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Pregnant in America (DVD)

Written and directed by Steve BuonaugurioIntention Media (    This is a well-balanced view of the health system surrounding being pregnant in America. It asks questions such as: “Why is it that the cesarean rate is 30 percent in the United States while the rest of the world considers 7 percent too high? Why are… Read more »

Shanti Generation: Yoga Skills for Youth Peacemakers

(Instructional DVD) By Abby Wills, MA Available through (2009)   As a counselor for adolescents going through recovery, I observed firsthand that physical health was synonymous with mental and emotional health. There is nothing more important for a young person than to find a way to simply sit and be present. At the very… Read more »

Deva Premal and Miten in Concert with Special Guest Manose

ASIN: B002F3BPQ8 (DVD and CD; White Swan Records, 2009)   To observe playfulness while in deep devotion is always amazing, but to hear it manifest itself in music is another thing altogether. Then when you add the accompaniment of Manose to what is already divine you have a situation that happens only on rare occasions… Read more »

Birth As We Know It

  The film Birth features 11 stunningly beautiful natural births and interviews on topics rarely discussed in public: the sexuality of childbirth, the truth about circumcision, the emotional and psychological dangers of C-section on the child, and the demeanor of nontraumatized babies. It explains what the limbic imprint is and how it affects our lives;… Read more »

Where Hawks Fly

by Sirena Squires   Sirena has been on a musical path for many years, drumming, singing, and, best of all, mastering the Native American flute, finding the soul of its sound and following its sacred spirit. That path has led her to produce a CD, Where Hawks Fly, so those of us who have… Read more »

Walking Meditation

By Nguyen Anh-Huong and Thich Nhat Hanh ISBN 1-59179-473-0   How many times have we gone walking with an endless chatter in our minds only to end up back home with no remembrance of presence during our walk? In a simple straightforward method that only a Zen master could teach, you can get in touch… Read more »

Tibetan Meditation Music

By Nawang Khechog Sounds True M11090   Nawang Khechog is one of Tibet’s foremost composers and musicians. A former monk, he studied meditation with his holiness the Dalai Lama. His music means to inspire nonviolence, compassion, and spirituality. Nawang’s music has been used in various documentaries and was part of the soundtrack for the movie… Read more »

Yoga One: The Soundtrack for Yoga and Life

(Music CD, Quango, 2007)   This compilation is a superbly blended and arranged sequence of tracks that will move a yoga practitioner through his or her session from the beginning movements and poses, through the more mindful states, and to the final relaxation state. With artists and musicians such as Bliss, Cantoma, Bitter:Sweet, and Zero… Read more »

Healing Trauma

By Peter A. Levine, PhD ISBN 978-1-59179-658-9 (Sounds True, 2008)   Peter A. Levine, PhD, author of Waking the Tiger, spent 35 years studying the effects of trauma on the body. In Healing Trauma, he has written a slim companion book to the first book, describing his 12-phase trauma-recovery program and providing an audio CD… Read more »