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Awake in the Dream (CD)

By On Awake in the Dream, acclaimed musical prophet and inspirational/new thought pop star Tes delightfully takes the listener beyond political, religious, physical, mental, and geographic boundaries to a place of oneness. Joined by an all-star cast of conscious music luminaries, including Human, Peter Temple, jazz virtuoso Dave Millard, and members of The Human… Read more »

Mantra Rocks (CD)

With Dave Dale and Nadaji (White Swan Records, 2010;    The blending of cultures has been the creative spark for many innovations in life. Mantra Rocks is an incredible blending of rock and roll and Eastern mantras that can only be experienced. So if you want to put a little soul in your rock… Read more »

Prana Groove CD

By Stevin McNamara (White Swan Records, 2011;    For the first time I feel what the generations before me felt when the blues, jazz, and rock and roll burst onto the scene. Stevin McNamara definitely captures the musical form of raga and the drum patterns found in some Sufi dervish dance beats. You can’t… Read more »

Chakra Frequencies: Tantra of Sound

By Jonathan Goldman and Andi Goldman ISBN 978-1-59477-404-1 (Destiny Books, 2011)   As physics validates ancient wisdom we find ourselves once again listening to ancient masters who have told us all along that everything—animals, chemicals, plants, and human beings—manifest as frequencies into the world of space and time. This book points out specifically how this… Read more »