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Ask Dr Gayle-April 2019

Gayle Kimball
Gayle Kimball

March 2019   Q: I had psychic insight in real time, when I knew a friend my age had died (when everyone including me was sitting at a school celebration banquet and wondering why he was late!). This made me wonder why I would “know” that information, and how horrible to think it! A: Quantum… Read more »

Ask Dr. Gayle-July 2018 Column

Dr. Gayle Kimball
Dr. Gayle Kimball

You can Ask Dr. Gayle about almost anything. Q: How can I cope with the terrible current political situation? A: Therapists Carl Jung and Hall and Sidra Stone taught us that what’s repressed and unconscious gets projected outward. This influences whom we fall in love with or attract into our lives until we make the… Read more »

Dr Gayle-October 2016 Column

Ask Dr Gayle September 2016 column By Dr. Gayle Q: Why is Donald Trump so popular when he’s such a crazy narcissist? A: Both his supporters and Bernie Sanders’s are understandably angry at how our government is controlled by lobbyists and the inability of members of Congress to work together for all of us. Trump’s… Read more »

Ask Dr Gayle-July-2016

Ask Dr. Gayle, 2016 July Lotus Guide   Q: Young people are the largest and best-educated generation of all times. How are they different? A: A global youth culture exists for those with access to ICT. Youth are more tech savvy, less religious, and more accepting of differences and less prejudiced than their elders, but… Read more »

Dr Gayle-March 2016 LG Column

Q: I’m starting to date seriously. What should I look for in a partner? A: If you’re looking for a man, avoid one who had either a controlling mother or a mother who did everything for him. Some men tell me they avoid especially beautiful women because beautiful people get used to being served. In… Read more »

September 2015 LG Column

Dr. Gayle September 2015 LG Column Q: My life is a struggle and not very fun. What’s the point of continuing? A: We’re here to evolve, to do service, and enjoy the creation. Make a list of what’s fun and nurturing for you, and do something at least once a week. Exercise and meditation are… Read more »

Dr Gayle-July-2015

Dr Gayle-1-6-15 column   Q: I’m very angry because I gave my power and lots of money to a guru for 15 years, even followed her advice not to see my daughters. My anger is affecting my health. What can I do? A: Move to gratitude that you learned a very difficult but invaluable lesson… Read more »

Dr. Gayle-April 2015

Dr. Gayle Q: I function but I’m depressed a lot. What can I do? A: Read Dr. Stephen Ilardi’s The Depression Cure. He said the depressed brain is like someone’s getting the flu who wants to shut down. He points out that a trial of 4,000 people treated with drugs such as SSRIs reported without… Read more »

Gayle kimball-July 2014

July Column-Gayle 2014 Q: I love my toddler’s mother unconditionally, but she doesn’t want to be a family. I don’t know how to let go. The messed-up part is I know she still loves me. She tells me that when she spends the night and we cuddle so I don’t understand why we aren’t getting… Read more »


Note to readers: I tweet a daily tip @gaylehkimball Q: My husband left me for another woman. I can’t get over it, as I thought we had a happy marriage. How can I get on with my life? A: I’d approach it like a death, as it was the death of the marriage. A trauma… Read more »