Building Bridges of Community Resilience

Resilient communities

New Paradigm Solutions for a Changing World

Michael DiMartino

Golden Road TV & Radio partners with The Alliance for Resilient Communities to unite the Sacramento River Watershed Region toward preservation, education, and regeneration.

Golden Road TV & Radio has been engaged in creating regionally based independent media about the community for the last three years. We have archived more than 300 interviews with individuals and organizations and covered various events, culminating in a total of more than 200 hours of community-related content on our YouTube channel.

Starting in 2017, we became more focused on the concept of community resilience. Resilience is our ability to bounce back, reorganize, and regenerate from the impact of natural disasters, economic collapse, or a public-health crisis. These critical issues affect everyone, regardless of income, race, gender, or religion.

During the last year we have more extensively showcased experts on issues varying from food and water safety and security to emergency preparedness, sustainable development, and renewable energy. Simultaneously, many of these crucial issues have unpleasantly come to light throughout the bioregion and the world in the shape of natural and human-made disasters. In my research I have come to understand that many of these issues will continue to intensify under our current paradigm and consequent broken systems, only escalating by the Earth’s changes. Nature is teaching us that it is time for us to work together toward our individual, community, and global well-being, and perhaps our very survival. We cannot count on a broken system to fix the problems that it is partially responsible for creating. We are being called to be proactive and restructure old paradigms, thoughts, and systems that may be no longer functional.

After several fires in the region, our mission has been to collaborate in building resilient communities by addressing regional issues and a variety of possible preemptive solutions and timely responses. It is through this increased effort that we founded The Alliance for Resilient Communities (ARC) as an umbrella organization to effectively unify our efforts and resources.

What We Do:

  • Identify problems and offer solutions and consultations;
  • Bridge individuals, organizations, and government agencies for the common good;
  • Consult with innovative experts and professionals;
  • Offer resources for preservation, education, and regenerative work.


How We Do It:

  • Weekly community resilience roundtables;
  • Monthly public forums throughout Northern CA Counties
  • Weekly broadcast of educational content on public TV, independent radio, podcast, and print;
  • Quarterly online publication Golden Road Magazine;
  • An online networking resource with blog and event directory, The Source Directory;
  • An online media archive with Golden Road TV & Radio.

Why We Do It:

  • Healthy and strong communities;
  • Regenerative strategies for the future;
  • Quality of life.

Topics Include:

  • Emergency preparedness;
  • Food and water safety/security;
  • Economic development;
  • Peace and justice;
  • Arts and culture;
  • Health and wellness;
  • Environmental restoration;
  • Renewable energy;
  • Science and technology;
  • Indigenous perspectives.

Guiding Thematic Principles:

  • Sustainability versus regeneration;
  • Rebuilding versus redesigning;
  • Treating problems, not symptoms;
  • Community engagement.

Through the recent launching of The Source Directory, individuals and organizations can share and locate focused information pertaining primarily to our region. It contains an informational blog, articles, events, and projects aimed at community resilience.

Our parent company, Golden Road Productions, will be hosting a spring series of monthly public forums in several counties, including Siskiyou, Shasta, Butte, Nevada, Placer, and Sacramento. These events feature keynote speakers, live music, discussions, and a potluck to engage with each other around these issues. Events are live-streamed and archived for future use.

Upcoming Events Include:

  • Public Forum, Sunday April 7, Mt. Shasta, 12-5pm / Water Safety and Security
  • Public Forum, Sunday April 14, Chico Women’s Club, 3-5pm / Emergency Preparedness / Redesign Paradise
  • International Resilience Film Festival, April 19-21—Earth Day Weekend, Nevada City
  • Public Forum, Sunday May 5, Redding / Water Safety and Security
  • Sacramento Water Protector Rally, September 21, State Capitol

Please get involved to help create and be the change we need in moving forward.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.” —June Jordan

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