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A Brief History of Astrology and a Glance Ahead at 2014

A Brief History of Astrology and a Glance Ahead at 2014   Welcome to 2014!!! I wish us an inspired and rewarding journey as we spin around the sun one more time together. The sky has always been a source of awe and wonder. All the heavenly bodies—the stars, planets, the sun and moon—are divine… Read more »

BioAcoustics: Sound Can Heal the Body’??s Imbalances

What is BioAcoustics? It is a natural and holistic way of using voice analysis to enable the body to balance itself. We gather information from the body in the form of â??voice prints,â? which are analyzed in terms of frequency.

Health Coaching from the Inside Out

Health Coaching from the Inside Out is based on the premise that no external source of information â??out thereâ? is meaningful or helpful to us unless it resonates with our own deep, internal sense of knowing.

Optimizing Structure, Function, and Energy

Like a building, human structure is subject to laws that state that masses must be balanced in order to be stable. Stackable segments of the body include the head, torso, pelvis, and so on.

A History of Colon Hydrotherapy

In early 1900s, Dr. John Kellogg, a skilled surgeon, initiated the use of colon irrigation. He used colon irrigation along with healthy high-fiber food to treat many gastrointestinal diseases, to minimize surgeries, and to promote healthy colons.

Dreams and Nightmares

When we dream we are adding to humanity’s collective knowledge to be shared by all. Information gathered in the process of dreaming becomes universal, a part of everyone’s "knowingness." Dreams communicate to us at a soul level.

An Interview with Harvey Bigelsen

With all the advances in science pointing to the fact that we live and breathe in something close to a Holographic Universe it is well worth while to listen to people like Dr. Harvey Bigelsen explain his Holographic Blood theory.

Lyme Diseaseâ??The Truth, the Cause, the Cure

Two competing theories about germs and disease have come down through history. The philosophy actually starts way back with Hippocrates and Galen and is really defined in the late 1800s by Louis Pasteur and Antoine Béchamp.

This Is What Hope Looks Like

Iâ??m sure you could imagine that if youâ??ve been struggling with a chronic health problem, migraines, for instance, for 18 years you would begin to lose hope of ever finding a lasting solution. That was Anneâ??s story when she walked into my office…