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Autumn Is on Its Way! Season of the Metal Element

Autumn is the time of the metal element in Chinese cosmology. When we think of metal we often think of precious objects such as gold and silver. We are familiar with industrial metals such as steel that hold up buildings but what about our health?

Interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard

In this interview, Barbara Marx Hubbard brings us face to face with the wisdom of the ages. Gained through her extensive experience with many disciplines and brilliant thinkers of our time, Barbara’s wisdom encourages us all with hope and direction.

Women: Looking Back and Moving Forward

It has been very clear to me that at the genesis of many of the issues and conditions we are facing todayâ??be it war, the economy, or our political endeavorsâ??no matter when these issues arose, our female ancestors were not at the table participating.

Emotions Are Alive

When someone is disconnected from his or her emotions, for example having difficulty acknowledging anger, sadness, or fear, those emotions can become stuck inside the body. Hear what Lisa Patterson has to say.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction posits that your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs (conscious and unconscious) create your life experiences. Metaphorically speaking, stored frequencies within your mind act as the â??filmâ? for the â??movieâ? of your life.

A Brief History of Labyrinths

The labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool used for prayer, meditation, reflection, and contemplation. It is a universal image representing life’s path, with its winding walk in toward the center and out again creating a symbolic journey.

The Limbic Imprint

The latest studies in the field of prenatal psychology show a direct correlation between the way we are born and the subconscious behavioral and emotional patterns in our adult lives.