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Facing Up to the Challenges of Life

The human face speaks a language far more complex and expressive than any verbal communication. For the newborn child, the motherâ??s face is the first mirror it sees of its own self.

Time To Shake Up the Inner Child

You can choose from more than 60 books on the subject. Across the world, tens of thousands of people attend multitudes of workshops devoted to its exploration.

It’??s Time to Examine Our True Intentions

Why do the hopes and dreams of many people turn out to be forlorn, plunging them into feelings of inadequacy and even hopelessness? Sometimes their lives even move in the opposite direction from where they want them to go.

Why Healing the Symptoms Is Never Enough

A popular misconception is that energy healing is good only for physical conditions. Perhaps thatâ??s because initially people rarely consult healers for anything else. And, sad to say, they often stop treatment when the symptoms disappear.

Healing Our Eating Habits Is Not Just about Food

It used to be that Japan was a model nation when it came to healthy eating and to some degree it still is. Food is one of the things I enjoy most about visiting that country. I love shopping in the grocery stores, where the food is fresh, clean, and

Why Learning to Love Ourselves Is So Hard

A plague of self-hatred seems to have descended upon our culture. The growing number of young people who self-harm, the stick-thin models on one hand and the morbidly obese on the other-these are the visible faces of the great pain.

Healing the Splits That Hold Us Back

Why is it that a so many of the things we long for rarely come to fruition? Why is it that relationships that promise so much in the beginning just don’t seem to work out?

Why We Must Change How We View Illness

It is often difficult for people to accept that physical illnesses are invariably connected to their emotional issues, that changing how we see life will also change what is happening in the body.