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Bruce Lipton

Note from Lotus Guide: This is part two of the interview that I did with Bruce Lipton. Looking at what so many of us are going through in today’s world I think it’s important to understand some of the psychology behind being a victim or being a creator, which requires taking full responsibility for ourselves. It’s easy to see why so many people are so confused about this issue, and I’m sure it doesn’t help by teaching people Critical Race Theory which basically says you are either the suppressed or the suppressor.

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Lotus Guide: So, let’s get into what it takes to break out of playing the victim in today’s world.

Bruce Lipton: Well, first of all, we are taught that the early programming in our lives determines how we react to the world. There’s an old saying, “give me the child until he is seven and I’ll show you the man.” You mentioned earlier that you can see an awakening in the black community that it no longer wants to be put in the place of being the victim. There’s a long history of victimization that we’ve all been put into for the last 400 years from secret organizations like the Illuminati. In the process, our creativity is no longer being expressed.

Herein lies the problem. Most of this programming goes back to even the third trimester of pregnancy and the very early years of life and we have no memory of the influences that were programmed into us. Consequently, most people don’t realize the programming, making it all but impossible to connect one’s programming to one’s life experiences. This is what causes the feeling of being a victim. This is where taking responsibility for our lives comes into play because we look at our lives and see that we are the victim and there’s many reasons for this being true, some of which comes from the reality outside of us. So, the first step is to realize that a large part of the reality that we find ourselves in is a creation of our own programming. So, the danger here is that we don’t recognize that it’s not the outside world that has put us in this position, it’s our programming that has allowed it to happen.

{This information puts a whole new importance on blaming others for our situation because the moment we blame others we give our power away to make the very changes that cause our suffering.}

This is a tough realization for most of us because we have to take responsibility for the fact that we have brought these situations into our lives for the most part.

LG: When I look at the world today it seems as though the pendulum that normally swings between collectivism and individualism; collectivism being everything from liberalism, communism, socialism, and to some degree in today’s world democracy, and individualism being everything from being a Republican focusing on individual rights and to the extreme we would find Fascism. I think we’ve reached the point on this planet and specifically in our country, where we are at the midway point of the pendulum swinging from these radical points of view. The trouble is when we are at this point we find ourselves in a precarious situation of trying to find balance, which is always unsettling. It’s at this point of awakening that most people find the situation far too complex to deal with and, in the process, try to simplify a story that allows them to fall back asleep and once again find themselves in the role of being a victim.

{Read my article in this issue because I go into depth on this particular part of the process where we try to rationalize and normalize an insane world and, in the process, end up with a psychotic vision of reality.}

BL: This is why we have to give up our stereotype programming to be able to visualize our relationship to the world around us. But most people can’t even acknowledge the fact that there is even a programming and blindly walk through life saying that they don’t like how things are, but they guess this is just the way it is. This is an acceptance and we are actually sold that acceptance by society and the powers that be. The reason for this is because once you’ve accepted this you are no longer a challenge to the system that you live in.

At this point you are no longer a creator because 95% of your reality is coming from the programming that you are not aware of. At this point it’s important for us to look at our lives and realize that 95% of everything in our reality is being brought to us through this programming that plays in the background of our unconscious mind. Most of our struggle comes from the fact that we are working against the very programming that doesn’t allow us to have the things or the way of life we feel we should have.

LG: When I look around in the world today, even my own community, I can see that people have come up with simple stories in a simple way to see things because to look any deeper would require a dismantling of their perception of their truth. How do we get people to step outside of what psychiatrists call a psychotic vision of reality? Most of that vision is based around survival and alleviating fear and suffering. What can we do to get a person to simply step into the mystery and have a vision of what they can become? I know there’s another reality locked up in my very DNA of what I can become in the same way that the manifestation of a butterfly is locked up in the DNA of the caterpillar and Imaginal Cells. How do we wake people up to this?

