Anthony William

ISBN-13: 978-1-40194-829-0 (Hay House, 2015)

OK, I have to tell you that I am always suspicious of channeled information from people who hear voices of what some people would call God; however, I’m not suspicious of results and I don’t “believe” in meaningless coincidences. Anthony brings back thoughts of Edgar Cayce because his readings often deal with the primary cause of an illness, which is what a true healer would do. I’m going to give this a four-star rating simply in the name of healthy skepticism because I simply have not had a direct experience with Anthony.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide


The Soul of Ancient Egypt: Restoring the Spiritual Engine of the World

By Robert Bauval and Ahmed Osman

ISBN-13: 978-1-59143-186-2 (Bear & Company, 2015)

Reading this book will enlighten you as to the connection we have with ancient Egypt and how Egypt has been in turmoil from within for centuries. I think a lot of readers would expect more information on the Sumerian influence on Egypt, but if you are looking for some of the politics and the influence Egypt has had on the Western world, then this will be a great read. From reading this book it’s easy to see that religions have all but devastated a once-great culture and buried it under the rubble of their conflict. The authors touch on something very important in today’s world and that is how most of Sharia law is not based on the Koran, something well worth noting.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide


The Union of Isis and Thoth: Magic and Initiatory Practices of Ancient Egypt

By Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully

ISBN-13: 978-1-59143-208-1 (Bear & Company, 2015)

Building on and giving an emotional depth of understanding to some of R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz and John Anthony West’s work, this research brings out something often overlooked by researchers—the sacred temples were more than a place where sacred knowledge was imparted; the structures themselves were the teaching. In today’s world, where the history of healing has been sanitized and condensed into “sound bites,” I found this book to be a breath of fresh air, clearing out the dysfunctional thinking of our “modern” worldview of traditional healing and ancient history.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide


Vaccination Is Not Immunization

By Tim O’Shea

ASIN: B00UCO6BG6 (Amazon Digital Services, 2015)

I’m all about getting people to think, not telling them what to think, and this book gives all the information a parent will need to make an informed decision on vaccinations. It has been documented by some that vaccinations are not only ineffective but are actually dangerous. The research is in and whistleblowers at the CDC have spoken out about a link between vaccinations and autism, something that most parents with autistic children have known or suspected for years. What else are they hiding? Read and find out the politics surrounding this issue … it will get you thinking again about whom to trust.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide