Bridging the Past With Today

Golden Road Television and Radio Show

“Bridging the Past With Today For a Better Tomorrow”

By Michael DiMartino

Michael DiMartino


The Golden Road Television and Radio Show:

“Bridging the Past With Today for a Better Tomorrow”




  • Where can you listen to in-depth interviews with individuals and organizations from our region?
  • Where can you watch and enjoy live music performing arts and visual arts from the comfort of your own home?
  • How can you become aware of the current issues that affect you and what’s happening in our region and around the world to help make the world a better place?
  • Where can you find community members who are committed to enhancing your quality of life and empowering you with health tips that you can use in the privacy and convenience of your own kitchen?
  • Where can you find a legitimate source to keep you informed about environmental change that affects you and gives the indigenous community a voice?
  • What show is specifically dedicated to showcasing incredible talent and resources of the Sierra?

Golden Road Radio Hour

The Golden Road television shows broadcast from 6 to 8pm every Sunday in Nevada County, Butte County, Placer County, and the Truckee Tahoe area and at 2pm Sunday in Sacramento County. The audio from the shows, along with world music, is also played from 4 to 7am every other Saturday on KVMR 89.5 FM radio in Nevada City and on KUBU 96.5 radio in Sacramento.

The Golden Road radio and TV show explores the intersection of arts and culture, health and the environment, peace and justice, and science and technology.

Every week we have live in-studio guests, an in-house DJ, live musical performers, and video clips from dozens of local events varying from the snowcapped Sierras in Lake Tahoe down to Nevada City, Auburn, and Sacramento and all the way out to Chico.

Even though the show is a magazine format with many moving parts and extremely entertaining, we also take on very serious subject matter that you will not hear anywhere from corporate-sponsored media.

Michael DiMartino, the show’s founder, says we are committed to educating and inspiring people to help make a positive difference in our community and in the world. In this day and age, making content that appeals to the mind is important but real change takes place within the human heart!

Mr. DiMartino also plays in a world music band called The World Beatnix ( He has traveled and performed around the world in places such as Egypt, Morocco, Brazil, Spain, Italy, and Israel. He is also an interfaith minister who is dedicated to bridging the differences between cultures and religions through arts, music, and consciousness.


You can also get tickets for these events for $5 and be part of the live broadcast via event; more information is available at or 530-270-9169.