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A Divine Void

A traditional Womenâ??s Sweat Lodge ceremony occurs every second Sunday of the month at Stewart Mineral Springs in the Mount Shasta foothills. Participation is free, but donations are suggested.

Eco Chic Retreat

Making ends meet, working two jobs, raising kids, the never-ending list of â??to-doâ??sâ? â?¦ Sound familiar? With all that we have to do these days, who can really afford the time and resources for deep reflection and self-care?

Lotus Guide Online-Issue37-Jan/Feb-Mar–2011

What if the "powers that be" have suppressed information about curing cancer; think it can’t be true…think again. Also see what the Jesus Center in Chico is doing about hunger. Also, are you gluten intolerant?

Nourishing Ways to Weight Loss

Weight loss isnâ??t about deprivation, counting calories, or going on yet another diet. Weight loss is about thoroughly nourishing your body to such an extent that you return to natural balance.

Summer Sun First Line of Defense Against Depression

Vitamin deficiencies are a major cause of depression and fun in the sun a perfect therapy. If you have to avoid the sun, supplements may be the next best cure. A few simple additions can work better for you than your present plan. See where to start.

Homeopathic Medicine Offers Holistic Healing Alternative

Dr. Samuel Hahneman, the 19th-century founder of homeopathic medicine, believed that remedies that in micro doses could create a particular set of symptoms, could, in minute doses (at times so small that no molecule of the original substance remains)

Let’s Stop Putting Our Money Where Our Mouths Are

Some say that it’s at least partially responsible for the rise in obesity in America . This additive has found its way into our food supply and is more intense (and cheaper) than sugar, training our taste buds to crave sweeter foods.