A Breath of Fresh Air in Paradise

By Anne G Weaver and Edited by Season Naify

A vehicle for re-creating flow, ‘Ohana Health lays out like an energy grid with many roads for members of the community to find their way back into the flow of life, energy, vibrancy, health, and total well-being.

In what was once an abandoned auto parts store, ‘Ohana Health revamped the historic 1950s location at 757 Fir Street in downtown Paradise. Since January of 2013, we’ve been serving the Ridge community as a place of healing, conviviality, and community resource center.

LGAD_Ohana_Health_1-6Soft healing music greets customers as they enter and walk upon the genuine bamboo flooring throughout the center, complemented by green plants and serene artistic tapestries.

“Hearing the exhale when someone enters for the first time is music to my ears,” says owner Anne Weaver, who, with her husband, Duane “Kevin” Weaver, cocreated this sanctuary on the Ridge. “They seem surprised to find such a place in Paradise,” she said, “but what’s most heartwarming is when they say, ‘Thank you for being here.’ To see the change in a person’s whole demeanor and visage, to see their color come back after a healing … it warms my heart like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It’s just the best!”

The core of healing offerings at ‘Ohana Health comprise therapeutic massage, yoga, community acupuncture, Reiki, classes, and workshops, all working in tandem to amplify and synergize healing effects. However, it’s much more than that. ‘Ohana is a place for people to just be, to come and sip tea served all day in the lobby, borrow from the lending library, and connect with kindred souls. ‘Ohana serves organic, non-GMO wellness blends of tea that are also available for purchase.

As soon as you cross the threshold you are likely to meet Kevin, who manages ‘Ohana, manages to connect people with other people and services, and manages to help people, one person at a time, with his unique intuitive ability to tune into their troubles and guide them to a solution.

Massage therapy is a foundational aspect of healing at ‘Ohana. Three full-time, expertly trained massage therapists offer Swedish, deep tissue, warm stone, craniosacral, and reflexology, among other modalities in three individually appointed treatment rooms.

Angela Gaitan, CMT, and Steven Acker, CMT, are California-certified therapists who are also licensed from Arizona, a state with especially high qualification requirements. Honed by several years of experience, each has more than 1,000 hours of education in injury recovery and therapeutic treatments. Anne Weaver, CMT, got her license from Washington state, another stickler for quality, and she is also certified in Oncology massage. She has been practicing massage in Paradise for more than 15 years.

‘Ohana Yoga has its own 900-square-foot studio with bamboo flooring and more than 15 classes per week. Certified instructors offer classes from yin yoga and level 2-3 to workshops and special classes such as Doga (Yoga with your dog). Certified instructors include Amanda Correa, Lynn Larsen, Jahnavi Urlich, Brittany Poetzman, Tatiana Echevarria, Inna Lukyanov, and Serena Gualotuna.

Community acupuncture is offered 1-5pm on Wednesdays in a spacious room with several recliners and antigravity chairs. Calming music plays quietly in the background with the light trickling of a lotus fountain. Adam Moes, L.Ac from Chico, has more than 15 years in clinical practice, and he brings stunning accuracy to low-cost, clothes-on treatments on the Ridge ($20-$40 sliding scale). Adam comes with his full kit of Chinese herbs and his apprentice, Andre. Treatments take less than an hour and no appointment is necessary. Custom herb formulas are available to order. Chinese medicine is both acupuncture and herbs and works for all manner of illnesses and conditions.

‘Ohana Health is also home to Starchamber Products’ VEW Water and healing tools and to the Bio-Chromatic Integrator (BCI) pad (one of 20 in the world), the culmination of 40 years of research and development by its creator, Tommie Mercer. The BCI pad is made up of sands, soils, and minerals from all over the world and is a tool for raising one’s energy and consciousness. Clients report an array of clearings, openings, and awarenesses from sessions on the pad.

We also offer hypnotherapy from certified hypnotherapist Lucinda Balgooyen, professional psychic and intuitive services from Clarisse Conner (professional since 1977), and intuitive angel therapy with Tracie Devlin, certified intuitive coach. Licensed counselors also offer private counseling services by appointment.

Special events that expand the reach and healing capacity of the center occur throughout the year at ‘Ohana Health. The Tibetan monks of the Gaden Shartse Phukong Monastery recently honored the center with visiting for six separate events.

Coming from 11am to 5pm on Sunday, April 24, is the Third Annual Holistic Health Health Fair throughout the 4,000-square-foot building. Vendors come from all over the Sacramento Valley to showcase their gifts, talents, and crafts. It is an event that vendors and the community look forward to every year.

“I came into ‘Ohana partially broken and continue to arrive increasingly whole. The kindness, compassion, and intuition of Anne and Kevin, the accuracy of suggested treatments, the skill of the massage therapists, the precision of acupuncture, the anchor of light on the property, and the power and reach of the BCI have all worked together to bring rapid and inexplicable healing to me on every level,” reports Season Naify, a Paradise resident who was critically ill only days before symptoms fully dissipated through treatment at ‘Ohana.

‘Ohana Health is open 9am to 7pm Monday through Friday and 9am to 4pm on Saturday. Doors are open for the early yoga class before lobby hours, and the rest of the time, a cup of tea and good conversation await the precious moments surrounding your healing experience.