BL: Well, the first thing to do is to sense that something is happening because that is what is sent out into the field, is reflected back, and starts the process of awakening to a new way of being. So, the answer to how you get people to see this is not to shake them and try to wake them up and, in the process, they end up feeling challenged because of their programmed beliefs. Early on I got into trouble when I was talking about COVID because I was saying that there’s a better way to deal with this. But I found out right away that if I challenged people’s belief in COVID they were more likely to sink back even deeper into those beliefs. It’s only when people are really ready to wake up and consider their lives and the possibility for change that they are susceptible to let in new information.

The conundrum that many of us are in is that we see that there are better ways to be and better ways to live our lives, but we can’t go out and make somebody share our vision; they have to get to the point where they come to us for new information. This usually comes about because they are saying, “I want what you’ve got.” We have to be the change. So, what people like you and I have to do, which we’ve been doing for a long time, is put this information out there and see who shows up. They have to look at your life and ask themselves, “Why is this person so happy and healthy during these times?”

So, here’s the problem. We are in chaos right now, and some of us know some of the answers that could really help others live a better life. This is because some of us are Imaginal Cells and we have within us the vision of a better way to be.  But there are many people out there that are not Imaginal Cells and their best hope is to find someone that can unlock the genetic code of who they can become in the world. You and I know this, but the vast majority of people have to get to the point where they look at their lives and say to themselves, “I can’t go any further, something has to change.” This is when change is possible.

LG: You know something Bruce, you can expand everything that we’ve been talking about on the individual level to a collective level, on the macro level. I see social groups, political groups and even nations playing out the same unconscious tapes that are embedded into the systems themselves.

BL: The problem on the collective macro level is that we get into conflict within groups and with other groups, nation against nation, race against race. We have to get to the point where we can say we created this, but this is very difficult to do and requires the first step in realizing that we are responsible as individuals. The truth is we cannot move forward without accepting the responsibility for ourselves and the world we live in.

LG: We are finding ourselves at a transitional point where we have to move forward, because to move back to what was, will be to create the same problem that we find ourselves in. The best analogy I can think of is when we’re waking up one morning and we’re no longer fully captured by the dream and we can no longer go back to sleep. At this point the dream no longer makes sense as it did in the deeper states of dreaming. And as much as I think many of us would like, we can no longer go back to sleep. We’re starting to realize the responsibilities of living at a different conscious level, in this case getting up out of bed, going to the bathroom, eating breakfast, and taking care of our three-dimensional realities. But what you and I have been talking about here is waking up to our spiritual realities, our spiritual beingness which also requires taking responsibility and making the right moral choices to make our world a better place.

BL: The foods on this level are the emotions of love, compassion, and empathy for ourselves and others. We start realizing that we have a choice in life and that choice comes with responsibility. Up to 90% of the food and nourishment we get on this level comes from assimilating the energy from the field that we find ourselves in. The truth is, the amount of food that we eat is toxic in many ways. We could cut down the amount of food we eat drastically and, in the process, would help save the planet in many ways. In the end we must see that we need to free ourselves from the programming and until we do that, we will always be a victim of our own circumstances.

LG: You know something Bruce, every time you and I talk I sometimes find myself in an awkward place because I fall into what you’re talking about with no mind. And sometimes I’m caught off guard because I’m not prepared with a comment or question. In other words, I’m a little out there right now.

BL: Well, I’m a little out there also, maybe that’s why we get along so well. “lol”

LG: This is a good place to bring the interview to a close. Tell Margaret we said hello and at some point we should all try to get together. I’m probably going to do an in-person interview with Foster Gamble. I know he’s your neighbor so maybe that would be an interesting conversation to record.

{At this point, Bruce and I close the conversation with him thanking our community for taking the time to listen or read the transcript of our interview and opening up to the possibility to accept a change in their lives. Now, both Dhara and I would also like to do the same, because without you, very little of what we do would be possible.}

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