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Mindfulness-Be The Watcher


By Dhara Lemos Meditation and meditation techniques are a passion of mine! They transformed my life and also saved it a few times. But now more than ever, with the coronavirus outbreak and quarantine, meditation techniques are helping me cope with my emotions so I can stay in a healthy state of mind and body.… Read more »

Dhara’s Guided Meditation

Dhara-Guided Meditation-front cover
Dhara-Guided Meditation-front cover

By Dhara Lemos Dhara’s Guided Meditation I’m happy to announce that my first Guided Meditation is available now. I’ve been teaching and giving classes on active meditation for more than 20 years. Now, for the first time and together with my friend Pam Jamian, we’ve created a guided version of my Active Meditation, making it… Read more »


A New Film by Jody McNicholas “Inspiring the Creative Healer in Us All” By Nikki Lyn Pugh In 2010, the American Journal of Public Health published a sweeping review of more than 100 studies that connected the arts to physical and emotional healing. What they discovered was groundbreaking: Art reduced stress responses, increased positive emotions,… Read more »

Media Reviews for Oct-Nov-Dec 2015

Media Reviews for Oct-Nov-Dec 2015 The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy, and Weight Loss By Marc David ISBN-13: 978-1-62055-508-8 (Healing Arts Press, 2015) We’ve all been there: Eat less, exercise more, and I will lose weight. It doesn’t take long to figure out that without proper nourishment you will lose more than weight.… Read more »

Food Matters-A DVD Documentary

In today’s world of misinformation fueled by corporate interests Food Matters gave us down-to-earth information which will allow us to make better choices in our lives. It’s always been my experience that people make better choices when they have better information. Rahasya Poe & Dhara Lemos, Publishers of Lotus Guide Magazine ( ) More… Read more »

Finding Happiness

Where can we get more happiness? Sages of all traditions and times have asked that question. They tell us we’ve been given five tools for the journey: body, feelings, will, mind, and soul. When people use their happiness tools wisely, in ways that increase health, love, strength, wisdom, and joy, their smiles grow wider. When… Read more »

The Happiness Prescription by Deepak Chopra

The Secret to Experiencing a Joyful Life- DVD (Gaiam) ISBN: 978-0-7662-3624-0   Living in a world where most prescriptions come from a bottle it was refreshing to watch and listen to Deepak as he defined a path to clearing negative thoughts, handling stress, and leading a more fulfilled life through increased consciousness. By simply replacing… Read more »

A Wave of Compassion ~ DVD Documentary

  by Jody McNicholas A “longing of the spirit” and a profound “loneliness” are some of the underlying truths that are gently disclosed in A Wave of Compassion, a documentary about addiction. Director Jody McNicholas has afforded us all an opportunity to listen to the diverse reflections of what needs to happen for healing to… Read more »

Rhythm Therapy and Muscle-Brain Integration (DVD)

By Tone Cardenas     Whether it’s between nations or mind and body, integration seems to be a key factor in health. Using this DVD produced by a physical therapist, in a few short minutes I was able to integrate a bilateral movement I had been working on for years with no success. This information… Read more »

You Can Heal Your Life (2-DVD set)

By Louise L. Hay and Friends ISBN 1-40192-029-6 (Hay House, 2007)   Entering her eighth decade of life, Louise Hay is an inspiration for all of us. There is a depth of communication, when it comes from direct and profound experience, that is inescapable. This was what I found while watching and listening to such… Read more »