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Where To from Here?

Is it just me or do a lot of you also feel the frustration of dealing with the controlling powers and organizations in our world that either donâ??t seem to know what they are doing or have an agenda that doesnâ??t include our best interests?

The Feminine Flow of Wisdom

Women have a natural wisdom and compassion that is often distorted in an effort to follow or imitate masculine forms of spirituality and leadership. Women are formed with delicate yet powerful round edges.

Spiritual Enrichment Center

There was an open position for a new pastor here at the Spiritual Enrichment Center after the founding minister retired. My husband and I came up from San Diego in May 2008 to interview for the position.

David Icke Interview

David Icke has been on the front lines of exposing government cover-ups and conspiracies surrounding extra-terrestrials, UFO’s, the Secret Government, and world domination through the corrupt financial institutions and banks.

Interview with Richard Heinberg

I would like to start this interview out with the question that I think a lot of people are asking right now. We have a financial system that is dependent on consumerism and…

Interview with William Gladstone

Are you concerned that the earth is at a critical crisis point? Do you believe your life purpose is to make a positive difference in the world? Are you part of a group destined to work together to create a better planet?